Integrated Graphene is investing £8m to bring graphene products to market

Graphene manufacturer Integrated Graphene, located in Scotland, is spending £8 million to scale up its manufacturing process. The wonder material known as graphene has the potential to take over the role of silicon in electronics, which is essential for producing semiconductors. It is a conductor of electricity and heat and is both thinner and stronger […]

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To compete with Apple, London-based startup Nothing releases Phone (1)

Nothing, a British consumer technology company, unveiled its first smartphone, the “Phone (1),” at a King’s Cross, London, event in an effort to compete with Apple and Samsung. Without knowing any of the Phone 1’s specifications, 200,000 customers made a non-refundable deposit prior to the debut. The London-based startup has officially confirmed that the Phone […]

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Patchworks Media acquires an additional £1.5 million in funding from Gresham House Ventures

Gresham House Ventures, a growth equity specialist, has provided an additional £1.5 million in capital to retail integration platform Patchworks to support global expansion. This recent round is following an initial investment of £3.3 million in August of last year. Patchworks intends to use the additional capital to carry out its European growth. Between July […]

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Greenpixie acquires £250,000 to calculate cloud’s carbon emissions

Ascension, along with angel investors Christian Arno and Ross Johnson, helped Greenpixie raise £250,000 for its first fundraiser. The funds will be used by Greenpixie to grow its Cloud NetZero product, which tracks carbon emissions in cloud computing. “Until now, no one has taken responsibility for the staggering environmental impact of cloud computing,” said John […]

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Hammock Financial Services secures £4.62 million Series A investment

In response to broad digital reforms, UK FinTech company Hammock has announced a $5.5 million fundraising round with a pledge to support landlords and their accountants. Along with Second Century Ventures and Ascension Ventures, Fuel Ventures took the lead in the round. The two million landlords in the UK and their accounting partners are under […]

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Iceotope raises £30m to keep data centres cool

Data centres produce a lot of heat – so much so that Microsoft has tried deploying them in containers on the seafloor. Keeping them cool, which is often done using noisy fans, guzzles lots of energy. Sheffield-based company Iceotope has adopted a different strategy, claiming that its use of liquid immersion cooling technology is a low-cost strategy that […]

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