Taste Heaven Chickens are the market pioneers in bringing the Legendary ‘Kadaknath’ variety also known as “Kali Masi” to the open market. The flesh of this variety is believed to infuse vigour and have medicinal properties. Their products are free from harmful pesticide, hormones and other chemicals.

Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, niacin, calcium, phosphorus and iron, the inky fowl has a lower fat content of only 0.73-1.03% as opposed to the approximately 25% in other chicken breeds. Kadaknath Chicken Meat contains 18 amino acids of which, eight are essential for the human body.

The Founder is a CA by profession with more than 7 years of experience. His family is engaged in the meat business since long.

RaisingINR 75 Lakhs
ValuationINR 7.8 Crores ($1 m)
Order in PipelineOrder of 3MT from Dubai
Minimum InvestmentINR 50k

Please watch the Demo Day Recording

Who can Invest?

  • -> Any person willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 50,000 (fifty thousand rupees).
  • -> Minimum income of Indian Rupees 4,00,000 (four lakhs) per annum and above as per last Income Tax return. For individuals earning income in other currencies may convert to Indian Rupees and check.
  • -> Any representative of a Company or Fund willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 2,00,000 (two lakhs) or above in each startup.


  • -> Please fill up the commitment form.
  • -> Our team will contact you for further process.

Commitment Form

Please fill up the commitment form here: Taste Heaven Commitment Form

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