Top 100 EdTech Startups in Australia

An Australian EdTech and Innovation business is one that is building innovative education products or services using technology in one of these areas: Platforms for administration, student management, content management and learning management within the education sector. Digital learning content or services used by learners, education providers or corporations connected to education and learning. Consultants and advisors with specialist EdTech domain knowledge that support the education sector with expertise on product design, learning design or organizational development. The Australian EdTech sector is an active exporter taking Australian education global. Every Australian EdTech company that is generating more than $2M annual revenue is exporting. Australian EdTech companies have created a massive economic impact with growing 800 EdTech Companies, 13000 Employees and an overall revenue of $ 2.2 Billion.

With so many companies in the EdTech industry, we’ve put together a list of exciting companies to keep an eye in the coming years. Each doing amazing things in their own right, here we present Top 100 Australian EdTech Companies to explore in 2021.

  1. OpenLearning is a growing education SaaS company working towards its mission of being the number one lifelong learning platform. OpenLearning goes beyond content delivery and focuses on enabling interactive and engaging social learning experiences for communities of connected learners. With over 3 million learners and 196 education providers, OpenLearning is considered an Australian innovation and technology success story.
The concept of micro-credentials is gaining momentum in Australia and around the world. Aligned with efforts and the recent AQF review, learners and education providers alike lack concrete guidance and a unified approach to implementing micro-credentials, communicating the benefits to learners and aligning them to national quality assurance frameworks. With that in mind, OpenLearning has introduced OpenCreds, the lifelong learning framework designed to meet the needs of the Australian education sector, industry, and most importantly its lifelong learners.

2. Typsy

Typsy has built an engaging and enjoyable edtech startup for people who serve the hospitality industry. It has a growing library of around 1000 bite-size skills training videos, all filmed with industry experts that are perfect for today’s hospitality training needs. Hospitality businesses, staff and schools, governments, organizations and industry partners can host their training on Typsy too. Funding received was US $ 10M. Its platform has fun quizzes, certificates and downloadable resources along with lessons and courses. It caters to Front of House, Back of House and Management in categories such as culinary, compliance, beverage, service, marketing, management and business.


SEQTA Software builds and delivers teaching and learning management software solutions for schools and teachers. Its first solution is The SEQTA Suite, a teaching and learning network that enables teachers, students, and parents to work together in an online community. Funding received was AU$ 8.5M by the investor Larsen Ventures. Its second solution is SEQTA Teach, a product that helps teachers complete their administrative works in a software application, including attendance, curriculum planning and delivery, marks book and assessment, correspondence, student welfare, individual education plan management, online resources management, and more solutions.

4. Academy Xi

Academy Xi provides people with tech-driven programs to help them upskill and transform their careers. Its product suite is focused on emerging fields in Design and Tech. With the help of a structured, integrated approach it personalizes its core programs to fit the unique needs of every company it engages with. Funding received worth US$ 5.5M. Academy Xi claims itself to be a problem solver and strives to implant purpose into whatever they do. It is operating with a vision to truly change the world through education and the community it is building.

5. Edrolo

Edrolo provides digital and physical education resources for students aged 7-12. Funding received worth AU$ 3.9M by Blackbird Ventures, AirTree Ventures, Startmate .The startup’s belief is that all students should have access to the best teachers, the ones who bring subjects to life and inspire learning and passion. Additionally, it also states that all schools should have access to powerful data to drive school improvement, which they can access via the Edrolo platform.

6. Paddl Co.

Paddl is an activities-based learning recognition platform. The startup is working with the belief that experience unravels opportunity and that all experience is valuable. Users can capture and share their learning with 50+ activity types across 6 categories including activities verified by providers helping them earn experience points (XP) and badges. Funding received worth US$ 3.5M. Paddl’s XP Analytics delivers unique insights for talent assessment and professional development. It has partnered with the best-in-class providers to deliver bespoke learning experiences for its users.

7. Maths Pathway

Maths Pathway is an online educational website that teaches mathematics. Funding recieved worth US$ 2.1M by Aera VC, Social Ventures Australia. It differs from traditional mathematics, as it is set up in a modular format, with students working on individual pieces of learning using a computer and worksheet. To use Maths Pathway, schools must pay a fee for each student. Students select their work based on what proficiency level they are at, in contrast with every student completing the same tasks. Students are then required to be tested on what they have learned every two weeks.

8. Inkerz

Inkerz provides a web platform that enables collaboration using real pen and paper. Its platform can capture natural handwriting written from a digital ink pen on regular paper and transmit the same through the internet. It also allows users to create virtual classrooms and communicate with peers through chat, voice and video. Users can even create a single document instantaneously so that they can organize tutorials, distance education and business collaboration. Funding received worth US$ 1.1M by muru-D, RCL Accelerator. Inkerz charges for the digital pen and provides free access to its web platform.

9. EdSmart

EdSmart is an industry-leading School Organisation System (SOS) that helps school communities grow and progress by freeing up administration time and resources. It was initially named ParentPaperwork and had forayed into the edtech industry with a specific mission to make schools paperless. Funding received AU$ 350K. Nevertheless, it has now developed into so much more, a complete School Organisation System. The EdSmart SOS is presently being used by over 400 schools in eight countries worldwide.

10. Code4Startup

Code4Startup offers courses that it teaches in the form of projects wherein students go through all the steps and stages to develop a real app. Funding received US$ 125K. Students need not learn everything about different technologies separately like HTML, CSS, Javascript or Ruby on Rails to create a web app. In Code4Startup’s technique, which they called POA (Product-Oriented-Approach), students just need to learn what they need.

11. Compass

Compass Education (trade name of JDLF International) offers web-based school management platform. Features include attendance and roll marking, semester and progress reporting, news feed, calendaring, staff, student and parent portal, online payments, curriculum builder, parent-teacher interviews, behavior management, budgeting and purchase orders. Funding received worth USD 41M by Advent Partners,, Nero Capital. Accessible on PC, tablet, and mobile. Apps are available for iOS platform. For eight years, Melbourne edtech startup Compass Education has bagged $60 million in funding, as it expands throughout Australia, and beyond. The startup was officially incorporated in 2010, but co-founders John de la Motte and Lucas Filer had been building the solution for about a year prior.

12. Peopleplan

Peopleplan offers a learning platform for businesses. Provides learning modules, quizzes, certification, learning forum, and more. Caters to sectors like retail, consumer goods, sports, and more. Clients include SkilledUp, Gamurs Group, McGrath Foundation, and more. Offers CPD courses for individuals. Funding received worth USD 25M by Adexum Capital investors. Also provides consulting services and customized learning content for companies. Peopleplan provide learning and communications resources that empower people to discover who they truly are, what they want to be, and how to achieve it. Through engagement, discovery and imagination they provide a learning & communications platform for their clients that enables their staff, suppliers and supporters to perform to the best of their ability. They use vertically integrated, cloud based technology to drive accredited training, online content, L&D consulting services and recruitment solutions providing you with a total end-to-end human capital solution. They were pioneers of on-line learning in Australia and have been at the forefront of e-learning for almost 20 years.

13. Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is an online adaptive learning management platform which allows teachers and developers to create, manage and analyze content. Provides pathways for students to direct them towards materials so that they can have a clear understanding. Offers feedback to clear misconception. Can be integrated with any modern LMS. Performs analytics to provide real-time analysis on student data. Teachers can share content with colleagues worldwide to enhance collaboration on learning methods. Funding received worth USD 24M by One Ventures, Stoic Venture Capital, Entangled and 5 Other Investors. Works on a premium model which can be purchased by an institution or a single teacher. It has a partnership with OpenLearning.

14. Critical Links

Critical Links provides an education appliance and an ICT platform to move the learning and school management in the cloud. The appliance works where there is either limited internet connectivity or no connectivity at all and hence is useful not only to modernize schools but also to provide edtech solutions to schools and colleges in rural areas. Provides a platform for third party LMS, SMS and other education software to be deployed. Funding received worth USD 11M by Critical Ventures, Portugal Ventures and 3 other investors. Moodle is already integrated with the appliance so moodle based courses can be used. 

15. ORIGO Education

ORIGO Education provides an online maths-based learning platform. It provides its cloud-based learning management system called “Stepping Stones” which is a program that provides a blended curriculum and online resources along with traditional printed materials. Funding provided worth USD 11M by Fortitude Investment Partners, Blue Sky Alternative Investments. It also has professional development videos embedded within the online program for teachers. Their products range from core mathematics instruction to visual aids and manipulatives, including traditional print products, digital interactive resources, and professional learning. ORIGO Education is committed to excellence, creating products that both inspire and empower teachers and students.

16. JigSpace

The Jig journey began in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015. Launched in 2017, JigSpace now has over 4 million users, with a 4.8 star rating worldwide. In 2019, they launched the workshop, enabling anyone to create interactive, 3D presentations. Jig Pro was launched a year later giving professionals in manufacturing sales, training and prototyping the ability to incorporate Jigs into their businesses with desktop authoring, team sharing and CAD file importing. JigSpace provides an app-based platform for 3-dimensional learning. It allows users to create, view, and share instructional content in 3D. It has an inbuilt library of various interactive learning experiences. The users can view step-by-step interactive 3D breakdowns of ideas, products, and phenomena. Funding received worth USD 8M by Roger Allen AM, Rampersand, Vulpes Invest and 5 Other Investors. The app is available for the iOS platform.

17. Practera

Practera offers an experiential learning platform for educators. Enables universities and corporates to design and deliver work-related learning programs. Features include authoring, learning analytics, communication, etc. It can be integrated into the curriculum to deliver case studies and support flipped learning classrooms. Funding received worth USD 4M by Main Sequence Ventures. Offered on subscription based on the number of users. Practera is a fast-growing experiential education technology and programs company. They help leading Universities and employers build real-world skills for the jobs of tomorrow. Experiential learning is critical for students and professionals to build and evolve their skills to respond to change, yet it is complex to structure, systematise and manage effectively at scale. Practera can work with employers to help systematically engage University student talent with their employees, or to develop internal experiential L&D programs. Practera was recently recognised as a ‘Westpac Business of Tomorrow’ and an EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Asia-Pacific winner.

18. Prosper

Prosper Education was founded in 2013 and it offers a blended learning platform for individuals and educational institutes. Provides interactive songs, digital storybooks, games, activities, lesson planning tools, and learning content. Allows learning British English. Funding for this EdTech startup was USD 3M. Also offers teacher training programs. Prosper Education is a global education provider of ELT, marketed under the brand RoyalABC. RoyalABC offers a world-class blended learning Teacher Platform and APP to early learning centres and kindergartens across China delivering British English language, Growth Mindset and 21st Century skills education to 3-6 year olds. The intuitive digital Teacher Platform contains hundreds of hours of pre-built English lessons and DIY content. Teachers simply select a pre-built lesson plan, or quickly and easily create their own lessons in under a minute. English language learning is extended home using RoyalABC World, an immersive 3D APP where students can practice their new language skills in a safe, fun, challenge-based online environment. RoyalABC is the first blended learning program to integrate Growth Mindset and 21st Century skills into ELT curriculum, teacher training and technology design, enabling a new standard of education for children globally.

19. QPay

The QPay app is an online membership portal that helps university clubs and societies to move membership online. The university societies can customize forms that can be filled by incoming students interested in joining the society. Payment can be done through the QPay app with credit cards. Provides ticketing service to the societies. Funding received worth USD 2M by American Express, Andrew Chick, Sydney Angels and 6 Other Investors. Users can set different prices for members and non-members. Allows student head to notify the society members about society events, hoodies, yearbooks, etc.

20. Rockmelon

Rockmelon offers app-based learning platform for special children. Provides interactive digital learning modules, digital flashcards, visual tools, progress tracking, and more. Caters to autistic children, parents, and educators of autistic children. Available for iOS platform. Funding received worth USD 2M. Offered on a premium subscription model. Rockmelon aims to ensure all children are able to reach their fullest potential, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status. Their mission is to change the lives of millions of children by reimagining the way early intervention products and services are delivered to the world’s autism community. ROCKMELON isn’t just a learning or communications platform. It is a global community of parents, therapists, carers and teachers all working towards the same goal: achieving the best outcome for the child.

21. 1Question

AI and app-based platform offering screen time management solutions. It was founded in the year 2020. It allows the child to attempt curriculum-aligned questions. The platform provides weekly reports showing areas of strength and weakness of the child. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Funding received worth USD 2M. 1Question raises $1.9m in its first equity crowdfunding campaign. The money raised will be used to scale the app globally, which now seems closer than ever following Apple’s announcement last week it will release its Screen Time API. 1Question was launched in the App Store and Google Play Store in April 2021 and has already had over 13,000 downloads. The app’s raise has been driven by a global market approaching 1.5 Billion students in K-12, a first mover advantage, advanced AI, and the management team. Investments in the Edtech (Education-technology) space have skyrocketed  from $500 million in 2010 to $76.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to top USD$350B by 2027, And, as classrooms transition further into a digital space, those numbers are expected to grow.

22. Cadmus

Cadmus is an online written assessment platform for higher education. It simplifies the assessment process for teachers and students, making it easier to achieve teaching and learning objectives. Their goal is to improve the quality of assessment at university. Over the years, they have worked with universities across Australia to create flexible, highly engaging assessment experiences for thousands of students. By empowering teachers with the tools they need to create authentic learning experiences, they hope to better support students in developing valuable graduate skills. They are committed to creating great user experiences and supporting lifelong learning, which is why we always put our teachers and students first.

23. Edalex

Edalex is an edtech company on a mission to surface learning outcomes, digital assets and the power of individual achievement. Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful. Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content. In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate the world’s first Credential Evidence Platform that helps discover and share evidence of workplace skills and analyse competency achievement. Edalex delivers a comprehensive range of solutions directly to educational institutions and in support of partners: Cloud-Based Credential Evidence Platform, Professional Services, Hosting, Software Development, Client Support, Account Management.

24. Neap

Neap has been active in the Australian education community for over 30 years, with an established reputation for producing high quality materials. With over 800 school clients, we are driven to deliver assessment materials that teachers can trust for their accuracy, level of complexity and adherence to the curriculum.  They are among an elite group of Australian EdTech companies who collectively support learners, teachers, schools, institutions and companies to positively impact educational outcomes, support access to learning and increase the efficiency of educational processes and systems.

