The food & beverages industry in Australia has grown as a high growth & profit sector due to its huge potential for value addition, mainly due to the food processing industry. Moreover, it has experienced an astonishing growth in the F&B sector over the past few years. Along with this, healthy food habit is turning to be the way of life and people are constantly making good food choices that are tasty, healthy and help them stay fit. With all the transformation and increase in population, no wonder that the food & beverage market which is contributing major revenue for the country. While food processing is slowly extending itself as an industry of its own, the government is recognizing the need to encourage this sector. Top 40 are listed below-

  1. Mighty Craft Limited

Mighty Craft Limited was co-founded by Dan Wales in the year 2018 with the headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. We’re a powerful collection of brands, people and places – with one mighty love of Craft. Craft to us is more about an ethos than a category. It’s a celebration of authenticity, creativity, enterprise and local connection. Supporting the little guys, we’re combining our strengths to create a thriving Independent Craft community. A mighty Independent network of great brands, people and places. Strong together. For the love of Craft.

2. Mr Black Spirits

Mr Black are coffee roasters, craft distillers and producers of the world’s leading coffee liqueur. Launched in 2013 by co-founders Philip Moore and Tom Baker with the headquarters in Sydney , Mr Black is on a mission to take craft coffee into the night.

3. Modus Operandi Brewing

Modus Operandi Brewing was co-founded by Jaz Wearin in the year 2014. Based on the Beaches of Sydney and Newcastle, Modus is a proudly independent, family owned, quality obsessed brewery. 100% Green Energy brewery, Cold Stored & Delivered, with a Beer First, No Shortcuts mentality.

4. Hawkers Beer

Hawkers Beer was founded by Mazen Hajjar in the year 2014 with the headquarters in Reservoir, VIC. Hawkers is a fiercely independent company, and with our unconditional commitment to spreading flavourful beer, we keep striving to achieve our goal of converting 100% of the market to drinking better beers.

5. Jetty Road Brewery

Jetty Road Brewery was co-founded by Blake Bowden and Grant Rodgers with the headquarters in Dromana, Victoria. An appreciation for the Australian coast has captured our unwavering attention. It’s the raw and lively, overgrown, unspoilt, say-hi-to-your-neighbour type stuff that stays with you for a lifetime. Like many before us, this appreciation has lead us on a journey to capture the essence of this iconic Australian landscape and spread the good word. And what better way than through another Aussie icon, craft beer. Our process is pretty straightforward. We apply the same attention to detail and care to all of our flavours and don’t play favourites. The result is some of the finest tasting pales, IPAs and draughts this side of the equator. If we do say so ourselves.

6. Slipstream Brewing

Slipstream Brewing was founded in the year 2017 with the headquarters in Yeerongpilly, Queensland. We are a small team of passionate people, producing some of the most accessible and sessionable craft beers in Australia. Our beers are brewed with nothing but pure flavour in mind, with our popular, award-winning core range line-up as well as a regular limited release program & exclusive small batch program for our venue.

7. Deeds Brewing

Deeds Brewing Co is an Australian Craft brewery based in Glen Iris, Melbourne. Proudly Independent and founded by Pat and Dave. We aim to quietly and passionately brew quality beers that are worth sharing.

8. Soapbox Beer

Soapbox Beer was founded in the year 2017 with the headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland. Soapbox Beer – An independent, inner city Brisbane brewery and tasting room, getting on our soapbox for craft beer freshness, flavour and supporting our community.

9. Brouhaha Brewery

Brouhaha Brewery was founded in the year 2016 with the headquarters in Maleny, Queensland. An independently owned brewpub located in Maleny. Born out of necessity and raised in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Brouhaha Brewery and Restaurant adopts the principles of its hometown, Maleny. Embracing community, a slower pace and fresh local produce and applying it to how we brew our craft beer and create our seasonal menu. We brew beers that we love to drink and excite craft beer curiosity. Our core range of beers has been carefully crafted and designed to tempt beer drinkers to start their journey with craft brewing and inspire people to drink better beer.

10. Helios Brewing Company

Helios Brewing Company was founded by Scott Shomer in the year 2017 with the headquarters in Yeerongpilly, Queensland. Our craft beer brewery is located on Brisbane’s Southside at Yeerongpilly, we have a 15 bbl brewery system which is run by our Head Brewer Charlie. Helios was the Greek sun God, tasked by Zeus with driving a chariot carrying the sun through the sky each day for all mankind. Helios Brewing Company uses the power of the sun to create craft beer sustainably. By designing the brewery from the ground up to be water and power efficient we are aiming to do right thing by the environment. Our beers are all based on Gods and monsters from Greek Mythology. Their individual characteristics are strongly represented by the style and type of beer we create for you.

