1.Rajashree R

Company-Tata Consultancy Services


She is the CMO of Tata Consultancy Services .

2.Ravi Santhanam

Company-HDFC Bank


Ravi Santhanam is a highly accomplished and versatile senior executive with extensive skills and experience across various industries. He has a proven track record of success in change management, driving business results, formulating business strategies, managing profit and loss, developing consumer propositions, and implementing effective Go-to-Market strategies. He excels in adapting to dynamic market environments and possesses the ability to lead from conception to execution, consistently delivering impressive outcomes. He is adept at cultivating high-performing teams and possesses exceptional cross-functional skills. With a strong focus on customer-centricity, operational excellence, and a commitment to organizational development, he has a demonstrated ability to drive revenue growth and enhance overall performance. Ravi Santhanam is known for his self-driven nature, analytical prowess, and dedication to institutional practices, making him a highly valuable asset to any organization.

3.Sumit Virmani

Company-Infosys Ltd


Sumit Virmani is an experienced Chief Marketing Officer with a proven track record in the information technology and services industry. He possesses a diverse skill set that includes expertise in market research, direct marketing, business alliances, business development, and marketing strategy.With a strong background in marketing, Sumit Virmani is highly capable professional in his field. His knowledge and skills have been honed through practical experience and his educational background, having graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Overall, Sumit Virmani brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Chief Marketing Officer, making him a valuable asset in driving marketing initiatives and achieving business objectives.

4.Priya Nair

Company-Hindustan Unilever Ltd


She is the CMO of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

5.Sujit Ganguli

Company-ICICI Bank


He is the CMO of ICICI Bank.

6.Aabhinna Suresh Khare

Company- Bajaj Capital Ltd


Aabhinna Suresh Khare is a highly detailed-oriented and focused CMO, known for his expertise in defining and executing product vision and roadmap strategies to drive revenue growth for businesses. With hands-on experience in implementing and managing product roadmaps for digital platforms with high volume flow, he has demonstrated his ability to handle complex projects effectively. Aabhinna has actively collaborated and engaged with partners to integrate global solutions, resulting in successful business outcomes. In his role as a manager, Aabhinna has overseen teams consisting of Product Managers, business analysts, UX professionals, and QA testers. He has a proven track record of driving business growth by crafting effective Go-To-Market strategies, managing successful product launches, overseeing operations, and displaying expertise in budgeting and P&L management. As a design thinker, Aabhinna possesses a genuine interest in understanding the needs and preferences of users. His goal is to deliver seamless user experiences in the Phygital (Physical + Digital) world by designing products and services that meet their expectations. Furthermore, Aabhinna is a data-driven and analytical leader who deeply understands the interplay between the digital ecosystem and human behavior. He leverages this knowledge to create appropriate nudges within systems, driving digital transformation initiatives effectively.

7.Laura Langdon

Company-Wipro Limited


Laura Langdon is a highly effective marketing professional known for her track record of achieving results. She possesses a broad range of expertise spanning multiple disciplines, including shaping global brand strategy, managing PR and communications, implementing digital marketing initiatives, driving demand generation, developing partnerships, and creating compelling branded content. Laura has a talent for conceptualizing and delivering impactful campaigns across various platforms, including digital, social, events, and traditional media. She has proven experience in guiding and motivating global, cross-functional teams to successfully accomplish goals while maintaining a shared strategic brand vision. Her areas of expertise encompass corporate communications, brand strategy, global brand development, creative leadership, content strategy and execution, strategic partnerships, demand generation, events and conferences, and global team leadership. Laura Langdon brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to any marketing endeavor she undertakes.

8.Kaustubh Chandra 

Company-Airtel Business


Kaustubh Chandra (KC) is a highly experienced marketing and communications professional in the B2B technology sector with over 18 years of expertise. He has worked with global MNCs and Indian IT and Telecom service providers, operating across India, South Asia, and major global markets. KC’s passion lies in exploring new and emerging technologies, as well as leadership development. He excels in addressing business challenges and has contributed to successful turnarounds using a wide range of skills in strategy, planning, and execution. He is well-versed in both conventional and new-age marketing concepts, including digital, social, and marketing automation. He has received recognition as one of the ‘Top 10 CMOs in India’ by in 2023, the ‘Inspiring Award – the Marketing person of the year’ at the NTT Global Marketing Summit in February 2021, the ‘MarTech of the Year Award 2020’ at The Economic Times Most Promising Tech Marketers Award 2020, and the ‘MarTech of the Year Award 2020’ at The Economic Times Most Promising Tech Marketers Award 2020.

9. Jill Kouri

Company- HCLTech


Jill Kouri is a highly accomplished strategic adviser with expertise spanning various areas of marketing and communications. Her skill set includes brand management and activation, communications and public relations, sales enablement, digital marketing transformation, and customer experience. She has earned a reputation as a trusted partner to businesses, having gained progressive experience working directly with CEOs in both startup ventures and Fortune 500 companies. Jill’s deep expertise extends to professional services, M&A and post-merger integration, technology, and the development of shared services operations. She is renowned for her ability to cultivate and retain top talent while fostering strong partnerships and alignment with sales organizations. Jill also demonstrates exceptional acumen in collaborating closely with HR to drive employer brand initiatives, recruitment efforts, and successful onboarding practices. Known for her high emotional intelligence and adaptability, she excels in effectively navigating matrixed and complex organizational structures, managing ambiguity with ease. Throughout her career, Jill has achieved upward mobility within a select few organizations, showcasing her impressive professional growth.

