Headquartered in Bangalore, India, SOLV revolutionizes the B2B e-commerce landscape for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by fostering a trusted and seamless digital marketplace. SOLV goes beyond simply connecting buyers and sellers, it fosters a secure and transparent environment for MSMEs to connect, negotiate, and conduct business, while providing them with seamless access to a comprehensive suite of financial and business support services. SOLV’s digital platform empowers MSMEs to streamline their operations, expand their reach, and achieve sustainable growth.


Doubtnut is an Indian edtech startup that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide instant video solutions to students’ academic queries. Using their mobile app or website, students can simply capture a photo of their doubt, upload it, and receive a comprehensive video explanation within ten seconds. Doubtnut’s vast repository of over 30 lakh pre-recorded video solutions, covering a wide range of subjects from Math and Science to CBSE and NCERT curriculums, ensures that students have access to immediate and personalized assistance whenever they encounter academic hurdles.


BeatO, established in 2015 by Gautam Chopra and Yash Sehgal, both having pre-diabetes and T2D respectively, has evolved into a comprehensive digital health ecosystem. Originally conceived as an informative app for diabetes, BeatO now serves over 150,000 users with a tech-enabled platform for managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Fueled by AI, BeatO provides actionable insights and a holistic ecosystem for condition management. Integrating cost-effective hardware like the BeatO smartphone-connected glucometer with the app, BeatO offers end-to-end support, encompassing blood-glucose monitoring, in-app consultations, medication deliveries, health insurance, diagnostics, and specially curated diabetic-friendly food.

Chingari:, headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is a Indian Short Video App. Offering users a unique platform, the Chingari app empowers individuals to showcase their talent and creativity through WhatsApp statuses, videos, audio clips, GIF stickers, and photos. Tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of contemporary India, the app allows users to seamlessly search for their favorite videos, explore the feed, unleash their creativity, and instantly share with friends and family.


StrideOne, founded by the team behind India’s esteemed venture debt fund Stride Ventures, is a technology-powered financial services platform tailored for startups. The company specializes in crafting bespoke financial solutions for MSMEs and the supply chain partners of startups (anchors). This innovative approach fosters a mutually beneficial distribution model, offering MSMEs access to intelligently customized growth capital while enabling StrideOne’s lending partners to tap into untapped borrower segments, thereby enhancing risk efficiency.


Founded in 2019 in Bangalore, GIVA stands as an online platform offering affordable silver jewellery and accessories within the luxury goods category. Aspiring to achieve customer satisfaction, the platform aims to emerge as one of India’s premier silver jewellery brands. GIVA ensures authenticity by providing pieces with accompanying certificates verifying the purity of precious jewels. Offering convenient services like doorstep delivery, secure checkout, 30-day returns, various payment methods, and free, insured delivery, the enterprise strives to provide users with a personalized means of expressing themselves.


Operating on a zero-inventory model, Direct (previously known ShopKirana) positions itself as both a purchasing company and a multi-brand distributor for retailers. Retailers’ demands are forwarded to the respective brands, which, within 48 hours, deliver the products to Direct’s warehouse. Subsequently, it ensures same-day delivery to retailers, often achieving this in three to four hours. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, allowing retailers to swiftly access a diverse range of products while minimizing inventory challenges.


mCaffeine discovered caffeine as a superfood rich in antioxidants with various benefits for skin and hair. Consequently, caffeine became the pivotal ingredient in all their products. With a portfolio comprising 20 products spanning Face Care, Hair Care, and Body Care, mCaffeine boasts an in-house product research and development team. In addition to this, the company has collaborated with three third-party manufacturers to produce their diverse range of products.

Freight Tiger:

Freight Tiger is a pioneering digital freight network, acting as a neutral operating system for road freight and transforming end-to-end logistics solutions. Functioning as a reliable technology ally for shippers, transport companies, and logistics service providers, Freight Tiger offers a centralized platform that effectively links all participants in the supply chain. This interconnected ecosystem guarantees real-time transparency and smooth communication, ensuring all stakeholders stay well-informed about every operation in their workflow.


Fisdom, a wealth-tech startup, serves as a comprehensive solution for clients’ financial requirements. Their offerings span insurance, mutual fund investments, gold and NPS, lending, advisory services, and tax filing. Fisdom collaborates with major banks and financial institutions, including Indian Bank, Karnataka Bank, SBM Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, City Union Bank, and digital platforms like Bajaj Finserv Markets and TVS Saathi. Providing end-to-end support, they guide customers from initial KYC completion to managing the entire customer life cycle, offering a holistic one-stop solution for financial needs.