11. Moon Dog Brewing Pty Ltd

Moon Dog Brewing Pty Ltd was founded in the year 2010 with the headquarters in Preston, Victoria. We have our semi-private Jungle Deck, Top Deck and Big Container spaces up for grabs for functions of all shapes and sizes. From work events to engagements to birthdays or anything in between, we’ve got you covered! We have a range of food and drink packages available to suit your needs. If you’re keen on hosting a function with us and want more info on what we can offer

12. Balter Brewing Company

Balter Brewing Company was founded in the year 2014 with the headquarters in Currumbin, Qld. More than just a name, BALTER is the sense of enjoyment you get from doing something you love, just for the thrill of it. The cool thing is this enjoyment can be found anywhere. You could be winning World Tinnie Hurling (a sport we invented: ) titles, or simply feeling triumphant because you’ve navigated the mind bend of putting an IKEA shelf together. Its purest origins can be found at the end of a good day’s work when you sit back, sip on an epic beer and go… aaaah!

13. Sea Legs Brewing Co

Sea Legs Brewing Co was founded in the year 2018 with the headquarters in Kangaroo Point, Queensland. We are an independent Australian craft brewery that prides itself on quality, creativity, authenticity and community, stemming from the old adage of a good beer shared with good mates. Sea Legs Brewing Co is a 15-hectolitre brewery with 15,000 litre fermenting capacity where we not only brew and ensure consistency with our mainstay and much-loved Core Range but also our signature Limited Releases. Our Limited Releases provide an opportunity for the brewers to challenge the status quo and colour outside the lines, with these creative concoctions released regularly. Whether it’s hop driven charm or malty magic, you’ll find something that ‘tipples’ your fancy.

14. Ballistic Beer Co

Ballistic Beer Co was founded in the year 2016 with the headquarters in Salisbury, QLD. In 2016, our Founder and Chief Beer Taster, David Kitchen met Lachy Crothers, our Head Brewer. It was love at first beer. In the startup process they focused on the local community and pretty soon discovered that Salisbury secretly produced much of the munitions used by the Australian army during WWII. Out of respect for the courageous efforts of the Salisbury community, we named our brewery Ballistic Beer and chose the keg bomb to represent our story.

15. Green Beacon Brewing Co

Green Beacon Brewing Co was founded in the year 2011 with the headquarters in Teneriffe, QLD. At Green Beacon, we believe in the journey of innovation. Our mission is to create enjoyment whilst inspiring passion and loyalty. As a proud Queensland brewery built on quality and integrity, and where flavour, balance and consistency are at the forefront; our beer provides anchorage in any port.

16. Your Mates Brewing Co.

Your Mates Brewing Co. was founded by Matt Hepburn in the year 2015 with the headquarters in Warana, Queensland. Your Mates isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Drinking good beer with good mates and having a bloody good time. Our philosophy is simple… Brewing beer is complicated, but enjoying beer shouldn’t be. Beer doesn’t need to be put on a pedestal; it simply complements life’s moments. Kicking back around the campfire with family, cooking a BBQ with neighbours, or mowing the lawn for a second time this week. We believe these simple pleasures are much sweeter with a good beer in hand. Mateship is our founding principle, it’s why we exist and encompasses everything we do. Our beers are represented by a few legendary characters we’ve all met in our lives, with distinct personalities matching their flavour styles. Our vision is to inspire mateship through great beers, and our mission is to build an inclusive beer community at our brewery on the Sunshine Coast, our beautiful backyard in Queensland and beyond!

17. Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. was founded by Craig Masterton in the year 2018 with the headquarters in Noosaville, QLD. Our beers are inspired by the nearby rocky headlands of Noosa Heads. East facing, the Heads stand upright to the full force of Mother Nature and the unbridled swell of the magnificent Pacific Ocean. It’s their very nature to craft these swells into one of Australia’s finest breaks. Our nature and passion is to craft raw natural ingredients into some of Australia’s finest beers that are truly enjoyable time after time.