25. Class Creator

A Student Placement Software. Designed, developed and supported by teachers, Class Creator helps schools all over the world create classes optimized for success, save time and eliminate mistakes. Key features include teacher surveys, placement alerts, algorithm sorting creating balanced classes, history saved for future years and manual editing. 40,000+ Educators, 100,000+ Classes Created, 15,000,00+ Student Data Points, 2,000,00+ Student Placements, 20+ Countries. Its User Favorites as it provides Instant Feedback/Alerts, Easy to Use, Classes Created Instantly, Easy Data Collection, Great Support.

26. DiGii Social

DiGii is the digital-citizenship solution for upper primary school children and their parents. The Digital Age has dawned and children, parents and educators are learning to understand and manage the many digital changes, choices and challenges. Screen-time, cyber-safety, cyber-relationships – common global concerns for parents and educators with serious implications. DiGii provides children with an engaging and educational social-media-like experience where the expectation of complex learning allows for and encourages failing-forwards. As children engage in real social-media life, their interactions form an always and forever, often unfortunate, one-day-employer-accessible digital résumé. DiGii allows and guides a child through what is often messy learning about establishing their identity online – a springboard for online life. Through interactions, moderations, prompts, challenges and tutorials, every child is guaranteed to learn skills vital to their lifelong DiGiital health, personal and social safety. As an educational tool, DiGii’s child platform is only available to students during the school day and is secure within each school, with no outside access – even by parents. A Parent Dashboard is available round-the-clock, with no access to the children’s platform.

27. CourseLoop

CourseLoop exists to serve Higher Education by developing solutions that address the real problems you face and support the way you want to work. The CourseLoop Curriculum Management platform has been designed working closely in partnership with multiple universities. Their end-to-end curriculum management software is built by higher education experts with hands-on university experience to create simply better solutions for today’s students, administrators, and academics. They have  reinvented curriculum management by eliminating outdated processes with a superior user experience. Since the first go-live in 2016 with their anchor client, Monash University, the CourseLoop Platform has evolved into a sophisticated, enterprise-grade curriculum management solution. CourseLoop has experienced significant growth, having partnered with clients across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

28. Class365

Classe365 is a unified student management software with a comprehensive Student Information System, Learning Management System & Customer Relationship Management features. It is a one-stop solution for running all kinds of educational institutions: schools, colleges, universities & academies. The LMS feature enables institutions to offer online learning in just 2 steps. The SIS feature makes course management, attendance, grading & assessment easier. CRM helps in increasing student enrolment. Classe365 provides everything needed to manage all types of educational institutions. They offer a unified student tech-suite to manage the entire learner journey: from the time a student gets an admission at an institution until becoming an alumnus. The Classe365 platform has features including a comprehensive Student Information System, Learning Management System, Customer Relationship Management and more, aided by sophisticated tech solutions like adaptive learning, AI tools, and advanced analytics.

29. Kami

Kami is a digital learning platform that empowers everyone to #lovelearning. In or out of the classroom, Kami provides tools to support any learning style, drive engagement, and improve learning outcomes for all. Kami was founded in 2013 by four university friends and has evolved to become one of the fastest-growing EdTech companies in the world. Kami has millions of users across the globe, as well as Kami Heroes – a community of passionate teachers across the Americas, Europe, Australasia and Asia. Investors backing Kami include leading Australian venture capitalist firm Right Click Capital, CapitalPitch, New Zealand-based Flying Kiwi Angels, New Zealand Venture Investment Fund; and notable Silicon Valley investors, such as Sam Altman of Y Combinator and Scott Nolan of Founders Fund. As a Premier Google Partner, Kami works instantly through seamless integration with G Suite apps, like Google Drive and Google Classroom, as well other educational programs like Canvas, Schoology and Microsoft Teams.

30. pixevety 

pixevety reduces the daily stress and privacy pitfalls of managing and sharing collections of photos and videos of children online. A smart photo management tool for schools and parents, pixevety offers unique, state of the art real-time consent technology based on the consent wishes of parents & legal guardians to help protect the images of children. Highly efficient, automated management of student and staff images hosted in one central secure place for entire communities to safely enjoy, they are a proud Australian Privacy Principle (APP) registered company who has been partnering with leading independent schools across Australia, NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong since 2012 to store and protect the images of children. pixevety is simple, safe, smart and secure.

31. Sofiri

Sofiri supports aspiring students to achieve their education goals, easier and faster as it combines the efficiency and accessibility of sophisticated technology, with the personal care and expertise of humans to ultimately help them achieve their plans to study, aspiring students can connect with all key influencers in the process, from education provider staff, to education agents, alumni or student ambassadors. Their software is enabling education providers to automate their instant messaging communications by professionally managing thousands of queries a day via web or instant messaging apps by using bots, and thus qualifying, responding automatically and distributing students to the correct channels and individuals, so that counsellors or key influencers can focus on what they do the best: to offer high-quality service. The Sofiri app, theri software IQAP and their valuable education experts are their tools to help students’ education goals come true easier and quicker. Founded in January of 2016, and based in Australia. Sofiri connects aspiring students with professionals that will navigate them on the educational opportunities available in key countries across the globe.

32. Ziplet 

Ziplet was founded in 2016 (previously known as Loop). Ziplet helps teachers get the most from their students by giving them tools to better understand and support them. Their  team is based in Melbourne, Australia and works with teachers around the world. Ziplet is used in over 10,000 institutions globally, by teachers in schools, vocational training institutions, universities and corporate training environments. They aim to be the fastest, easiest and most widely used tool for teachers to understand their students. It gives every student a voice in their education, Replies to groups of students or follow up one on one and also supports shy and quiet students by providing a safe space for them to reply.

33. is transforming the way the world accesses international education. is a student recruitment platform that enables recruiters, institutions and service providers to locate and transact easily. They are a SaaS-based B2B2C marketplace for the international student recruitment market. Enabling institutions, recruiters, and service providers to seamlessly find and transact with each other, anywhere in the world.  Ultimately, helping students make confident study decisions through a trusted platform. 

34. Candlefox

For more than seven years, Candlefox has been assisting education providers to increase student enrolments. Having established an industry leading marketplace in Australia, Candlefox expanded into New Zealand in 2017 and the United Kingdom in 2018. They work across the full student lifecycle – getting students through the door, enrolling them in the right courses and enhancing their overall experience. Their innovative techniques will help you get more value for your marketing dollar and revolutionize the entire student journey. As a full-service Education Marketing Agency, they help you to attract students, supporting your marketing efforts through all stages of the student journey. Candlefox has a solution for the largest universities to small educator offering in-class courses.

35. Cohort Go

Cohort Go empower life-changing experiences by connecting the international education community. Recognized for growth and innovation, their platform makes it easier for everyone to access an international education, reducing costs and increasing choice. Their mission is to create smarter ways to connect their international education community. From students to agents and education providers, their online platform provides a tailored experience offering smarter international payments, fairer student health insurance, and stronger business relationships. Their services are all about supporting the international education community to GO further. They have helped over 50,000 students achieve their study dreams. Students from over 180 countries have used their services. Over 1,000 education providers and agents trust them. They are global, servicing over 100 currencies with local specialists in more than 10 countries.For two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015, Cohort Go was recognised by the Australian Government for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. They also gained their place in the Business Review Weekly Top 100 Fast Starters List in 2015 as one of the youngest and fastest growing companies in Australia. In the following year, they made the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 List, again recognised for their rapid growth through their sheer dedication, strategy, innovation and insight.

