One system to accept all types of orders – delivery, takeaway, and dine-in – directly from customers. Order and Business Dashboards to manage the store, menu, orders and more. A complete suite of marketing tools such as an offers module, campaigns, automated engagement and more to acquire, understand, and retain customers. Thrive Now is a modern online ordering solution for restaurants. Gain control over your business, and grow your brand on your own terms. We’re the one-stop shop for all those who think before they eat, are unapologetic about their food choices, have zero inhibitions, experiment


PickMyAd is the world’s first “Booking Platform” for social media influencer marketing. Brands can now book the Ads with their favourite Youtube influencers for their upcoming videos and get their brand reach millions of people. Influencer marketing platform. The platform offers a marketplace that connects brands with creators and influencers. PickMyAd helps the brands to find influencers and book your advertisement slots to be endorsed and promoted. PickMyAd industries. Marketing & advertising.

cyclops medtech

Cyclops MedTech Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore, India based start-up working on clinical and wearable diagnostic and rehabilitation products for neuro vestibular disorders using eye tracking technology. Our first product, BalanceEye is a clinical diagnostic device for balance assessment and to find out the root cause for dizziness. Dizziness is avery common symptom and the causes vary. But if analysed properly, it can provide tell tale signs to what’s happening in a patient’s neuro vestibular system. Such diagnosis can help prevent strokes, detect tumors early and set right chronic balance problems. Through our device, we are finding out the root cause for dizziness with high degree of precision. Launched in March 2017, we have 46 paid installations across 26 cities in 3 countries.We are building 2 other products in the neuro vestibular space.


ExtraaEdge’s Admission & marketing automation CRM software is specifically designed for educational enterprises. Predict, Manage & Increase their admissions. At ExtraaEdge we use the power of data science & machine learning to help the billion dollar education industry predict their sales i.e. admissions.Think of us as Salesforce +Hubspot for education industry. We operate in the 22.6 billion dollar education marketing software space.We do this via our proprietary Admission & Marketing Automation CRM software built dedicated for the edu industry. This helps edu marketing teams reduce the cost of student acquisition & increase their conversions using our software.Use cases :(0) Predict admissions based on historical data, online, social & funnel intelligence. (1) Increase marketing Return On Investment (ROI ) (2) Increase the efficiency of admission counselling teams via smart follow-ups & calendars (3) Accelerate lead engagement via marketing automation playbooks (4) Track your end to end marketing and admissions activities to take decisions.


SenseGiz design and produce innovative products in the wearables & IoT space that add value to users every single day.SenseGiz, Inc is a startup focusing on wearable electronic products and other consumer electronic products which customers can use in their daily lives.SenseGiz makes multi-functional wearable electronic products which can be used as a smartwatch or clipped to clothing. It can trigger automatic alarms on loved ones phones if the user has acrash/fall/any other emergency, can use simple gestures to control any phone functions like automatic call placing, launching app, taking pictures and also track fitness & sleep quality. It is waterproof as well and has a battery life of at least 7 days and can be easily re-charged via a micro-USB slot.Their second product is a lost & found Bluetooth based tag which can be used to track & find commonly misplaced/lost objects like keys, bags,pets etc.Comes with a replaceable battery which has a 1 year battery life. It is waterproof as well so you do not have to worry if it gets wet! Both products interact with a user friendly Android


Solinas develops robotic solutions for pipeline and sanitation industries. Solinas solves problems of water leakage and eliminates manual scavenging. Their products are being designed for Indian challenges with products like short-range and long-range pipeline inspection and robotic cleaning of septic tanks. They provide internal condition assessment and defect detection in pipelines, identifying and analysing leaks,corrosion, sediments, and dents in critical pipeline infrastructure using NDT techniques.


Multibashi is a free language learning platform that focuses on learning outcomes of a user. Multibashi is a free language learning platform that focuses on learning outcomes of a user while keeping the learning process fun and intuitive. Multibhashi is a Technology platform that imparts impactful Content designed by it’s empanelled Linguist experts across major Indian languages imparted via Cloud LMS, cloud telephony, streaming video,realtime chat, experiential learning, gamification, and interactive evaluation leading to adaptive learning by the user. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

prayogik Technologies

Oil & Gas Industrial Energy Solutions And Automation · Highly Reliable Standalone Power, Wherever you need · Affordable · Innovative · Universal · Skillful.Prayogik provides remote power supply solutions for oil & gas companies. It manufactures thermoelectric static generators to provide power for remote oil & gas wells, cathodic protection of pipelines, motor operated valves, etc. Prayogik has 5 institutional investors including GAIL, PDPU IIC and Ahmedabad University.Faiz Khan and 6 others are Angel Investors in Prayogik.

learning matters

Communicative English program delivered through AI and voice-assisted technology. Holistic teacher training programs. Sign up & transform your school Today Learning Matters offers an emotionally safe environment for children to learn and grow. Our research-based practices focus on the social-emotional and cognitive At Learning MATTERS we empower educators with evidence-based practice and grow understanding of how children learn to read, write and spell.