5 Ways to Combat The COVID Damage That Start-ups Suffered

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride for almost each one of us. The uncertainty of these times has inculcated deep rooted fear and anxiety. So how does one come out of it? What can a start-up do to soar through these difficult times?  Here is a list of steps that we […]

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The Five Ingredients to the Magic Potion of Startup Success

Remember in Harry Potter how Hermione would make a “Polyjuice Potion” to morph Harry and Ron them into other people? What if we told you we have sort of a similar one, in order to morph you into a successful entrepreneur? However this time there won’t be any Hermione Granger to aid you, you will […]

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Member Guidelines

Entrepreneurs who want their startup to move from its paper stage to the development stage can take SL Membership. StartupLanes Membership has many benefits like business growth, mentorship, corporate connect, franchising support and others. StartupLanes Membership is divided into three levels: Silver Membership, Gold Membership, and Platinum Membership. You can take any membership according to […]

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WhatsApp Group Objectives

StartupLanes has a WhatsApp Group for each city. Entrepreneurs can join that city WhatsApp group in which they are residing. Joining the SL WhatsApp group will provide a platform for corporate connect and networking for entrepreneurs. You can get access to the global community and relationship building. People in the group will stay updated about […]

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How to Network the right way?

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”- Tom Peters Visiting an event or meeting is not just about attending, listening and coming back. They are not organized for the presentations and discussions. Remember there can be a lot of scopes, that’s an opportunity provided by the organizer where you can build […]

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