36. Crimson Education

Crimson Education was founded in 2013 with a vision to equalize the university admissions playing field, serving as the launching pad that equips students across the globe to overcome barriers of geography and legacy to compete on the world stage. Crimson Education creates personalized education packages for students which are delivered by a team of high performing tutors and mentors. Services include in-depth US and UK university admissions support, Australia and New Zealand medical school admissions support, educational tours to the US and Europe, local curriculum tutoring and extracurricular mentoring.

37. Language Confidence

It is estimated that over 1 billion people are learning English worldwide, with this number set to grow to 1.9bn by 2020. China alone will contribute over 350mln students, and is growing at a compounded rate of ~18% YoY. Language Confidence provides a cost effective end-to-end solution to the learning of language, by providing cutting edge audio and visual technology to conduct world-class spoken English lessons. Language Confidence software uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to monitor students’ progress through the use of speech recognition, correction and suggestive pronunciation. Progress is personalized to the individual student, with content structured to their individual needs. They have brought together a leading team of experts from the fields of Education, Software Development, and Research Science to provide a scalable, cost effective, digital solution compared to the high cost of a human tutor.

38. Inquisitive

Inquisitive has everything you need to teach Science, History and Geography for Years F-6. The lessons and assessments use original stimulus resources and in-built differentiation, so students learn with purpose and depth.  Preparation time has been minimized by weaving all the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and state requirements into the lessons.Cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities have also been thoroughly addressed. Units include assessments with differentiation, for completeness. Each unit has a key inquiry question from the curriculum. Students are presented with stimulus resources to spark interest, and then guided with the skills and concepts needed for the inquiry.

39. Matific

Matific is a multi-award winning mathematics e-learning platform for schools that builds problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding in early mathematics education. Founded on strong pedagogy and designed by educational experts, Matific gives access to over 2000 curriculumn aligned mathematics activities, worksheets and lesson plans. Matific is available in over 60 countries and in 40+ languages. Matific is a perfect teaching tool to free up teachers’ time to focus on their students. Matific activities challenge and engage students in diverse learning environments and classrooms. Matific activities challenges and engages students in diverse learning environments and classrooms. Students can easily log in and self-start, so not a minute of valuable class time is wasted. Matific supports any teaching approach and student learning style. Matific can be used in schools, at home and it’s also perfect for homeschooling.

40. Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior is the secure coding company. Secure Code Warrior makes secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as they increase their skills. They guide each coder along their own preferred learning pathway, so that security-skilled developers become the everyday superheroes of our connected world. Secure Code Warrior Missions are included as part of Secure Code Warrior’s standard feature set, with seven language frameworks supported at launch, including Java:Spring, C#(.NET):MVC, C#(.NET):Web Forms, Python:Django, Java:Enterprise Edition (JSP), JavaScript:Node.JS and C#:Core. A Principal Engineer at Optum who has trialed Missions over the past fortnight said, “Missions is a practical, hands-on exercise in identifying, locating and resolving potential security issues. Before this, learning to code securely was a trial and error process. Using real code and frameworks to demonstrate the consequences of insecure code shows engineers why they should work on secure code—all through a fun, interactive game interface.”

41. QuiverVision

QuiverVision is an augmented reality research company that produces both branded content and the technology to transform that content into personalized, immersive experiences.  Through continued development and client relationships, QuiverVision aims to re-draw the boundaries of the AR entertainment marketplace, connecting the physical and digital worlds in new and innovative ways. QuiverVision was formerly Puteko/colAR Mix and was founded in 2012 as a spin-off company of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ). With this app, Quiver, users can download branded artwork, color it in, and then bring it to life via interactive, three-dimensional, personalized animations.  The app is available for free on iTunes, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play store. They also have another app called Quiver Education which is focussed on educational content.

42. Cahoot

Cahoot delivers transformative workforce learning initiatives within companies, government agencies and industry bodies to help them create a culture of learning and to deliver on specific education projects and strategic goals. Cahoot is brilliant at creating communities where people come together, learn and grow their capabilities through collaboration and by building relationship, at scale. They are a team of learning designers, developers, problem-solvers, achievers and friends based out of Australia. Their purpose is to inspire a love of learning. They believe in working towards the greater good of helping others – tribe, community, society and humanity at large.

43. Curio

Curio is an education consulting, learning design & development and platform services organization established in 2016. They seek to bring together the creative and curious for human improvement, driven through the power of education, training and research. Curio works in education, technology and its related sectors: They are passionate about learning – the art, science and economics of it, They advise and support universities on their strategy, operations and people, especially when undergoing significant transformations, They develop platforms for clients and deliver services that embrace technology to make learning more efficacious, efficient and always fun, They review curricula then design, develop and deliver online and face-to-face learning experiences through an understanding of how the brain learns and works. 

44. Vygo

Vygo empowers students to support each other and universities to create impactful peer mentoring and student support programs. Ask them how we can help your university drive a better student experience and deliver personalized student support. Their mobile and desktop platform gives students the personalized support they need, when they need it, at their fingertips. They partner with HEIs to host and scale their peer learning and student support programs. Few programs that they are driving around Australia and the UK:  Alumni mentoring, Mental health first aid, International buddies, Peer tutoring, First-year orientation & transition. Program coordinators at their partner universities have access to real-time data. This finger to the pulse gives their partners the power to respond to program engagement and success scores immediately, rather than waiting until the end of semester. They ensure every phase of your mentor program is optimised for success – from program planning to student selection, training, matching, guidance and outcomes.

45. Fourth Rev

FourthRev is an education-technology start-up working across Australia, the UK and the US with a strong belief that collaboration between industry and universities is the best way to solve the skills crisis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. FourthRev builds world class online learning programmes that lead to qualifications from leading universities, certifications from the world’s best technology companies and digital technology jobs with a global network of employer partners. FourthRev exists to create social & economic value through access to high-growth careers in the digital economy. Their vision is to establish a new education category of choice at the intersection of universities, employers & lifelong learners.

46. Elenta

Elenta is a learning platform that uses science, technology, and group coaching to help organizations equip their individuals, leaders and teams with the behaviors and skills proven to fuel growth. Their mission is to help individuals identify their values and achieve their goals by learning the universal skills that drive success both at work and in life. They are a well-funded early stage startup with advisors including the former Head of Learning at Google, and investors including VC firms Antler and Black Nova, the founder of General Assembly APAC, and the former VP of Learning for BHP.

47. HowToo

HowToo removes the barriers to learning creation by enabling people with no prior experience to make quality learning content. Designed by experts, HowToo is the fastest learning creation tool on the market and reduces the time and costs associated with internal learning. Their mission was to transform the way people learn. HowToo lets you create and deliver professional-quality training courses in record time. HowToo lets users create and deliver professional-quality training courses in record time. The cloud-based solution gives everyone – no matter their prior experience – the ability to create beautiful digital learning experiences. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to reach your team no matter when or where they’re working with flexible and enjoyable training solutions. HowToo builds learning intelligence into every step of the creation process. From our focus on learning outcomes to our course templates and page layouts designed by learning experts, HowToo will ensure that your courses hit the mark for engagement and retention with your learners. HowToo supports businesses and individuals at every step of the way with their extensive knowledge base and a dedicated support team who are passionate about creating cutting edge learning experiences.

