Top 200 CTOs in India.

71. Akshay Saxena

Company- HEG Ltd.


Akshay Saxena is the CTO at HEG Ltd.

72. Jiji Unnikrishnan

Company- Tata Teleservices Ltd.


Jiji Unnikrishnan is the CTO at Tata Teleservices Ltd.

73. Kamal Gupta

Company- Galfar Al Misnad Engineering and Contracting W.L.L.


Kamal Gupta is a seasoned professional, excelling in HOD and senior management roles as VP, CTO, and Director. His expertise lies in cutting-edge technologies such as SAP S4/HANA, IoT, GPS, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive, and Cloud. Kamal utilizes these technologies as a platform to establish a robust IT launchpad and drive business efficiency, cost optimization, and process synchronization. With a strong focus on leveraging the latest advancements, he ensures his organization stays at the forefront of technology, achieving optimal results and streamlined processes.

74. Rajat Tyagi

84. Rajat Tyagi

Company- PVR Ltd.


Rajat Tyagi is a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience in growing businesses across diverse industries, including Media, Banking, Telecom, and Technology. As a CxO, he has demonstrated expertise in leading sales, marketing, product, finance, operations, and IT functions. Currently, Rajat is actively involved in promoting startups and IT-led businesses. He holds the position of CIO for India’s largest movie exhibition company, PVR, overseeing the IT function, digital marketing, and online sales. With a strong background in technology and operations, Rajat has contributed significantly to the success of various organizations in the entertainment, print media, banking, and telecommunications sectors.

75. Dipesh Shah

Company- Blue Star Ltd.


Dipesh Shah is a seasoned IT professional with over 22 years of expertise in IT Infrastructure, Security, Digitalization, and Cloud & Data Center operations. He possesses a strong background in Applications, System Integration, Networking, and Data Center Operations. As a customer-centric leader, Dipesh has a proven track record of managing and motivating large workforces to exceed customer expectations. He excels in end-to-end project management, ensuring on-time completion and high-quality deliverables. With solid management skills, Dipesh effectively leads multiple project teams within a global spread, while maintaining a focus on productivity and successful project execution in high-pressure environments.

76. Anilkumar Varma

Company- Multi Commodity Exchange Clearing Corporation Ltd.


Anilkumar Varma is a technology leader with over 22 years of exceptional experience in driving digital transformation through innovative system solutions. As a CTO, he specializes in solution architecture design, program management, and end-to-end business delivery. Anilkumar is adept at aligning technology solutions with business strategies and implementing industry best practices, including open-source frameworks, DevSecOps, and cloud computing. He is highly passionate about IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data analytics, AI/ML, and Blockchain technology. Anilkumar’s expertise extends to developing regulatory compliance ecosystems, resilient security solutions, and mentoring high-performance technical teams, making him a valuable asset in the technology field.

77. Ratnesh Chandra

Company- Punjab and Sind Bank


Ratnesh Chandra is the CTO at Punjab and Sind Bank.

78. Puneet Agarwal

Company- Style by Vida


Puneet Agarwal is a seasoned IT professional with 25 years of industry experience, driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, AI, and software architecture. As a TCS Distinguished Engineer, he has achieved global recognition with Tata Innovista Award 2012 and TCS Young Scientist Award, along with numerous research publications and patents. Puneet excels in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Sensor Data Analytics, Computer Vision, and more. He is currently focused on developing revolutionary Fashion Technology solutions for enhancing the online shopping experience. Puneet’s strengths lie in his hands-on development skills, strong mathematical background, and ability to connect with people to apply technology for real-life problem-solving across diverse domains like Fashion & Retail, BFSI, and Energy.

79. Jitesh Poojari

Compay- Nuvama Wealth


Jitesh Poojari is the CTO at Nuvama Wealth.

80. Akilur Rahman

Company- Hitachi Energy India


Akilur Rahman is a prominent leader spearheading Hitachi Energy’s core technologies and Digitalization strategy and implementation in India. With a rich background, he excels in driving global strategic initiatives, establishing and scaling up ventures in multi-stakeholder and cross-functional settings. His adeptness lies in managing large engineering and development organizations and tackling intricate business and customer-centric challenges. Akilur boasts extensive knowledge and experience in Power and Automation offerings, demonstrating analytical and organizational skills with a systemic approach to problem-solving. His exceptional leadership and expertise contribute significantly to the success of Hitachi Energy’s endeavors.