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Aarogya AI

AarogyaAI®, a healthtech startup, brings the next generation of innovative healthcare solutions through artificial intelligence and genomics. AarogyaAI’s vision is to make precision diagnosis for AMR accessible at the point of care by harnessing the powers of genomics and AI.AarogyaAI is an artificial intelligence-based software as a service that diagnoses drug-resistant tuberculosis. AarogyaAI uses a DNA sequence from the patient which is uploaded to SaaS. Its machine-learning algorithm then gives an output report of a comprehensive drug susceptibility status of the patient.


Experience high quality sound, extended bass and your design with Deciwood Portable Bluetooth Speakers.We craft affordable, customisable speakers on etched . Deciwood is an Indian brand that makes Bluetooth speakers. Deciwood makes Eco-friendly wooden speakers using the latest technology of Energy tubes to enhance sound quality, all products are handmade by skilled people of the industry.Internet first brand offering portable Bluetooth speakers. The company offers battery-enabled wooden Bluetooth speakers having features like a button to pick calls, energy tube for deep bass, and more. Customers can custom design the speaker grill before placing an order and the company claims to offer a one-year warranty


BurnCal is a personalized fitness solution provider.BurnCal is a personalized fitness solution provider. BurnCal provides you a completely unique approach towards fitness by combining our world-class personal coaches with cutting-edge technology. Burncal is the platform providing access to home workouts from a digital personal trainer. The computer vision AI technology analyzes the movement and provides real-time feedback on the posture, rep count, and calories burnt. The app allows users to connect with friends, share accomplishments, and track progress.


Assam-based 3D digital asset startup, My3DSelfie, has raised an undisclosed amount in pre-Series A round from NEDFi Ventures and AccelNest. The round is being led by NEDFi Ventures through its North-East Venture The 3D printing market is still very nascent in India, which talks about the huge scope it holds. We believe My3DSelfie can leverage the market potential to not only steer the industry but provide the audience with the finest technology in the space,” stated PVSLN Murty, Chairman, NEDFi Ventures.


Peppermint is a industrial robotics startupPeppermint serves in the B2B space in the High Tech market segments.Provider of robots for floor cleaning in industrial spaces. The robot provided has an autonomous scrubber dryer where no operator is needed and can scrub/dry very fastly. It has automatic replenishment of consumables, fluids, and provides safe disposal of wastewater.The startup claims to have built India’s first industrial floor-cleaning robot that leverages a combination of physical scrubbing, chemicals


Provider of water management solutions. It provides solutions for monitoring and managing water in residential, commercial, municipal, agricultural, and industrial segments. It offers an IoT-enabled ultrasonic sensor that provides exceptional water data for buildings to manage their water. It assists apartment owners to identify water consumption in real-time and also triggers leak alerts which help to measure, control, conserve, predict, and manage water consumption.consumption and distribution of basic utilities(Water, Electricity and Gas) that have come under tremendous pressure owing to urban development.Responsible urban living entails starting your day with the holy trinity of resources – Water, Electricity and Gas. WEGoT has developed a convenientplatform that integrates all 3 resources and helps each household measure, manage and conserve these critical resources from their fingertips


Signzy is an AI-powered FinTech company offering a digital onboarding solution for banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions.Signzy is a fintech company that offers a no-code AI platform that helps financial service companies automate risk and compliance processes. Its platform utilizes artificial intelligence, cryptography and provides biometric-enabled digital contracts and due diligence through algorithmic risk intelligence as well as digitalizes processes such as identification, background checks, issuance of electronic bank guarantees, enabling banks to do digital onboarding of KYC in real-time.The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.


Cloud-based workflow automation solution for Neonatal ICU. It captures data from various connected devices to eliminate human error in recording the readings. Features include customized interface placed at the bedside of each patient, workflow management of doctors and nurses, predictive analytics for antibiotic usage and growth-related markers, feeding pattern monitoring, automatic nutrition calculator, automatic discharge summary generation, and SMS-based notification on growth parameters and health details to parents. Finalist in IBM Smartcamp for Healthtech in 2016


Agrograde is an agri-tech start-up focused on standardizing and streamlining quality management in fresh produce. Founded in 2018, we have one motto in mind: making the trade transparent through technology. We are backed by Social Alpha and VIllgro along with some of the leading incubators and accelerators.Through Agrograde’s patent-pending Artificial Intelligence Technology, fruits and vegetables are assayed in real-time and sorted based on quality, which improves the marketability of the produce and enables fair trade by adding transparency. This helps deliver a higher output by accurately grading, segregating, weighing and packing the produce at the point of aggregation without damaging the integrity of the produce and reducing post-harvest food loss. Our product offerings facilitate in creating a seamless end-to-end process that reduces manual labour requirements and has minimal energy usage even at high loads.