48. Mentorloop

Mentorloop believes that right connection can change your life and they are making these connections accessible. They believe the best personal & professional growth is achieved through human connection, knowledge exchange, and shared experiences. They created a cloud-based mentoring software platform that enables organizations to match their people into effective mentorships at any scale. They are a team of mentoring advocates and experts – individuals who have witnessed and experienced the impact of great mentoring, and who want to make this impact available to more people through a combination of technology and mentoring best practice. As a certified B Corp, they are committed to using their business as a force for good, committing a portion of their revenue to their Community Support Program that supports organizations worldwide in providing tens of thousands of people with the opportunity to find their life-changing connections.

49.  Year13

Year13 is a purpose driven digital enterprise which is dedicated to inspire and support current and future young Australians to reach their potential and succeed in life after school. Year13’s primary focus is on 3 key markets being employment, education and travel with the ultimate goal to become the trusted portal for all young Australians to fulfill a wide range of needs encountered when becoming an independent adult. They want to improve the health and happiness of all young Australians, and create a place where we can have their voices heard. By providing a comprehensive place to explore all options, they want to alleviate some of the stress of young life, so there’s more time for us to go on long drives with our mates, stay up ‘til sunrise and spend time with the ones we love, because our youth should never be wasted. Year13 is here to connect you to all the options available to you after high school and beyond. Here you’ll find career and life advice that will help you find the opportunity that is right for you and have you on the path to success.

50. Teach Starter

Teach Starter’s vision is to inspire every child to build a purposeful and happy life through learning. With operations in Australia and the United States, they employ a diverse team of experienced teachers, designers, technologists and support staff to create brilliant teaching resources that save teachers hours each week preparing for the classroom. Since their founding in 2012, they have saved an estimated 40 million hours in teacher preparation and produced over 160,000 pages of premium teaching resources, lessons and unit plans, and display materials. At Teach Starter, they believe that every business should be a force for good. Through their One Million Trees by 2033 project, they are helping to offset the impact their business, and members have on the environment, by planting a tree for each paying subscriber. Their purpose is to make every classroom buzz.

51. is a remote coaching application which enables more effective, measurable training on presentation skills. The app assists in streamlining the learning of individual students, the coaching of their manager and allows for incisive qualitative data around potential areas of improvement. 60 Seconds works extensively in healthcare, but also education and coaching sectors. 60 Seconds works across healthcare, to support organizations in optimizing customer engagement, through the development and delivery of consistent, clear and compelling messaging. In partnership with an experienced consultant and enabling technology, 60 Seconds provides tailored solutions to challenge, coach and drive measurable people improvement.

52. Hijo

HiJo is where learning gets personal and student well-being takes priority. From movement to mood to connectivity and learning preferences, HiJo tells the individual students’ story, resulting in decidedly personalised outcomes. Importantly, this is a tool that gives the child a voice in how they learn. Using sensor technology and the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Analytics, HiJo is able to track movement, proximity to other students, learn mood patterns and understand environmental preferences such as light and temperature. HiJo software is a ‘Neon Mosaic’ K-12 intranet in a box solution that comes with a predefined, individual portal for the student, the teacher, school district and parents. The data collected provides insight into a students’ engagement and their physical and emotional wellbeing. A discreet communication link to the teacher and parents can bring everyone into the HiJo learning loop.

53. Arludo

Arludo creates games that teachers can use in their class to provide students with opportunities to collect real scientific data to better understand how science functions. They have a library of 20 apps that teach different concepts through different approaches (e.g., single and multiplayer, group games, problem-based learning, augmented reality). Their dream is to create a whole library of games that make it easy for teachers to become digital and will help everyone understand everything about science and maths. Along this vein, our games are available on all mobile devices, through a browser, and can be added to learning management systems (e.g., Canvas, Moodle). They also work with other start-ups and industry to help them create ‘gamified’ apps to help with learning and the introduction of new topics (e.g., upskilling). Their approach is unique in that rewards individuals with an experience, rather than points or badges.

54. Blake Elearning

Blake eLearning is Australia’s leading “home grown” publisher of online educational products for children of all ages. Their mission is to help millions of kids around the world improve their literacy and numeracy skills in both a home and school setting. Launched in 2008, their breakthrough reading app, Reading Eggs, has been used by over 3.4 million users in 169 countries. As their suite of products has grown, so too have the demands on their team. They are well-versed with implementing new features and improve existing systems in their Frontend, Backend and Engineering development teams.

55. Brightpath

Brightpath is based on over a decade of pioneering research at the University of Western Australia. Brightpath is an innovative assessment method that provides standardized test scores from teachers’​ assessments of typical classroom tasks. The software records the results of assessments and reports a range of formative and summative information to teachers and principals. This provides an informed basis for developing teaching programs targeting the needs of individual students.

56. Champion Life

Champion Life Education is a health education technology company. It was founded by Kym Hunter in 2016 to facilitate the development of lifelong healthy habits in young people. Their core belief is that moderate physical activity and healthy habits are key to positive change and drive happiness and self-confidence. They challenge the invisible health gap in our communities and empower young people and families to learn healthy habits and live more active lives. Their video-based programs teach fundamental movement skills and wellbeing knowledge but also promote self-confidence and build a positive “can-do”​ mindset. They enhance this process through the use of everyday real-life role models to mentor and inspire students through physical activity.

57. IntrinsicLearning

Intrinsic Learning provides clients with greater visibility of relevant on and off the job learning activities to better support their people and enhance their business. Today, most organisations only capture on the job formal online learning and structured courses in their learning management systems, which equates to approximately 10% of overall learning. They collaborate with clients to help them gain visibility of more than just formal (online or structured course) learning, but social (one-on-one or group training), experiential (e.g. conversations with customers) including social media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) learning data via innovative software and meaningful, customised, real-time reports. This information contributes towards learners’ continuing professional development – enabling better support through training priorities, suitable role placements, reward and recognition, and opportunities for career advancement.

58. Didasko

Didasko is your online solutions partner. It was founded in 1997 and is a wholly owned Australian digital education services group dedicated to enabling ‘better ways of online learning’. They are excited by the opportunity to support universities and colleges globally in the development and delivery of their digital education solution(s). Their comprehensive capability is underpinned by a significant investment in live, integrated, scalable systems, which has uniquely positioned Didasko for the future of learning automation and AI.

59. Global Study Partners

Global Study Partners (GSP) is a market leading B2B EdTech aggregation platform, transforming lives through education by providing access, expertise, platform and services needed to empower students to study anywhere in the world. Their revolutionary cloud-based two sided marketplace offers a blended high tech and high touch approach using AI and machine learning to match the needs of the student with the right study outcome. GSP technology connects students with educational institutions worldwide. GSP’s sophisticated platform provides a comprehensive course search and compare functionality which features our University Partners courses, profile and images. They partner with institutions, recruitment agencies and B2B service partnerships to provide their recruitment partners and students with a comprehensive range of student service provision.

60. Genix

Based in Southbank, Melbourne, Genix is an Australian company that has been providing software development and professional services for the last twelve years. At present, there are approximately 4,000 users of Genix solutions in the financial services, government and healthcare sectors and over 70,000 users in education. Services provided include project management and delivery, business transformation, security and risk management, systems integration, content development and open source programming, as well as end-to-end exam management through the Examina+ platform.

