Founders put in a lot of effort in building their startups, for most of them their startup is the best in the World, however, this may not be the case when they approach Investors. It is necessary for each Founder to get his/her Startup evaluated by an Expert so that when they face Investors, they are well prepared.

Over the last 6 years, we have helped more than 1000 Entrepreneurs all across the World by refining their idea, streamlining their business model, aligning the team efforts, enhancing the focus, and redefining the goals. As a first step, it is necessary to access all the information about the startup and founder, this assessment is done in the evaluation call.

Evaluation requires domain expertise and huge experience, therefore it is not possible to atomize this process through a computer-based application. Only an expert can do this evaluation of a startup and founders, therefore it is done by our CEO. We have the best talent in the world who work for StartupLanes, however, we don’t allow them to do the primary evaluation, it is exclusively taken care of by our CEO, Shishir Gupta.

Shishir has more than 20 years of experience in starting, running & managing businesses. He has been an Entrepreneur of startups since 2001. He is the author of International Bestseller for Startups called Startup Easy: Part I – The Essentials. He has firsthand experience as an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Consultant, Investment Banker, Lawyer, and Angel Investor. He is among the top 15 consultants in the World, rated by Clarity – A Startups. co platform. He has raised funds for more than 120 startups all across the World. q

Deliverable of the Evaluation Call:

  • Accessing the business model and startup structure
  • Understanding the idea and suggestions
  • Assessment of Problem, Solution, Disruption, Team, Scalability, Market, Competition, Revenue, Peers, KPIs, Stage, Amount of Raise & Equity Dilution. And Guidance on the basis of inputs.
  • Feedback for Fundraising
  • Specific Question & Answers.


  • You may add all your Co-Founders to the call.
  • An automated call booking system
  • Fast and Effective process

To book an Evaluation Call, click here: Evaluation Call Booking

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