18. Stone & Wood Brewing Company

Stone & Wood Brewing Company was founded by Jamie Cook, Brad Rogers and Ross Jurisich in the year 2008 with the headquarters in Byron Bay, New South Wales. We established Stone & Wood Brewing Company in Byron Bay in 2008 after many years of working in the beer business. Our dream was to quit ‘working for the man’​, shed the corporate garbage and get back to basics. As the original brewers of Byron Bay we built our brewery here at the eastern tip of Australia, in a part of the world where people enjoy having a beer when relaxing after catching a wave, catching a band at the pub or just catching up with friends. It’s that sort of place.

19. 4 Pines Brewing Company Pty Ltd

4 Pines Brewing Company Pty Ltd was founded in the year 2008 with the headquarters in Brookvale, NSW. 4 Pines was born following a post-surf chat at Manly between father and son. That was back in ‘06. A whole lot has happened since we first opened our microbrewery in Manly, but our commitment to leaving the world better than we found it is something that will never change. It’s all about treating the world right, so the fun we have today continues. As each year goes on, we’re learning new ways to be a more sustainable and community-minded company. We’re B-Corp certified, proud ‘1% for the Planet’ members and certified by ‘Great Places to Work Australia’. These initiatives require us to meet comprehensive accountability, transparency, and performance standards. We are on a lifelong journey with family, friends and the community to restore the fun in people’s lives and forever challenge what the world imagines business should be.


KAIJU! BEER was founded in the year 2012 with the headquarters in Dandenong South, Victoria. Brothers Nat and Callum Reeves established themselves as the original hopmasters in 2013. Since their first beer (Aftermath Double IPA) single handedly caused a statewide shortage of Simcoe hops, their hop-driven styles and unique branding have seen them grow the brewery and stay 100% family owned. Kaiju means “strange creature” in Japanese – think Godzilla, Mothra, and all the baddies from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Our own tribe of kaijus include the Diatamatic Hopzilla, Cthulhu, Behemoth, Betelgeuse and the lovely lady Hopped Out Red.

21. Vinomofo

Vinomofo was founded by Andre Eikmeier and Justin Dry in the year 2011 with the headquarters in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Vinomofo is all about good wine, real people, and the most epic wine deals on the planet. From cult classics to indie gems handcrafted in the sheds of tomorrow’s legends, we source and sell wines that we drink and love to our members.

22. Savvy Beverage

Savvy Beverage was founded by Mark Curry in the year 2016 with the headquarters in BYRON BAY, New South Wales. Using some of the brightest nutrition minds of Australia, we have made coffee even better by adding essential vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and nootropics. These ingredients give your brain a complete upgrade. Formulated by nutritionists and based on over 500 clinical studies. Try it yourself today with our money-back guarantee. Savvy Beverages help to improve mental function, focus and performance while naturally enhancing your ability to combat mental fatigue, anxiety and stress.

23. Fable Food Co

Fable Food Co was founded by Michael Fox in the year 2019 with the headquarters in Sunshine Coast, QLD. Foraged from shiitake mushrooms, Fable is goodness unearthed. It’s real food with real mushrooms, that is surprisingly and fantastically meaty. Our mission is to make food more healthy and sustainable by leveraging the nutritious benefits and natural umami flavours of mushrooms. Without the compromise of quality or flavour, Fable brings you meaty umami goodness, sans meat. Fable’s delicious meaty mushroom products are minimally processed and made with a short list of natural ingredients you’d recognise.

24. Your Food Collective

Your Food Collective was founded by Lauren Branson and Cara Cooper in the year 2017 with the headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales. here are those who look to the stars and dream, and then there are those of us that look beneath our feet and see infinite possibilities. We see love in the soil that embraces and nourishes our food. We see opportunity for a real and lasting change. Not a ‘kind of’, ‘good enough’ change we sometimes settle for, because we believe real change starts from the ground up. We’re regenerating our way of life with food.

25. Tru Blu Beverages

Tru Blu Beverages was founded by peter brooks in the year 2011 with the headquarters in Condell Park, New South Wales. Tru Blu Beverages is a proud 100% Australian-owned beverage company which strives to be one of the nation’s leading manufacturer, marketer and innovator of non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverages. As part of our social contract we want to provide every Australian with a quality product at an affordable price, to develop healthy beverage alternatives and strive for environmentally sustainable manufacturing and packaging solutions.