10.Shuvadip Banerjee

Company-(ITC LTD)


Shuvadip Banerjee has played a pivotal role in advancing areas such as Consumer Insights and Strategy, Media, and Customer Care. He has been successful in establishing crucial functions like Data and Analytics, as well as Online Reputation Management. Moreover, he has been instrumental in promoting the adoption of Digital Media within the organization. Shuvadip has introduced innovative practices including the Marketing Command Centre, Customer Data Hub, and Ecommerce. He has also contributed to enhancing efficiencies in Trade Mark and IP management, Consumer Activation, and Sales Operations.

11.Anoop Manohar

Company-Axis Bank


Anoop Manohar brings over 21 years of exceptional experience in marketing and innovation, demonstrating a proven track record of sustainable growth and market success. He has a strong end-to-end business perspective and has played a pivotal role in creating and developing new brands and businesses. Anoop is recognized for his passionate, persistent, and collaborative nature, with excellent analytical skills and a bias for action. He excels in building and managing high-performing teams and thrives in challenging and diverse professional environments. Anoop’s unwavering dedication to winning and continuous learning fuels his drive for building new experiences.

12.Peeyush Dubey



The primary goal of marketing is to enhance stakeholder confidence in the brand and streamline the sales process for customers, employees, partners, influencers, investors, government, and the public. Effective marketers focus on targeted interventions that make a direct impact on the business, blending storytelling and modern marketing technologies. Peeyush Dubey, through his holistic approach called ‘Brand-Demand-Expand,’ has successfully transformed marketing functions and built global brands across multiple countries. Great marketers possess the ability to grasp the bigger picture, communicate effectively, manage ambiguity, and stay updated on emerging trends. They excel in developing compelling value propositions, leveraging industry influence, generating high-quality demand, and executing impactful marketing campaigns that raise brand awareness and perception.

13.Vivek Agrawal

Company-UltraTech Cement


He is the CMO of UltraTech Cement at Aditya Birla Group.

14.Aude Gandon



Aude Gandon brings extensive marketing experience, delivering impactful business-building ideas for renowned FMCG companies worldwide. With a strong background in managing global brands and organizations, she possesses in-depth knowledge of various regions, including the US, China, India, Russia, Latin America, South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Aude excels as a client partner and team leader, adept at building and motivating teams to support successful strategies that yield tangible results in the market. Her expertise spans integrated brand management, encompassing advertising, digital, social, and PR, with a particular focus on the beauty category within the FMCG industry.

15.Vinay Shroff

Company -JSW Steel

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Vinay Shroff holds the position of CMO at JSW Steel.

16.Dnyanesh Deore



Dnyanesh Deore holds the position of  CMO at SUN PHARMA.

17.Ashit Patni

Company-ESL Steel Limited 


Ashit Patni, the Head of Raw Material at Vedanta Limited (Electrosteel Steels Limited), possesses an impressive professional background. With over 11 years of cross-functional experience in marketing and commercial roles, he has demonstrated expertise in the Vedanta Iron and Steel vertical. Ashit has successfully handled major territories, including India and China, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (BE) along with an MBA. His combination of practical experience and educational qualifications makes him a capable leader in marketing and commercial operations at Vedanta Limited.

18.Vishal Subharwal

Company- HDFC Life


Vishal Subharwal brings over two decades of experience in industry and consulting roles to his current position as the head of Strategy, Marketing, E-Commerce, Digital Business, and Sustainability initiatives at HDFC Life, a premier life insurance company in India. With diverse responsibilities spanning strategy development, distribution planning, brand management, digital experience, marketing performance, customer management, technology integration, business operations, underwriting, and corporate social responsibility, he holds independent profit and loss ownership across multiple business units. He is instrumental in crafting and implementing the overall organizational strategy, including defining strategic themes, resource allocation, identifying long-term initiatives, and developing annual operating plans. Before joining HDFC Life, Vishal worked in a Big 4 advisory firm, where he specialized in strategy and operations. Additionally, he has previous experience leading sales units and implementing process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma.

19.Somasree Bose Awasthi 



Somasree Bose Awasthi embarked on her professional journey as a management trainee at Godrej in 2003, making significant contributions to the organization. Currently leading the marketing function for Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., she has successfully built brand equity, spearheaded strategic marketing initiatives, and achieved notable accomplishments. Her achievements include establishing the aircare category with Godrej Aer, transforming the soaps category, and pioneering the Direct-to-Consumer channel. Somasree has been recognized for his outstanding achievements, receiving accolades such as the Economic Times Women Ahead 2017 list and the Women Super Achiever Award at the World Women Leadership Congress Awards 2018. Additionally, he has been featured in the IMPACT Top 50 most influential women in marketing and media for three consecutive years.

20.Ramin Saherwala

Company- Mahindra Group


Ramin Saherwala is a marketing and digital transformation professional who excels in leveraging consumer insights and business analytics to develop effective brand strategies, communication plans, and customer acquisition strategies. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape and its impact on high-value consumers, he has successfully driven digital transformation initiatives in brand, media, and online business, gaining a comprehensive perspective on the customer journey from engagement to acquisition. His diverse experience spans FMCG, finance, consumer tech, telecom, eCommerce, and automobile industries, covering areas such as brand management, marketing communication, media planning, digital strategy, product management, corporate communications, CSR, design thinking, CRM, and digital business strategy. His approach to marketing combines valuable insights, innovative ideas, and a focus on ROI.