Top 30 Startups in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry in India

Logistics management is a tiny part of the Supply Chain Industry, which encompasses the flow of goods, services, information, and money from raw resources to the end user. While Supply Chain is a broader word that refers to the sourcing of raw materials, the procurement of consumer requirements, the processing of raw materials into finished products, and timely delivery to consumers. The foundation of our sector is innovation. Here are 30 Indian startups that are expanding their horizons.


Kirana Commerce Platform ElasticRun is a Kirana Commerce Platform. It allows firms to reach out to small Kirana stores in India’s deep rural areas. ElasticRun serves as an extension of FMCG businesses’ direct distribution networks in rural areas, providing them with a set of net new clients. Through its network of rural Kirana stores, it has assisted eCommerce enterprises in reaching clients in remote places.

 ElasticRun platform would channel trade, finance, and data worth $600 billion in India through its rural Kirana network. Sandeep Deshmukh, Shitiz Bansal, and Saurabh Nigam started ElasticRun in 2016. Kalaari Capital, Avataar Ventures, Naspers, and Schroder Adveq are among the investors.


Shiprocket is an e-commerce provider of AI-based automated shipping management systems. Its platform employs a machine-learning-based data engine that proposes courier service for a firm, selects a courier company, creates shipping labels, and tracks orders all from a single interface.

 It allows companies to keep track of their shipping and returns. Order management, a shipping rate calculator, order tracking, and other services are included. It may be used with e-commerce platforms like as OpenCart and Amazon. Gillette, MamaEarth, and da Milano are among its clientele. The firm provides subscription-based insurance solutions.

Founders: Saahil Goel, Vishesh Khurana, Akshay Ghulati


Ninjacart is India’s largest platform for fresh produce distribution. We are pioneers in using revolutionary technologies to solve one of the world’s most difficult supply chain problems. Using in-house systems that drive end-to-end operations, we connect food farmers directly with retailers, restaurants, and service providers.

They have gained support from a variety of stakeholders that believe in and support their mission in just five years. Accel US, Syngenta Ventures, Neoplux, HR Capital, Trifecta Capital, Jo Hirao, ZIGExN Founder, Accel India, Nandan Nilekani, Mistletoe, Qualcomm Ventures, Tiger Global, Flipkart, and Walmart are among their investors.

Founders: Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Kartheeswaran KK, Vasudevan Chinnathambi, Ashutosh Vikram, Sharath Babu Loganathan.


Blowhorn is a Bengaluru-based intra-city logistics technology firm with offices in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. It claims to have invented the spot and fixed-contract transportation business, and it is now focusing on speed across all logistical services. Large corporations, SMEs, and individuals can use the startup’s fixed contract and variable engagement models.

In terms of market effect, Blowhorn claims to deal with over 100 enterprise customers on the demand side, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Udaan, with a 95 percent retention rate. On a daily basis, the company operates around 3000 cars in the supply chain.

Founders: Mithun Srivatsa


Fr8 is a technology-driven logistics service company that provides long-haul trucking solutions to large enterprises, SMEs, and the agriculture sector. It was founded in 2016 by Vasanth Immanuel and Jayendran Panneerselvam. Customers can move truckloads across cities with minimal to no friction using the internet marketplace for logistics transactions.

Fr8 is based in Chennai and backed by investors such as Omnivore Partners. The firm makes money by charging a 4% brokerage fee for each order placed through the portal. By 2020, the business hopes to grow monthly orders to 3000 by expanding from 22 to 50 locations.


Cogoport is a digital freight logistics firm that offers end-to-end worldwide digital freight solutions for importers and exporters, including warehouse-to-warehouse transportation. The business model is based on aggregation and marketplace principles. The company also offers value-added services such as real-time tracking and analytics for shipments and delivery processes. Accel Partners invested over Rs 50 crore in the firm in April 2018. Cogoport claims that its online platform has received over 12,415 queries from over 3000 clients. Onboard are also 49,806 port pairs.

Some of its clients include Meera Dyestuff Industries, Begwani Global, Sentec, and Zakken Centrale to name a few. Cogoport employs cutting-edge technology and analytics to help its users transport freight more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. They are an international logistics data-driven market place that assists our customers in managing end-to-end freight logistics. Digital logistics and fintech are among their services, which span the sea, air, and land. Their web-based service offers real-time freight prices, as well as the ability to book and track shipments.

Founders: Purnendu Shekhar, Kunal Rathod


StackBOX is a technology firm that connects grocery retailers with B2B distribution services. They are able to help FMCG firms, brands, distributors, wholesalers, and cash and carry merchants distribute their products to millions of grocery stores in the most effective way possible thanks to their distribution technology.

