Himalayan Hemp

Promote Conscious Sustainable Development with smart organic farming, innovation integration, and a fair economic model by utilizing and preserving the indigenous Himalayan Hemp Plant . Making the world a better place for all organisms by using our cooperative model by making farmers and artisans environmentally conscious and bringing the economic justice, by identifying and preserving indigenous cannabis and hemp seeds, by researching and innovating nature-friendly products with focus on marginalised communities, by focusing on reviving organic village industries and promoting natural yet scientifically credible health care. We are also the world’s first hemp cooperative. Himalayan Hemp Cooperative Model is focused on building a home-equity based hemp family culture with innovation .


We empower radiology AI teams to build affordable and accessible clinical applications. Having worked with multiple radiology AI startups and medical device . Diagnokare, SNIF and Learners were also awarded for their outstanding performances. 36 hours was all it took for these clever minds to showcase their skills Diagnokare Technologies focuses on Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. We help researchers develop AI applications. With an extensive team of medical professionals experienced in annotation for building AI datasets, we can fulfill all your annotation needs with the best quality We are committed to delivering datasets and validation within agreed timelines, keeping your AI development on track.

collabera technologies

Collabera Inc is a company that provides information technology consulting Collabera is the largest privately held technology company in New Jersey, by revenue, with $525 million in revenue for 2015 and approximately 4,200 employees throughout their New Jersey offices. Collabera Digital is a new age digital engineering company delivering unique experiences, actionable insights, and intelligent products & platforms We are a new age digital engineering company delivering unique experiences, actionable insights, intelligent products & platforms

dharaksha ecosolutions

Dharaksha Ecosolutions is an environment conscious start up specialising in biodegradable packaging material. We are a Delhi based company Our Mission is to act on the very cause of pollution and scale sustainable and economically viable solutions and we will not stop till we uproot the Deepest New Delhi based, Dharaksha Ecosolutions is an environment conscious start up specializing in biodegradable packaging material. They are a Delhi based company, incubated at RCB (Regional Center for Bio-Technology). They aim is to curb stubble burning and plastic pollution by creating biodegradable and sustainable alternative

Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics builds on-demand AI-driven warehouse robotics solutions to automate and improve logistics operations.Unbox Robotics develops a patent-pending AI-powered parcel sorting robotic system that automates and improves logistics operations. Unbox Robotics applies proprietary Swarm Intelligence and ML algorithms to redefine the way companies sort and ship orders. AI-based robotic and automation solutions for warehouse operations. It offers robotic systems that provide logistics services or solutions to sort parcels. Unbox Robotics is rated 3.5 out of 5, based on 14 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Unbox Robotics is known for Salary & Benefits which is rated at the top

ONN Bikes

We are a tech-driven mobility platform which is on a mission to solve urban commute woes by providing mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) to daily commuters ONN Bikes is a self-drive bike rental platform. ONN Bikes are working with all our blood and sweat to create an alternative way of travel by the means of Bike rental services. We are creating a streamlined system with a super-affordable price structure so that you can enjoy the gratification of a bike ride for as much time as you fancy with a 40minute delivery guarantee. Along with this, this Bike can be dropped off at any location just so that you leave all the hassles involved to it.


HireSure.ai enables companies make data-driven compensation decisions using real-time compensation benchmarks and insights. Recruitment.Apply to jobs at Hiresure.ai today. Learn about careers at Hiresure.ai in software, marketing, sales and operations. Let Hiresure.ai and other companies .HireSure.ai provides the most accurate real-time compensation benchmarking data which helps you make the right offer to the candidate. HireSure is an integrated platform to release offers, communicate and engage with the candidates. More than 500 leading startups and corporates use HireSure.

switch On

SwitchOn is an industrial IoT firm that uses AI to help precision manufacturing companies reduce manufacturing failures.SwitchOn is developing Digital Twins for energy optimization and predictive maintenance. They leverage technologies such as Industrial IoT and Machine learning to digitize critical equipment for industries. Their Digital Twins help customers reduce unplanned downtime, improve operational efficiency and maximize asset utilization.SwitchOn is an industrial IoT firm that uses AI to help precision manufacturing companies reduce manufacturing failures.


Voxel connects to your existing security cameras to automate risk management and reporting. Build a data-driven safety culture with Voxel site visibility. Voxel uses computer vision and AI to enable security cameras to automate risk management and reporting, enhancing safety and operations. Voxel uses computer vision and AI to enable security cameras to automatically identify hazards and high-risk activities in real time, keeping people safe and driving operational efficiencies. Its technology targets the key drivers for workers’ compensation, general liability, and property costs while providing full site visibility.