26. Health Lab

Health Lab was founded by Jess Thomas in the year 2015 with the headquarters in St Kilda, Victoria. In 2015, our Founder Jess was tired of trying to navigate the “healthy” snacks that were available with their complicated ingredients lists, silly claims and cardboard-like taste. All she wanted was uncomplicated, clever and satisfying snacks that helped busy women thrive. So Jess quit her corporate job, sold her Toyota Corolla for cash and started hand rolling protein balls in her home kitchen. And let’s just say she hasn’t looked back since. Six years later, our delicious balls and bars can be devoured from thousands of retailers throughout Australia & New Zealand.

27. Remedy Drinks

Remedy Drinks was founded by Emmet Condon in the year 2012 with the headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. Sarah and Emmet Condon started Remedy Drinks on their kitchen bench. Our drinks are made the old-school way: in small batches using long-aged brewing processes. We make the tastiest, healthiest live cultured drinks going ’round: chock-full of live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants and other all natural goodness that’s good for your gut and overall wellbeing. Our drinks also naturally contain no sugar – our bottles even carry an official tick of approval from I Quit Sugar to prove it.

28. Pana Organic

Pana Organic was founded by Pana Barbounis in the year 2012 with the headquarters in Richmond, Victoria. We are Pana Organic, a Melbourne-based team passionate about creating amazing, vegan, organic food for every occasion. Our products are plant based, gluten free, dairy free and guilt free – full of nourishing goodness for both you and the earth. We are creators at our core. Nothing excites us more than bringing you innovative new products in unique, feel-good flavours, as well as healthy versions of all your old favourites. Ingredients and details are important to us, which is why our packaging is recyclable, our inks are plant based and we never, ever compromise on quality.

29. Deliciou

Deliciou was founded by Kjetil Hansen in the year 2015 with the headquarters in Melbourne, VIC. It all started with one simple, innovative seasoning that put us on the map in 2015 – our Deliciou Bacon Seasoning. 5 years on, Deliciou continues to be a fast (super fast!!!) growing company that shakes up what it means to eat plant based. We currently create and supply game-changing plant-based meats, meal bases and seasonings to our fast growing fans, and we are only just getting started!

30. Black Hops Brewing

Black Hops Brewing was founded by Dan Norris in the year 2014 with the headquarters in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Black Hops Brewing started as 3 mates making beer and sharing everything along the way. In 2014, Dan, Eddie and Govs made their first beer, the Eggnog Stout, after discussing the concept at the pub. That led them to opening up a brewery and taproom in Burleigh Heads in 2016 and in March 2019 they opened a bigger production brewery and taproom in Biggera Waters.


v2food was founded by Nick Hazell in the year 2019 with the headquarters in sydney, nsw. How can we feed 10 billion people with the resources of one earth? That’s the question that ignited the passions of CSIRO’s top scientists and led to the inception of v2food. Looking at over 100 years of research into meat and agriculture, we set out to provide an answer to that question. Our goal? To create a tasty plant-based alternative to animal meat that’s better for you, and better for the planet. That was August 2018. For the next six months, we worked day and night to perfect our product using plant-based ingredients and the latest science. By February 2019, we had an answer to the question that started it all. Next, we challenged ourselves in the kitchen to develop the best tasting products ready to delight tastebuds across the country. We’re on a mission to feed our planet in a way that takes care of our planet. To be a part of that journey, follow our socials and look out for our products in stores soon.


Foodbomb was founded by Paul Tory in the year 2017 with the headquarters in Surry Hills, New South Wales. Foodbomb is an online ordering platform that aggregates wholesale food suppliers into a single site, where hospitality venues can search, compare and order products. The wholesale ordering platform was founded in 2017 and gives NSW & Victorian venues the ability to search 50,000 products from 13 categories including meat, fruit & veg, seafood, poultry, dry goods, smallgoods, bakery and more. Free to use, with no commitment and free next day delivery, Foodbomb supports over 3,000 Sydney & Melbourne cafes, pubs, clubs, caterers and venues alone. Foodbomb is the future of ordering for the foodservice business.

33. Capital Brewing Co

Capital Brewing Co was co-founded by Managing Directors Tom Hertel and Laurence Kain in the year 2016 with the headquarters in Fyshwick, Australian Capital Territory. Good Natured Brews – Thats our vibe. We believe in making amazing beer, looking after our people and the environment. Capital Brewing Co is 100% independently owned – formed by a close group of mates who froth on delicious brews, back country adventures and good times.