61. iSee VC

iSee™ is a video meeting solution that enables many-to-many crowd collaboration, merging video conferencing with interactive, virtual spaces. Participants video and audio is streamed in real time via personal webcams into an immersive setting where they can move around freely, form groups, talk and share content just as they would in the real world. The iSee technology enables large video meetings to take place using an order of magnitude less bandwidth with a higher level of engagement than existing video conferencing systems. These bandwidth savings enable participation in large video meetings by people with limited bandwidth capacity.

62. The Kid Boss Academy

Entrepreneurial school and holiday programs that teach future-ready skills through hands-on, child-led company creation. The company aims to help generalised teachers implement some of the most exciting and engaging programs (created by professionals in their field) in their classrooms, that not only teach the skills of entrepreneurship but also get children to apply what they’ve learnt in the classroom to real-world scenarios and to offer fun, exciting and educational holiday programs that parents can send their kids to in the school holidays. These programs focus around creativity, problem-solving and child-led company creation to teach future-ready skills in the most engaging way possible.

63. Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution (LoE) are passionate about education. They are the experts in delivering world-class e-learning courses to enable young people aged 10 to 18 years with the  leadership, social-emotional and future workforce skills that will allow them to thrive as global citizens. They are on a mission to build a global learning community of 100,000+ leaders by 2025, certified in our 4 C’s of Learning – Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. Their E-learning Hub Partnerships deliver customized online education programs for professional sporting clubs, National Sporting Organizations and Not-For-Profits to deliver learning for coaches, athletes, teachers and students around the world. They are committed to partnering with 40+ organizations by 2025.

64. Learn Grow Become

Learn Grow Became aim is to change the landscape of learning by: increasing student retention and improving the student learning experience. They deliver our Learn2Learn program with proven outcomes that: enhance learning strategies (26% average positive shift), learning mindset (23% average positive shift), confidence and self-efficacy (32% average positive shift). Resulting in increased mental well-being and improved learning outcomes for your students. They believe that by giving people the right tools, mindset and resilience they can not only improve their learning outcome but also have a positive flow throughout their lives.

65. Learn Primary

Learn Primary is proudly developed by Aussie teachers and parents. Each member of the team is passionate about equipping students with the skills and lessons they need to be successful at school and in life. Learn Primary is a great resource to supplement teaching and learning for all Australian primary school students and teachers. This comprehensive App for iPad, Mac, PC and Android provides hundreds of engaging lessons that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Fun games and exciting rewards are included to keep students engaged, while reporting and feedback modules offer teachers and parents insight into a student’s learning and progress. A ‘Parent Zone’ also offers additional information and ideas for continuing learning beyond the App.

66. Makers Empire

Makers Empire helps students learn how to use Design Thinking and 3D printing to identify needs and opportunities and then create, prototype, test and refine designs of solutions. Makers Empire helps primary, elementary and middle school teachers cover Design & Technology curriculum and develop children’s creative confidence, design thinking skills and interest in STEM via 3D design tools, programs and professional development courses. Founded in 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia, Makers Empire creates market-leading solutions for schools, teachers, students and families. Makers Empire’s products are backed by Macquarie University research, certified by Education Alliance Finland for pedagogical quality and recommended by Common Sense Education in the USA.

67. Oppida

Oppida is a digital education agency with a mission to raise the bar in online learning globally. We have a proven track record of over 35 successful projects, over 16 unique clients, a growing project pipeline and repeat clients with successful learners. As a fully remote, digital, agile company we are experts in not only online learning design, but in developing and improving on our own digital capabilities. Oppida uses the Design Thinking methodology when approaching the design and development of all digital learning experiences with clients. Coupled with Agile Project Management techniques, we ensure a dynamic, learner centred, adaptable product is delivered on time and within budget. In addition, Oppida is the co-founder of a media production studio as we believe the demand for high quality, well designed educational video content is on the rise.

68. Outcome.Life

Outcome.Life is an international student community focused on employment outcomes through intern placements, seminars and networking events. Internships prepare international graduates for work in Australia and, together with their hosted seminars and events, set the foundations to secure ideal employment. Their co-working space, Outcome-Hub, further empowers international students and graduates to achieve their aspirations through access to a collaborative and positive co-working space. Their journey began in 2016 when our co-founders realized the massive employability issue faced by international graduates in Australia. Through research, they found that the most efficient way for students and graduates to be successful in gaining full-time employment was through an internship program, which would provide an opportunity to learn and grow within an industry environment. They have helped over 6,000 students start their careers through internships. They have hosted over 500 events with more than 20,000 attendees, focused on educating international students about the Australian work culture and requirements as well as helping many international students and graduates start their own businesses in Australia.

69. Pointsbuild

Established in 2007, Pointsbuild Pty Ltd is the leader in online education, training, professional development and related services for a range of sectors including the built environment, Allied Health, Social Services and the NFP/ Professional organisations/membership bodies. They deliver our education services for individuals: via their website, For companies: by way of their corporate education service, For partners: where they offer a range of branded elearning services. Their Strategy is simple, they want to be the best at what they do. The best online courses, the best platform, the best user and learner experience. Headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, they deliver online courses to all States and Territories in Australia, as well exporting their courses and platforms to over 25 countries around the world. Pointsbuild delivers over 120,000 training activities each year.

70. ReadyTeacher

ReadyTeacher is an education recruitment company in Melbourne city that specializes in providing emergency relief teaching services. In addition, they also successfully place teachers into stable ongoing roles and advocate for improved working conditions for casual/contracted teachers across the adult education sector. Their member institutions provide the following courses to adult/international students: English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), Australian Vocational Education and Training Qualifications (VET), Cambridge, IELTS & other exam preparation.

71. World Mosaic

World Mosaic is on a mission to Connect EdTech (education technology) entrepreneurs with global markets, Enable government, private and NGO education providers to scale innovations in learning and administration, Empower practitioners to reclaim their profession, and Inspire learners to construct meaning and skills for life. They provide world class professional services to help business and government define, set and execute goals to create value. They also provide the option of ongoing marketing, software development, product design, creative, due intelligence, investment round and governance support and CXO services to enable EdTech companies to pivot, scale or innovate in learning, technology and enterprise, locally or worldwide. Mosaic has become a global hub for entrepreneurs, educator, government, researchers, inventors and EdTech businesses.

72. Skodel 

Skodel offers schools an agile self-reporting tool that possesses the speed of simplicity and the power of sophisticated larger scale systems. Unlike typical large scale surveys, Skodel uses 30 second ‘check ins’ to make it easy for students to communicate regularly on how they are feeling and why. With every check in, Skodel builds a picture of each student’s mental, emotional and social wellbeing. Skodel has replaced dense multi page reporting with a single interactive page, making it easy and quick for all stakeholders to understand complex wellbeing matters. Skodel’s check-in helps you build an understanding of yourself by supporting you to accurately identify how you are feeling and what’s behind it. Feelings are knowledge but it’s not always easy to identify them, know what they are telling us or what we should do with them. Behind anger may lie fear, rejection, vulnerability and others. Accompanying the check-in is their planning tool, which helps each person map their way to better wellbeing. In order to improve, they must take aim. Skodel supports you to set goals, track progress and stay motivated.

