1. Suresh Mandalika

Company- United Breweries Ltd.

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/sureshmandalika/

Suresh Mandalika is a seasoned digital executive and people leader, known for his exceptional ability to drive business growth and transformation through the effective utilization of people, digital, and technology. With a proven track record, he has consistently demonstrated their expertise in leveraging these key areas to achieve positive outcomes and propel organizations forward. His strategic mindset, combined with his strong leadership skills, has enabled him to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape and deliver impactful results. With a keen understanding of the importance of people, digital advancements, and technological innovation, Suresh has become a trusted and influential figure in driving business success.

2. Nanda Kishore NS

Company- Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd.

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/nanda-kishore-ns-b3a1a91a/?originalSubdomain=in

Nanda Kishore NS is the CTO at Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd.

3. Randhir Singh

Company- Fareportal

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/randhir-singh-1a7a9312/?originalSubdomain=in

Randhir Singh is an accomplished leader with over 21 years of experience in driving digital transformation and IT initiatives across various industries such as Travel Tech, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, IT/ITeS, Education, and Telecom. With a strong background in technology and IT management, he has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and strategist, known for simplifying IT complexities and enabling innovative business models. Randhir’s data-driven approach and passion for technology make him a valuable asset in driving high performance and managing large teams. His expertise spans global technology leadership, digital engineering, IT services and operations, and he excels in areas including enterprise applications, agile and DevOps, infrastructure and cloud engineering, IT governance, and program/project management. Additionally, Randhir possesses strong skills in technology sales support and has experience working with technology start-ups.

4. Nikhil Shah

Company- Abbott

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikhil-shah-a300b45/?originalSubdomain=in

Nikhil Shah is a seasoned professional known for his expertise in creating business value through technology and aligning IT with strategic business goals. With a strong background in ERP implementation, he excels in driving IT transformations and improving the effectiveness of IT organizations. Nikhil is skilled in managing teams with a focus on delivering outcomes and has a proven track record in strategic outsourcing and cost management. He is also experienced in business process improvement, organizational efficiency, and effectiveness. With his multi-industry experience, Nikhil brings a cross-industry perspective to problem-solving. He has a strong background in project management, team building, IT infrastructure setup and management, as well as technology evaluation and adoption.

5. Mukund Mavalankar

Company- Bharat Forge Ltd.

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mukund-mavalankar-0329a811/?originalSubdomain=in

Mukund Mavalankar is the CTO at Bharat Forge Ltd.

6. Saravanan N

Company- Ashok Leyland

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/saravanan-n-420510210/?trk=public_profile_browsemap&originalSubdomain=in

Saravanan N is the CTO at Ashok Leyland

7. Prabhu Ram

Company- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/prabhu-ram-8938a4199/?originalSubdomain=in

Prabhu Ram is the CTO at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

8. Arvind Nayak

Company- AU Small Finance Bank

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/arvind-nayak-54a2988/?originalSubdomain=in

Arvid Nayak is the CTO at AU Small Finance Bank.

9. Rajesh Gupta

Company- Indian Railway

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajesh-gupta-962066116/

Rajesh Gupta is the CTO at Indian Railway.

10. Ashok Cherian

Company- Astran Limited

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/acherian/?originalSubdomain=in

Ashok Cherian is a Digital Business Transformation enthusiast with a strong focus on business-oriented IT leadership. With expertise across diverse industries such as FMCG, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Retail, he has mastered the renowned process excellence model, Malcolm Baldrige. Ashok’s 26 years of experience, including over 14 years as a CIO, spans various geographies, allowing him to drive digital strategy, planning, operations, and infrastructure with cross-cultural engagements. He excels in leading complex enterprise-wide projects, leveraging technologies like SAP, CRM, E-commerce, and AI/ML. Ashok is known for optimizing IT costs and acting as a change agent and transformer, connecting with stakeholders at all levels. He actively shares his insights as a speaker at prestigious technology and management schools and events. Note: His LinkedIn posts and articles represent his personal views and not those of his employers.