Top 200 CTOs in India.

21. Sanjay Dixit

Company- Graphite India Ltd.


Sanjay Dixit is the CTO at Graphite India Ltd.

22. Ramasubramaniam R

Company- TTK Prestige Ltd.


Ramasubramaniam R is a skilled professional with expertise in developing organizational strategies, IT strategies, information security strategies, and digital IT strategies. With a focus on driving strategic and business excellence programs, he excels in IT risk management and business continuity planning. Ramasubramaniam is adept at coaching and implementing innovation practices, fostering agile and dynamic teams. He plays a key role in IT governance, exploring new technologies, and ensuring the supply of resources for business growth. As a member of the Risk Management Committee, he contributes to mitigating risks and optimizing IT budget and spends. Ramasubramaniam’s outstanding achievements have earned him prestigious awards and recognition for his innovative business growth strategies and leadership accomplishments.

23. Anil Garg

Company- Godrej Agrovet Ltd.


Anil Garg is an experienced professional with over 22 years of expertise in managing IT infrastructure, IT security, and business process transformation projects. With a strong background in these areas, he has successfully led initiatives to optimize IT systems, enhance security measures, and drive business process improvements. Anil’s extensive experience has equipped him with valuable skills in project management, ensuring the successful implementation of IT projects and driving organizational growth. His dedication to delivering high-quality results and his ability to navigate complex IT landscapes make him a valuable asset in driving IT infrastructure and business process transformations.

24. Imran Chaudhury

Company- Indiabulls Commercial Credit Ltd.


Imran Chaudhury is a highly accomplished and award-winning IT professional with a strong technical vision. He currently leads the Application Portfolio for the Indiabulls Commercial Credit business, where he excels in bridging the gap between current technology and future innovations. With nearly 20+ years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry, specializing in Retail Mortgage, Home, Personal, Auto, Consumer loans, and Credit Cards, Imran brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He is widely respected for his ability to ensure seamless organizational transitions and drive successful outcomes. Imran’s passion for technology and his deep understanding of the industry make him a valuable asset in driving digital transformation and delivering exceptional results.

25. Tejas Mehta

Company- RBL Bank


Tejas Mehta is a seasoned and results-driven Techno Commercial Expert, Strategist, and Senior Management Professional with over 23 years of experience. He is known for his dynamic and self-motivated approach, delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Tejas has a proven track record of surpassing client expectations by understanding their pain points and delivering precise solutions through meticulous planning and structured execution. With strong business acumen and a keen understanding of technological solutions, he is adept at grasping and deploying innovative strategies. Tejas is an innovative thinker focused on continuous improvement, sustainability, scalability, and cost reduction. Throughout his successful career at IIFL, Barclays, and Reliance, he has managed complex and pioneering projects, demonstrating creativity, persistence, and diligence.

26. Pravin Kumar Sadasivam

Company- Redington Ltd.


Pravin Kumar Sadasivam is an experienced IT professional with a goal of attaining the CIO position worldwide. With a strong strategic mindset, he has spent nearly two decades excelling in various roles and executing IT and digital strategies, driving global enterprise IT teams, and leading digital transformations. Pravin has extensive expertise in planning, establishing, and managing IT operations, including infrastructures and applications, to solve business challenges while optimizing costs and mitigating risks. He possesses exceptional leadership skills in team building, proposing innovative solutions, and aligning technology with business objectives. Pravin’s diverse industry experience spans manufacturing, ITES, retail, and core IT, with a deep understanding of corporate IT strategies, governance, infrastructure, security, ERP implementation, and more. He is known for his ability to efficiently manage resources, build client relationships, and achieve business goals through technology-driven solutions.

27. Jagadish Mandava

Company- Amararaja Batteries Limited


Jagadish Mandava is the CTO at Amararaja Batteries Limited.

28. Sangh Gautam

Company- Indian Energy Exchange Limited


Sangh Gautam is a seasoned senior technology professional with over 22 years of experience in various domains, including software development, infrastructure, DevOps, big data analytics, and security. He has a strong track record of leveraging technology to drive revenue growth and impact business outcomes. Sangh is highly skilled in building and maintaining scalable and highly available software systems. From startup cultures to product-oriented companies and enterprises, he has successfully navigated different stages of B2C and B2B companies. With expertise in domains such as exchange, recruitment, big data/analytics, and news media, Sangh brings a diverse range of experiences and knowledge to his roles.

29. Kishore Annapureddy

Company- Tanla Solutions Ltd.


Kishore Annapureddy is the CTO at Tanla Solutions Ltd.

30. Sathya Narayanan G

Company- Carborundum Universal Limited


Sathya Narayanan G is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional with over 23 years of expertise in R&D, Operations, Technical Services, and Application Development. He has a successful track record in providing technical support and management for new product development and enhancement projects across various industries. Sathya is known for his focus on excellence and his ability to evaluate advanced technologies for product modifications and enhancements. He excels in managing product lifecycles, establishing specifications, market positioning, and pricing strategies to meet customer needs. With strong interpersonal and communication skills, Sathya effectively interacts with individuals at all levels of the business. Currently serving as the General Manager of Operations & Technology at Carborundum Universal Limited, he brings extensive functional and technical competencies in product development, R&D, technical services, key account management, and application development.