73.  Voxon Photonics

Voxon Photonics are creators of The Voxiebox VX1 – the world’s first three-dimensional (3D) volumetric display. Incorporated in 2013, they have teams based in Australia and the US that have been developing the 3D volumetric technology for more than nine years. Their 3D volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3D experience, and no glasses required. The Voxiebox VX1 3D Volumetric Display: No special effects. No glasses. So much potential.

74. VividMath

VividMath is a high school maths platform that engages students via video tuition and interactive video practice. It’s on demand, online, convenient and affordable. It solves the problem of students not wanting to practice exercises. Practicing has never been this simple. With video interactive practice it’s easy and engaging to try exercises because anytime you are stuck, confused or lost… just tap for a video explanation. It’s like having a tutor by your side, anytime, even 11pm the night before your test. Plus there is the VividAsk feature for other questions you want solved.

75. UNOX Portal

UNOX is a modern online examination tool designed for the higher education sector. Based in Sydney, Australia, Unox aims to bring about a massive improvement in the educational infrastructure of institutions by facilitating technology-driven innovations in this sector. The industry leaders in Digital Assessment Solutions that automates the examination process to eliminate manual administrative work. UNOX Portal provides a paperless assessment platform for Higher Education, Entrance Test, Aptitude Test, Semester Examination, Certification and Corporates that are scalable from hundreds to millions of test-takers and learners. Technology so clever and intuitive that your focus stays where it should – on driving better education and training outcomes for your organisation. Gone are the days when the only way to take an exam was to be physically present in the examination hall. UNOX Portal removes the most common challenges with administering physical, paper-pen examinations while providing a highly secure and scalable solution that allows a host of unique benefits.

76. Verso Learning

Verso helps you to gather evidence to better understand your impact and identify the most effective teaching practices. Verso makes this quick and easy, supporting you and your colleagues to collaboratively focus on helping students achieve better outcomes. Gather and review classroom evidence and student feedback, Share and discuss research-informed teaching practice, Plan next teaching steps and support professional growth, Easily access Department resources and guides.

77. Talisium

Talisium is re-imagining the education of the world’s healthcare workforce by providing employers and organisations with the best certified health content, education and tools for their employees and members. Talisium’s online learning platform has the most comprehensive, high quality resources which are affordable, accessible and convenient for healthcare workers looking to up-skill, fulfill CPD requirements or retrain for new career opportunities. From anesthesia to general practice, nursing, paramedics, leadership and management, we provide scaled, tangible ways to help elevate and educate health professionals all over the world. Talisium’s mission is to deliver world-class education to the global health workforce by catering to international emerging markets and countries with the strictest standards of best practice models.

78. Successful Graduate

Established as a limited liability company based in Australia, Successful Graduate Pty Ltd provides employability training solutions to students, graduates, education providers and employers. The venture was formed by its Managing Director Gordon Scott in response to overwhelming consumer and industry demand for student and graduate employability training. The increasing competitiveness of the education sector has placed a higher demand upon education providers to develop career-ready graduates. Of equal importance is the increasing level of competition among graduates for limited graduate positions. Declining economic conditions in many markets have brought about increased competition among graduates.

79. TaLi

TALi Health is an evidence-based platform that is built to assess, detect and train attention in children. TALi provides early childhood solutions to improve attentional performance, and tools to assess and detect inattention. TALi is developing programs for children aged 3 to 8, where most interventions have been developed to begin at age 6. This makes TALi a unique provider of early years’ intervention when it is most needed. TaLi is creating game based programs designed to improve attention in children. Their five week TaLi Train program targets the underlying problems of attention difficulties and strengthens the four core attention skills: Selection, Control, Inhibition and Focus.

80. StudyNet

StudyNet’s EdTech platform streamlines the process of course search and selection along with the application and acceptance process on a single platform for prospective international students, channel partners, and Education institutions. They move forward with the mission of empowering lives around the world through education’ and with the purpose of making every step seamless for international students dreaming about studying in Australia.

81. Studiosity

Their mission is for every student to get personal help, right when they need it. Studiosity is a 24/7 personal study support and academic literacy service that is delivered through universities, TAFEs, secondary schools, and public libraries to provide after-hours help for all their students, at scale, regardless of a student’s background, study mode, or location. Over the last decade we have built in a powerful and resilient technology platform, as well as the systems, processes and people required to deliver a world-class, academic support service for educators and their students globally.

82. StudyLink

For the last 25 years StudyLink has used technology to provide solutions to the education sector. Their business is built on giving institutions, agents and students access to technology that provides the right information at the right time – so they can achieve the best outcomes. With StudyLink, institutions are able to attract more quality students who are prepared to succeed with them. Agents can provide clear, timely guidance to students and keep them updated at every stage. And students can feel confident in making the life-changing decision to study overseas. Their latest product, StudyLink Connect, is a leading, cloud-based student admissions solution that is now used by the majority of Australia’s universities, colleges and TAFEs. By using the latest technology, including API delivery methods, StudyLink Connect is enabling all stakeholders, and their systems, to work effectively together to deliver the best outcome for the applicant.

83. Stronger Brains

Stronger Brains empowers children and young people to build better lives by measurably improving their brain health and function. Brain health affects almost every aspect of life including education and employment success, health and wellbeing, relationships, violence and crime. They partner with local organisations in education, employment services, social services and juvenile justice to train and support their staff to deliver their proven neuro-development model in 3 stages: They teach children and young people about their brain and how to make it stronger through our world – leading Brain Health Curriculum; They empower them to become stronger “captains of their ship” by mentoring them through their Personalised Empowerment Plan; and They assess and measurably improve their brain function by building new neural pathways through their Personalised Neuroplasticity Plan and their fun, online, brain training programs, created by Dr Michael Merzenich, the “father of neuroplasticity”.

84. Stile

They want every student to have a world-class science education. Stile helps teachers bring their science classes to life with beautiful lessons based on real-world science and global issues. You can think of Stile as a combination of your favourite science textbook, workbook, assessments, pracs, videos and simulations all interwoven and presented as a seamless online teaching and learning experience.

85. is an analytics platform that measures student attendance, movement and use of spaces to help schools and universities make better decisions about timetabling, space and property usage. Using a combination of sensors and quantitative analysis, provides simple and useful real-time data and trends. Their student-facing app highlighting available study spaces also improves the student experience while on campus. The founders, Kurt and James, are passionate about creating a more productive learning environment – by students, for students.

86. Squad Connect

Squad Connect helps assist Students and Professionals to plan their Education and Career, as well as, develop their skills for a better future. They act as a virtual friend for Students and Professionals with best insights and guidance from Experts to support them and their growth. They guide you to understand what is best for you and how to plan your career. They also teach you skills needed to grow into a happy and successful professional. Squad Connect provides Mentorship and eLearning. Squad Connect works with both, Students and Education Institutions, to provide Mentorship and eLearning. They also work with Corporates to help them with Mentorship and eLearning.

87. ReadyTech

ReadyTech (ASX:RDY) is a tech company providing mission-critical technology across the high growth education and employment sectors. They help companies navigate complex environments, increase productivity, reduce risk and drive bottom line performance. Their software platforms range from world class student management systems for the vocational and higher education markets, software for pathways to work providers, payroll and HR admin systems as well as services in behavioural science and related future of work services.