Bengaluru, India, is the headquarters of the company, which was created in 2016.

Founders: Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee, Shanmukha Boora

Safexpress Private Limited

Safexpress has solidly established itself as the Supply Chain & Logistics industry’s ‘Knowledge Leader’ and ‘Market Leader.’ Safexpress provides Enterprise Customers with a full range of Supply Chain & Logistics services, including Express Distribution, 3PL, and Consulting. Apparel & Lifestyle, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Publishing, Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics, and Institutional are just a few of the industries Safexpress serves.

Safexpress provides Third Party Logistics services that include everything from supply chain planning to implementation and management. By decreasing costs and optimising delivery timetables, these solutions allow businesses to focus on their core skills. Our 3PL Services are backed up by a total Warehousing area of more than 18 million square feet across the United States. In the next years, they want to build an additional 3 million square feet of warehousing space at important industrial centres.

Founders: Pawan Jain


Vamaship, the World’s Shipping Partner, is an e-commerce logistics platform that makes domestic, export, and import shipping easy and affordable for thousands of new businesses by facilitating domestic, export, and import shipping to and from over 200 countries. Vamaship was founded in 2015 by Bhavik Chinai and Rohit Chemburkar as the world’s first integrated logistics platform. Since then, it has evolved to assist merchants with shipping via air and surface, forward and reverse, domestic and international as a one-stop shop.

Vamaship has over 3000 customers across 100+ locations in India, ranging from the world’s largest mining firms to SMEs, and has won honours for its contribution to logistics from the Economic Times, Entrepreneur, Indian Merchant Chamber, and several supply chain institutes. Vamaship, which is backed by BVC Ventures, is setting worldwide standards in stakeholder satisfaction and intends to be the world’s shipping partner by making shipping simple and affordable.


Pickrr is a cloud-based, end-to-end logistics service that is completely changing the way a business vendor distributes a product to a client anywhere in the world. Pickrr allows businesses to deliver any goods to any location in the world in just a few clicks. Their partners will handle all of the inconveniences of picking up, packing, and shipping the merchandise to any location. Pickrr, which was founded in 2015, is a virtual courier service that caters to the logistics needs of ecommerce merchants, resellers, online sellers, SMEs, and brands looking for a better shipping experience. Regardless of what a consumer sells or where they want to ship the merchandise, simply call Vamaship and they will assist you.

Founders: Gaurav Mangla, Rhitiman Majumder


Trukky is a logistics-focused technology architecture that assists small and medium-sized businesses with fast pricing discovery, load sharing, insurance, and a marketplace. Trukky is India’s first pricing comparison website that enables customers to book transportation services online. Trukky is a logistics aggregator that provides on-demand transportation options for both full load and part load goods transit.

Direct communication with drivers and fleet owners eliminates the broker / transporter’s margin, lowering the customer’s fees and costs. Trukky can operate as a one-stop solution for PAN India demands because of its large network of drivers and fleet owners across the country. Trukky provides services to clients/customers from a variety of industries, including Paper & Pulp, FMCG, Cement, Agricultural Products, Ecommerce, FMCD, and Chemical.

Founders: Subhasish Das and Saswat Sahu


The Truck Network, 4TiGO. They’ve set out on a quest to use technology and the power of networking to enhance the Indian goods transportation business ecosystem. For each and every partner in the ecosystem, 4TiGO provides a shared technological platform complimented by Business Services. On the platform, members of the 4TiGO Network engage, trade, and manage the whole products transportation lifecycle and business, enabling a quantum jump in Productivity, Efficiency, and Customer Service.

They’re establishing a strong, scalable, capital-efficient, and lucrative company that’s looking for people that are up for a challenge. Their ground-breaking technological breakthroughs for the logistics business are based on real-world experience and propelled by cutting-edge technology and engineering.

Founders: Vivek Malhotra


Providing India’s eCommerce industry with cutting-edge last-mile logistics solutions. QikPod is developing a next-generation Internet-of-Things (IoT) logistics platform for online vendors and e-commerce businesses. The existing last-mile delivery operations will be substantially improved in terms of efficiency, convenience, and security thanks to this platform. The core team at QikPod is made up of skilled, successful programmers, software engineers, and business leaders that have worked at both start-ups and large multinational tech companies. Top-tier venture capital companies, important industry partners, and well-known angel investors fund QikPod.