34. BentSpoke Brewing Co.

BentSpoke Brewing Co. was founded by Richard Watkins in the year 2014 with the headquarters in Braddon, Australian Capital Territory. After opening its doors in 2014 and being awarded ‘Best New Venue’ at the 2015 AHA (ACT) awards, BentSpoke has continued to move onward and upward in the Canberra beer and bar scene. At the Braddon brewpub you will find 18 varieties of beer and cider available at any one time, all brewed on premise. A wide range of beer styles are made by our award-winning head brewer, as well as hand crushed apple cider, and gluten-friendly ginger beer, all on full display so you can watch the brew team at work while you sample a selection of brews by the pint or in our iconic sample bars. Brews are available to purchase both over the bar and to take-away in our custom-made two-litre, insulated ‘Travellers’. A modern take on the classic pub menu features dishes which incorporate beer, brewing ingredients and highlight great local produce.

35. Pirate Life Brewing

Pirate Life Brewing was founded by Jack Cameron, Michael Cameron and Jared Proudfoot in the year 2014 with the headquarters in Hindmarsh, South Australia. Well, obviously, Pirates are pretty cool. That said, we’re not actual Pirates. We just align with some of their ideals… Do what you want when and wherever you want, drink what you want, or even develop an unhealthy bout of scurvy. Not that we recommend the scurvy. Instead of stealing and pillaging tangible items of value, we take inspiration from interesting brewers and breweries, chefs and restaurants or even scientists and engineers. If there is ever a better way of doing something we want to find out about it, research it and if we find there is a benefit to it we will implement it. Pirates made some pretty dodgy decisions when it came their own health, the health of others (blowing people out of the water was particularly detrimental) and the health of their surroundings. There needs to be balance. We need to make sure that we live well, that we take care of the environment and that we take care of each other. Good beer plays a big part in enriching our lives and that’s something we want to share with anyone’s nose and palate that is willing to tune in.

36. Young Henrys

Young Henrys was founded by Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon in the year 2012 with the headquarters in Newtown, New South Wales. Like most good stories, ours started over a beer. Meeting on opposite sides of the bar, Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon got talking over their love of beer and music, also discovering they shared a view that the Australian beer scene was behind the times – that it should be more adventurous, innovative and fun. With Richard’s brewing experience and Oscar’s hospitality expertise they decided they should do more than talk. Young Henrys stands behind an unwavering vision to create beer and gin loved by their local communities and like-minded mates around Australia are proud to call their own. By keeping things local, reducing environmental impact, and collaborating with like-minded, passionate, creative people, Young Henrys helps turn up the volume on diverse (sometimes smaller) voices in our community.

37. Yume Food Australia

Yume Food Australia was founded by Katy Barfield in the year 2015 with the headquarters in Australia. Yume is an online marketplace for quality surplus food. The Yume platform allows food manufacturers and primary producers to on-sell their quality surplus products to commercial buyers at a discount. It’s good for the pocket, the planet and the people!

38. Food South Australia

Food South Australia was founded by Catherine Sayer in the year 2010 with the headquarters in Urrbrae, South Australia. Food South Australia is an independent, industry-led and membership-based organisation representing food and beverage manufacturing companies based in South Australia. Our mission is to support and sustain the South Australian food and beverage industry. Food South Australia also hosts the South Australian Food Industry Awards Program and Eat Local SA. As the state’s peak industry body for the food and beverage industry, Food South Australia assists businesses to access services, expert advice and growth programs to grow their bottom line and connect with new markets. Food South Australia is the first point of contact for businesses and industry stakeholders to access information about the food and beverage sector in South Australia and to access services and support.

39. eBev

eBev was founded by Ian Harris in the year 2014 with the headquarters in Surry Hills, NSW. eBev is simplifying and empowering the beverage trade. The eBev platform brings together the biggest and best range of beverage suppliers under one platform, making the ordering and accounting process for hospitality venues quicker and easier, giving back time to refocus on growing your business.

40. BoozeBud

BoozeBud was founded by Mark Woollcott in the year 2012 with the headquarters in Surry Hills, NSW. is Australia’s leading online liquor marketplace and one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. Our platform allows producers to sell their products and connect directly with customers, which is underpinned by a sophisticated national logistics network. For consumers, we’re building a personalised user experience that inspires you to explore and sample a diverse range of beer, wine and spirits. We work with Australia’s biggest beverage companies, including Lion Nathan and Diageo, as well as the best and most exciting craft breweries, distilleries and wineries. Our founding team has some of the best online marketplace experience of anyone in Australia, we have big plans and a clear vision to address the $22Bn local liquor market, a business model that’s globally deployable and we’re well capitalised.

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