Mindler is an ed-tech platform that aims to help students to discover their potential through simple career assessments and tests. Career counseling platform. The platform provides solutions for career-related decision-making. The platform uses its AI & machine learning-based platform along with expert advice to provide career counseling to students. Also, provides assessments and resources to help students understand various career profiles, the kind of opportunities colleges can pursue. Mindler serves in the B2C space in the EdTech market segments Mindler has raised a total funding of $4.78M over 9 rounds.It’s latest funding round was a Seed round on Apr 30, 2022 for $46.1K.1 investor participated in it’s latest round.


Online platform for streaming stand-up videos. The platform has videos from various topics like poetry, comedy, and storytelling, and more. These videos are available in Indian languages. The application is available for Android users. It monetizes through in-app advertisements.Stage serves in the B2C space in the Media & Entertainment market segments.Stage has 54 institutional investors including Blume, Venture Catalysts and IPV.Blume is the largest institutional investor in Stage.Peyush Bansal and 123 others are Angel Investors in Stage.Stage has a total of 10 competitors and it ranks 1st among them.3 of its competitors are Funded Overall, Stage and its competitors have raised over $17.7M in funding across 15 funding rounds involving 204 investors.There is no private Unicorn in the entire competition set.Who are the top Stage has a total of 10 competitors and it ranks 1st among them.3 of its competitors are Funded Overall, Stage and its competitors have raised over $17.7M in funding across 15 funding rounds involving 204 investors.There is no private Unicorn in the entire competition set.


zingbus is a prominent bus service that has a vast network covering over 500 cities in 18+ states across North, West, and South India. With a fleet of more than 350 buses, zingbus offers convenient and quick online bus ticket bookings through its user-friendly website and mobile app, as well as other OTA platforms. Having already served three million+ happy travellers, zingbus is known for its reliability and efficiency, making it India’s most dependable bus service.Customer satisfaction is a top priority for zingbus. Hence, they offer 24/7 WhatsApp support for any queries or assistance during your travel. Additionally, zingbus prioritizes the safety and comfort of female passengers, providing female-friendly rides with added security measures.

supply note

supply chain is a network of companies and people that are involved in the production and delivery of a product or service. The components of a supply chain include producers, vendors, warehouses, transportation companies, distribution centers, and retailers. Supply Note is Cloud based web and mobile enabled suite connecting outlets, service providers and suppliers. With Supply Note, you can manage Supply Note is a pioneering B2B platform in the food and beverage industry, founded with the mission to streamline and digitalize the supply chain management process for food businesses. We are committed to simplifying procurement by connecting restaurant owners and suppliers, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Our goal is empowering business with AI solutions. We are developing scalable AI solutions for specialized use cases to help businesses operate . A unique SaaS platform for processing your printed and hand-written invoices, powered by Augmented Intelligence – a human-centric partnership model transforming business through Artificial intelligence , we are leading the way in creating innovative AI solutions for future business . We believe that Artificial intelligence can unlock greater business potential. Our Goal is empowering business through AI solutions . Our AI solutions are based on AI principles, allowing businesses to use them with complete confidence.


Saas-enabled platform offering energy storage and management solutions. The company offers a cloud-enabled platform for renewable power producers to store excess energy virtually. It offers bidirectional battery swapping stations so they can give power back to the grid and aggregates idle batteries at the stations, enabling renewable developers to store energy virtually, on-demand.Sheru serves in the B2B, SaaS space in the Energy Tech, Auto Tech, Transportation and Logistics Tech, Environment Tech market segments.Sheru has 24 institutional investors including Advantage, Venture Catalysts and Micelio. AdvantEdge is the largest institutional investor in Sheru.Sachin Bhatia and 29 others are Angel Investors in Sheru.


Money management platform for financial decision-making. Personal finance company that provides a money management platform to help individuals make better decisions with their finances by recording the expenses and incomes of individuals. Taikee has a total of 8 competitors and it ranks 8th among them.None of its competitors are funded.There is no private Unicorn in the entire competition set. Taikee serves in the B2C space in the FinTech market segments.

kiko live

Kiko Live enables neighborhood retailers to get discovered and sell digitally. It also enables retailers to sell on ONDC KIKO Live is India’s first LIVE commerce platform for retailers to sell online and also on ONDC. Providing a solution for digitization of millions of stores across India that contribute 25% of India’s GDP ($700b+) Enabling Quick Commerce through Live Commerce for categories beyond Food and Grocery Kiko Live has raised a total of $1.9M in funding over 5 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Nov 1, 2021 from a Seed round.Kiko Live is funded by 15 investors. GSF and Amarjit Singh Batra are the most recent investors


Developer of a lower limb exoskeleton device for mobility assistance. The company has developed devices called Centaur and Unix XO wearable robotic suits designed to assist people fighting lower limb locomotor disabilities. The walking assistance system uses motorized limb braces, motion capturing, and tracking solutions to enable paraplegics to stand upright, walk and climb stairs. Astrek Innovations has 6 institutional investors including Start-Up Chile, Indian Angel Network Fund and Huddle.Indian Angel Network is the largest institutional investor in Astrek Innovations.Pradeep Kumar and 1 other are Angel Investors in Astrek Innovations.

onco Phenomics

Developer of genomic tests to provide personalized medicine for cancer. The company uses liquid biopsy platform which is an innovative microfluidics lab-on-a-chip technology used for detection and capture of viable circulating tumor cells from a simple blood sample of cancer patients. It develops diagnostic test for breast, ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancers. Oncophenomics has 27 institutional investors including T-Hub, CIIE and Omphalos Ventures.Omphalos Ventures is the largest institutional investor in Oncophenomics.Vineel Nalla and 23 others are Angel Investors in Oncophenomics.Oncophenomics serves in the B2B space in the High Tech, Life Sciences market segments.