Founders: Ravi Gururaj


Freightify is a technology startup that aims to transform the trillion-dollar worldwide freight sector. Freightify is a group of dedicated logistics enthusiasts who have banded together to automate the vast and disorganised international freight forwarding and shipping sector. 
Doing business offline is a very inefficient method of working in this digital age. Freightify provides you with high-tech solutions to empower and speed up your day-to-day business activities and focus more on your primary business, which is freight forwarding. They can assist you with the technology tools to ensure your products and services are booked, reserved and quoted online and in a nutshell, function efficiently as a digital forwarder. Their website is

Founders: Raghavendran Viswanathan


Porter assists businesses with last-mile and first-mile delivery. It also offers a variety of support services, such as on-demand transportation, real-time visibility, and supply chain management, and has assisted organisations in increasing efficiency and lowering logistical costs. Porter is India’s largest intra-city logistics marketplace.

Porter, the country’s $40 billion intra-city logistics market leader, aims to better the lives of its 1,50,000+ driver-partners by providing them with stable income and independence. The company currently serves more than 5 million clients in 12 Indian cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Kolkata, Jaipur, and Lucknow.

Founders: Pranav Goel, Uttam Digga and Vikas Chaudhary

Leap India

LEAP INDIA, a renowned pallet and container leasing company in India, started operations in 2013. LEAP’s business is returnable packaging and pooling of equipments such as wooden pallets & boxes, plasticcontainers, and metal wire mesh catering to all sectors that work with these products to store or transfer goods from one site to another, ranging from strategic management, lumber sourcing, distribution & channel marketing, sales & supply chain.

LEAP’s efforts are concentrated on assisting clients where they are. Their expertise is in asset and inventory management, and we are on the lookout for logistical difficulties so that we may assist them with innovative solutions. They provide end-to-end product transfer solutions for our customers. They simplify national and multi-national operating chores for our customers by defining high standards of products and services.

Founders: Sunu Matthew


Spoton Logistics is a company that specialises in logistics. Spoton is known for offering customers with the most precise and appropriate Express Logistics service. They have a network of over 1000 people across India, with its registered office and Head Office in Bengaluru. Their extensive network connects you to the north, east, west, and south of the country via three regional offices, eleven hubs, and eight depots. They have experience moving cargo in India within the transit time as an Express Logistics service provider.

Their well-established network, as well as expert services, provide us with a strong and safe foundation for all of their clients’ logistical demands. They serve sectors and segments such as Hi-Tech, Automotive, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Electrical, and Lifestyle and Retail with logistical solutions. Spoton has a holistic customer orientation across all customer-facing operations, Excellent People Orientation with strong people processes, and Excellent Operating Processes, all of which are supported by a very robust IT solution.

Founders: Abhik Mitra


GoBOLT is a tech-logistics company that specialises in long-haul and short-haul trucking, generating value through disintermediation, improved asset use, and substantial technology use. They’re developing a next-generation logistics platform centred on innovative operating models, simple yet scalable processes, and digitization.

Real-time fleet tracking and real-time notifications are some of the capabilities that allow clients to obtain insight into fleet operations. In addition, it provides intra-city shipping services. Provides “end-to-end” solutions, according to the company. As of June 2016, it claimed to be conducting 1000+ trips each month, had more than 600 trucks on its platform, and provided services in more than 35 locations.

Founders: Parag Aggarwal, Naitik Baghla and Sumit Sharma


All of Shipsy’s solutions are built around data. They assist firms in capturing more and better quality data and use it to genuinely become data-driven. They are a young group of high-caliber engineers from India’s finest institutes, with expertise ranging from big data, software architecture, machine learning, robots, blockchain, and IoT, who are putting all of their knowledge and passion into solving real-world business challenges using technology.

The logistics and supply chain ecosystem in India presents unique challenges, and our team of committed innovators is dedicated to solving these problems and making a positive impact. Businesses have been able to improve their client centricity and efficiency because to their solutions. A voice assistant that tells you about the most critical areas to focus on on a particular day, computer vision-based data extraction from consignments, deep learning-based fraud detection in delivery operations, and predicting potential supply chain delays are just a few examples.

Founders: Dhruv Agrawal, Soham Chokshi

Ecom Express

Ecom Express Private Limited is a prominent provider of end-to-end technology-enabled logistics solutions to the Indian e-commerce market. With their 100+ years of combined experience in the Indian logistics and distribution sector, T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana, and Late. Sanjeev Saxena founded Ecom Express in Gurugram in 2012.

The company has made a name for itself in the sector thanks to a unique business model based on delivery service capability, scalability, personalization, and long-term viability. Ecom Express enables first-mile pickup, processing, network optimization, and last-mile delivery using cutting-edge technology and automation solutions. Ecom Express Services (EXS), Ecom Fulfilment Services (EFS), and Ecom Digital Services are among the company’s offerings (EDS).


Dunzo is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week delivery platform that pickups and delivers anything and anything within the city while ensuring lightning-fast service. Their services include package delivery, grocery delivery, meal delivery, prescription delivery, pet supply delivery, and more. Dunzo was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Bengaluru. Dunzo has continually proven its mettle as a convenience app and has evolved from strength to strength from its humble beginnings as a Whatsapp group. They are currently fully functioning in eight cities, with more on the way.


