It’s easy to lay the foundation of your dream startup but raising funds for the same is one hell of a job for an entrepreneur. In today’s highly competitive environment it’s time for you to push your dream further beyond the odds.  We know that you are a passionate and highly driven entrepreneur but it’s normal if you are facing difficulties in seeking funds to grow your business. To be precise capital issues or a cash flow crunch can become a hurdle in your entrepreneur journey.

So, to make thousands of dreams come true, StartupLanes has provided a platform that is SL Angel. Here you can kick start your dream venture into the new business.

What is an Angel Network?

An Angel Network or Angel Investment Network is also known as an Angel Investors Network is a group of angel investors who have organized to invest collectively, operate more effectively, and provide mutual support. Angel networks are also known as angel groups, SL Angel is such a group of Angel Investors.

[note]SL Angel is the company that is the Angel Network of StartupLanes[/note]

Who is an Angel Investor?

An Angel Investor is a person who has surplus money and interest to invest in startups. The term angel investor actually was used in the past for the investors that financed the broadway shows back in that time.

While an angel is normally an accredited investor, this isn’t always true. And not all accredited investors are angel investors. Together, these individuals both have the finances and desire to provide funding and for many reasons, they are among the most appealing sources of funding for Startups.

What is SL Angels?

SL Angels are the Angel Investors Network that is present in 15 Countries and 56 Cities. SL Angel is the company that is the Angel Network of StartupLanes. This platform is dedicated to the fundraising of Gold members of the SL Entrepreneurs network.

We at StartupLanes have a wide network of startups as well as investors. We provide a platform for startups to make their dream come true.

Who can be a member of SL Angels?

For us, as a starting point, you need to be an accredited investor as defined by the SEC. That means net worth exclusive of your residence of $1M or annual income of $200k (single) or $300k (joint with the spouse).

In India, the rules are different. Here, any individual who has the surplus money and understanding of startups can be an angel investor. For the purpose of tax exemption on angel investment, the income tax department has issued a notification: The angel investors with the minimum net worth of INR 2 crore or the average returned income of more than INR 25 lakhs in the previous 3 financial years will be eligible for 100% tax exemption on the investments that are made in the start-ups above the fair market value.

What do Angel Investors get for investing in startups?

Generally, angel investment is made on an equity basis, however, it is not mandatory, it can also be for debt. When an investor provides angel funding, no debt is created and there’s no money to be repaid. Instead, the investor receives an equity or ownership share in the company. The amount of equity received is different for every angel investment: The more capital that’s provided, the bigger the share may be.

The angel investors sell their equity holding in the startup in the next round of funding for a higher value, which is known as the exit.

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