88. Sentral

Sentral is Australia’s most comprehensive cloud based school management platform trusted by more than 3,000 schools across Australia. Sentral is available anywhere, anytime and on any device. Web-based, fully scalable and powered by Microsoft Azure, Sentral provides flexibility and ease of use. It provides unsurpassed integration with other systems and you can choose to have a complete Sentral solution, or maintain existing corporate or enterprise systems integrated with Sentral. The Sentral solution addresses the data demands of today and into the future, saving school staff valuable time and making it available to all that need it. Sentral and QuickCliq (online canteern ordering solution) have been recognised with ISO 27001 certification. The certification is the international gold standard for information security management systems and notably, we are one of the first student management platform providers in Australia to achieve it.

89. Sinorbis

Sinorbis is a multi-award-winning software company on a mission to bring marketing and selling to Chinese consumers within reach for universities and schools by removing common market entry barriers through technology. They provide Western learning institutions and businesses with the world’s first integrated marketing platform to create, measure and optimize their Chinese digital presence, all the while offering: Accelerated speed to market – launch your digital presence within weeks without having to jump the usual administrative hurdles. Reduced cost – set up and manage digital marketing initiatives at a fraction of the investment previously required.  Increased control – get an integrated view of all digital initiatives in China.

90. Wonde

An innovative data management solution for the Education sector, Wonde extracts data (i.e. student, teacher and parent records) from within a school, stores it in the cloud and then provides third party applications access. Third party applications need to access school data to both set-up and keep their software up-to-date. Rather than individually integrating with every school, Wonde provides an efficient method of data integration which requires only one integration. This saves companies time, money and valuable resources; allowing them to grow faster and focus on their core product. When it comes to schools, Wonde ensures they are able to manage access to their data, giving them greater visibility and control over what information is accessed by third parties. This ensures they’re compliant with their data protection obligations. Schools also now only need to maintain one external connection to their school data, rather than a connection to each software application they use.

91. Catembe

Catembe is a platform for serious games, designed for business education, where hands-on learning opportunities are largely absent. We provide students with engaging learning experiences that work equally well in the classroom, lecture theatre, or online. Their interactives and simulations are built specifically for the business curriculum. They harness the mechanics of the concept itself to drive the gameplay: for instance, in our Supply & Demand game, students are challenged to find the equilibrium of an unseen supply and demand model. Mastering the game and truly understanding the concept become one and the same. Their content can be deployed real-time in lectures or accessed by students in their own time, on campus or online. Their games feature engaging elements such as rewards, random chance, and instant feedback, encouraging students to make repeated attempts to master the content. Customise and deploy games in minutes, their platform takes care of the infrastructure and logistics.

92. Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning is a unique and innovative K-12 tutoring and test-prep solution that provides superlative individual learning outcomes using a combination of live online tutoring, custom designed and mapped content and an adaptive learning platform. This creates an unparalleled learner experience, anytime, anywhere. In supporting the tutor, the adaptive learning engine does much of the heavy lifting – determining what the student knows, what the student doesn’t know, and what needs to be done next. Powering deep and rich learning analytics, reporting and optimization. This synthesis of online tutoring and adaptive learning is able to fundamentally transform K-12 education in a way we could not even begin to imagine a few years ago.

93. Quitch

Quitch harnesses mobile technology to engage students, improve retention and boost performance through game-based techniques. Dr Oates trailed Quitch with her students, with impressive results⁠—student retention improved by 12% and student performance by 7%. Quitch is now delivering learning outcomes for educators and trainers in universities, colleges, businesses and associations across the globe. It’s a mobile learning platform designed to improve retention and boost performance through game-based techniques.

94. Edoome

Edoome is a social learning platform focused on teachers and students in the school system. Edoome provides tools for communication and collaboration between teachers, students; tools to measure students progress and access to educational resources in a secure and easy to use place with just one click. Edoome provides a familiar environment where teachers can continue classroom discussions with tools that make easy to share new content, new discussion topics or solving an assignment as a group. Teachers can create and post assignments and quizzes to grade and measure their students’ performance and progress against national standards in a fast way.

95. ei

ei is a well-established Australian, purpose-driven, technology company that is heavily invested in developing digital platforms that provide schools with real-time insight into the overall school culture. The insight that is unlocked through these technologies allows schools to take meaningful next steps, leading to a highly proactive learning environment that looks after the social, emotional wellbeing of students and staff.

96. eWorks

eWorks has more than 25 years’ experience in online learning. They create and deliver original work for governments, education providers such as, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Universities, and peak industry and professional bodies across many sectors and industries. While their work is delivered by a team of design specialists including assessment, learning and multimedia, project management and technical consultants, they know online learning works best when done in partnership with clients. They are engaged in Online learning platform (LMS) implementation and support, Design and development of digital content, Supporting our community with workshops, webinars and conferences, Partnering with experts in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Provide tailored solutions for your organisation according to the needs of your learners.

97. Forage

Forage works with large global companies (e.g. BCG, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, KPMG, GE, JPMorgan Chase & Co) to create free open-access online training courses for college students to build career skills and confidence. Our partner companies use these courses to inspire, engage, and hire students from a broad & diverse audience. Over 1 million students have enrolled in our courses since the start of COVID-19 and we currently offer courses in the US, Ireland, South Africa, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, China, and Australia. The company’s program creates effective hiring funnels for its enterprise partners, claiming that students on its platform are 4x more likely to be offered a role than competitors. Forage raised US$25 million in series B funding in a round led by Blackbird Ventures, a VC fund based in Australia and New Zealand. Telstra Ventures, Citi Ventures, Gaingels, Cap Table Coalition, and JFF’s Employment Technology Fund, as well as existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and FundersClub, also participated in the raise.

98. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is the world’s leading social and collaborative learning platform, delivering courses from the world’s best universities and businesses at scale. They are dedicated to building credible and flexible online courses, micro-credentials, and full degrees that improve working lives. FutureLearn is co-owned by the Open University, pioneers and world leaders in supporting open learning, and SEEK, a diverse group of companies encompassing employment, education and volunteer businesses. Their ownership and background places FutureLearn in a unique position to combine a global reach into job seekers, unparalleled insights into employer demands, and strong pedagogical values, all of which supports our mission to transform access to education. They provide an award-winning user experience which is easy to use, consistent and accessible across every device and they have many examples of how they have helped their partners deliver innovative, high quality business education at scale.

99. SkillsLogIQ

SkillsLogiQ is a technology company providing skills management to higher-education institutions, organisations and individuals. They support lifelong learning by targeting an institutions education to an individuals skills gaps and support deep engagement for students and alumni through learning communities of practice to focus on ‘skills of need’ and job performance. The SkillslogiQ platform provides a bridge between an institution, their alumni and their employers through skills, capability-building and innovation.

100. Literatu

Literatu is very simple to understand, which is why it is so easy to work with. They help teachers reset the way the assessment process works with their students. Assessments in Literatu can comprise a range of interactive worksheets ranging from a simple homework or revision sheet, to an extension or remedial worksheet, to an essay or short answer questions, to a formal summative assessment. The major feature of Literatu is the way they hand teachers complete control over the assessment content, the delivery and marking process and the measurement of results. Literatu transforms existing materials from any current format, language and subject, into interactive, online assessments deployed to students for completion across web, iPad or tablet. Literatu is purpose built for teachers to take control of the screens, engage students on the platform they like the most and most importantly, have more time to manage the students rather than the paper.

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