LetsTransport is a platform that connects light commercial vehicles with urban logistics, and it has 100,000+ truckers on board across 20+ locations. LetsTransport works with organisations in a variety of industries, including organised retail, FMCG, and e-commerce, as well as distribution and 3PL firms. Amazon, Flipkart, Bisleri, Vishal Mega Mart, Future Supply Chain, Coca-Cola, Delhivery, and Udaan are among its clients. With 100,000+ Light Commercial Vehicles on its platform, LetsTransport is India’s largest enterprise urban-logistics service. LetsTransport has received a total of $25 million in funding from major investors such as Fosun RZ Capital, Bertelsmann India Investments, Mitsubishi Corporation, and others to date.


In India, Delhivery is a significant logistics and supply chain services firm. The company provides a full suite of logistics services, including express package transportation, PTL and FTL freight, reverse logistics, cross-border, B2B and B2C warehousing, and technological services, with its nationwide network spanning beyond 2825+ locations. Their team has successfully delivered over 1 billion orders to over 525 million Indian households. We distribute approximately 1.5 million parcels every day thanks to 20 automated sort centres, 67+ fulfilment facilities, 68+ hubs, 2300+ direct delivery centres, 7000+ partner centres, and 43000+ team members.


BlackBuck, which was founded in 2015, has been a leader in bringing trucking’s offline activities online, whether it’s matching a shipper with a trucker or altering the infrastructure around transportation to make payments, insurance, and financial services easier. BlackBuck is dedicated to making it easier for millions of truckers to book a load and move at capacity, as well as providing shippers of all sizes with access to the right vehicle, at the right time, for the right price – all with a single click. Today, BlackBuck is India’s largest transportation network, and the company’s powerful technological systems provide shippers and drivers with reliability, efficiency, and a smooth experience.


RIVIGO is a technology business that is helping India’s material movement pipeline become more human, faster, safer, and cost-effective. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve been revolutionizing the industry with our industry-first driver relay model and a strong interplay of technology, data, culture, and operations excellence to continually give our clients with unrivaled delivery times and reliability. The approach also ensures that everyone of our truck drivers, including the pilot, spends less time away from his family, allowing him to live a more meaningful, dignified, and respectable life.


Shadowfax is India’s largest on-demand tech-enabled gig marketplace, assisting businesses with last-mile jobs. Shadowfax uses technology and artificial intelligence to ensure that supply keeps up with demand in the hyperlocal distribution environment, which is rapidly developing and extremely fragmented, and to provide an exceptional end-customer experience.

Abhishek Bansal, Gaurav Jaithliya, Praharsh Chandra, and Vaibhav Khandelwal founded Shadowfax in 2015. It has now grown to a team of close to 5000 personnel, with 100K+ daily active users (delivery partners) in over 600+ cities throughout India, fulfilling 500k+ orders per day in over 7000+ pin codes over the previous six years.


Edgistify is India’s largest warehouse and fulfillment network, assisting D2C companies, small businesses, and e-commerce sellers with Amazon and Flipkart-style next-day delivery. They are India’s first developing digital platform for end-to-end storage and fulfillment needs, developed by IIT and NIT alumni and supported by supply chain specialists. We want logistics to be simple, scale able, and adaptable. Our clients may scale their requirements as and when they need it with their plug-and-play warehouse operating and fulfillment services. They help their clients expand their reach and deliver ability by utilizing a comprehensive network that spans more than 150 cities across India.


Locus is a technological platform that automates complicated supply chain decisions using machine learning and proprietary algorithms. Its smart supply chain solutions provide end-to-end visibility and help businesses to improve operational efficiency by lowering costs, improving customer experience, and lowering environmental impact. Route optimization, real-time tracking and analytics, sales beat optimization, territory planning, vehicle allocation, and network design are some of Locus’ scalable solutions.


Xpressbees is India’s fastest-growing express logistics firm, specializing in end-to-end supply chain solutions. Their B2B Xpress, B2C Xpress, Cross-border, and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) logistics solutions offer a competitive advantage in terms of speed, accuracy, and scalability. They’ve quickly established themselves as trusted logistics partners for the greatest names in eCommerce, health care, food, heavy machinery, banking, and automotive, thanks to a distribution network that reaches over 2000 towns and cities across the country.


At cheap pricing, ShiftKarado provides a controlled, end-to-end relocation solution for household goods, furniture, and office goods. Convenience, dependability, top quality service, transparency, and an instant quote to schedule your relocation are all priorities for the organisation.

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