Top 50 Fintech & Finance Startups in Australia

Australia has the 8th largest pool of managed funds in the world and its major four banks consistently rank amongst the world’s most profitable.  The wealthy island nation is a fertile ground for innovation from within, with the nation’s populace serving as an engaged group of early technology adopters, which has led to great success for Fintech, Regtech, Insurtech, and Big Data startups. Recognizing the importance of innovation in the sector, the government has prioritized fintech, investing in open banking and digital identity technology and supporting an agile regulatory environment. There are over 800 Fintech companies in Australia tackling the challenges of the $196B domestic financial services industry.

With so many companies in the fintech space, we’ve put together a list of exciting companies to keep an eye on in the coming years. Each doing amazing things in their own right, here we present the 50 Australian Fintech companies to watch in 2021.

  1. Timelio

Timelio is an online platform that provides invoice based financing to businesses in Australia. It finances invoiced starting from A$10,000 for a time period of 30-120 days. Only accredited and institutional investors are allowed to invest on the platform with a minimum investment amount of $25,000. We improve the financial well-being of business owners. Our mission is to enable business growth through fast and flexible funding. Timelio improves cash flow by enabling businesses to get paid immediately, without waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for customers to pay. With our fast, online application we can provide access to flexible funding within 24 hours to help you pay suppliers, hire new staff and expand production.

2. Identitii

Identitii helps simplify and automate financial crime compliance by making it easier to access and securely share the information needed to perform financial crime due diligence internally and for regulators, without needing to upgrade existing systems. We bridge the gap between the increasing demand from regulators and customers for more information on financial transactions and the legacy technology systems that make it difficult to identify and share that information. Our platform overlays existing technology systems and creates a single view of financial crime compliance information across systems, formats and message types, and enables it to be securely shared internally or with counterparties.

3. Avenue Bank

Avenue Bank is building a digital business bank, focused on next-generation cash flow solutions for Australian small and medium-sized enterprises.

4. Arkava

Arkava are a B2B Fintech lab building products that solve problems for financial professionals with a user-first approach. We build B2B fintech applications that improve the working lives of those that use them.

5. Judo Bank

At Judo Bank, our relationship bankers take the time to get to know you. They understand the potential of you and your ideas, And when the time is right, they’re prepared to back you. Judo’s relationship model places a priority on highly skilled and knowledgeable and imaginative relationship bankers who take the time to listen to business owners and understand their business, the market they operate in and their ambition.

6. Daisee

Founded in 2017, daisee has developed a proprietary semantic engine that interprets meaning in conversations between businesses and their customers. It’s privately owned, with Alium Capital among notable investors. Daisee is an Australian AI software company that builds cutting edge AI applications for business. We have a unique approach that focuses on creating significant value for clients by blending the best human insights with technology and data to create intelligent applications that learn and adapt.

Daisee has developed industry-specific AI applications to solve a wide range of challenges faced by businesses today. These include banking and financial services, healthcare, telemedicine, government and digital commerce markets. Our products help enterprises rapidly leverage AI technology to increase customer engagement, improve decision-making, optimise supply and demand and deploy self-learning business processes.

7. Sempo

At Sempo there’s a simple, but radical idea that we find particularly inspiring: one of the best ways to help vulnerable communities is to just give them money, no strings attached. Cash Transfers bring dignity to affected people, and solve a fundamental problem with humanitarian relief – too often, we spend millions of dollars on the wrong kind of aid: In Iraq, 70% of Syrian refugees have sold the aid they were given, in order to buy what they actually need. We’re on a mission to help all aid organisations, from grassroots to international, to increase their usage of cash transfers as a tool to alleviate suffering, provide dignity and ultimately increase long-term self-sufficiency.

8. Slyp

Slyp instantly delivers an interactive smart receipt inside a customer’s banking app, improving the post-purchase experience for customers, and unlocking new value for retailers and banks. Slyp was born out of the frustration that traditional paper receipts are painfully inconvenient for customers, a missed opportunity for retailers, and bad for the environment. Today, we seamlessly tap our cards, our phones, even our watches to make a payment, but at the end of a transaction, we’re still handed a centuries-old paper receipt that will likely end up in the bin. We thought there must be a better way.

Slyp’s mission is to turn the end of a transaction into the beginning of a customer relationship. By re-imagining receipts, we’ve unlocked their missed potential and made them fit into today’s smart, eco-conscious world. By linking receipts to cards, Slyp’s solution offers game-changing opportunities for retailers and banks. Retailers gain insights on in-store shoppers and can engage customers post-purchase through each Slyp receipt. Banks capture item-level purchase data, which can be used to enhance their digital proposition and improve operational efficiency. Customers stay organized, save money, and never lose a receipt again.

9. AfterPay

Afterpay is an international payments platform, built to enable financial wellness for the next generation of shoppers. Consumers receive products immediately, pay in four interest-free instalments and are rewarded for paying on time. With no credit checks, no interest, and no catch, we empower customers to pay in a financially sustainable way. Afterpay is a movement in which everyone wins – shoppers, retailers and society.

Afterpay is offered by over 55,000 of the world’s best retailers and has more than 10 million active customers globally. The service is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom where it is called Clearpay. Afterpay is on a mission to power an economy in which everyone wins. We are on a rocketship most days so if you are up for a challenge, as the notion of joining a business with big dreams and love being part of a high performing team then please grab a ticket and contact us today.

10. Till Payments

Till is the fast-moving, Aussie-born, global fintech disruptor opening up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking simple, seamless, all-in-one payments. We take the complexity out of getting paid with single-source solutions that ensure merchants can accept any payment wherever and whenever their customer’s shop, be it online, in-store, or a combination of both. Organisations across a range of sectors, including FMCG, automotive, parking & transit, retail and hospitality, use our end-to-end smart and seamless payments experiences to support growth and enhance customer experiences. Founded in 2012, Till’s team of 100 staff is rapidly growing and headquartered in Australia, with teams in London, Manila and across the US. Till currently serves hundreds of merchants across 12 countries and over 500 cities.

11. 86 400

86 400 is a digital-only bank for individuals. Aims to offer transaction & savings account and Visa debit cars linked to the account. Users can also link other bank accounts with the app and get insights. At 86 400, we exist to serve our customers honestly. To give them a smarter, more personalised banking experience. We’ll do things in real-time, to bring real value to their lives. And we’ll do this every second, of every minute, of every day.

12. Valiant

Valiant is an Australia-based aggregator for business loans. It helps businesses find suitable lenders for working capital, equipment finance, invoice financing, purchasing a property. Valiant is dedicated to helping Aussie businesses cut through the red tape and ‘get to yes’ sooner. We know how difficult the lending market can be to navigate, and we understand the issues businesses face when they seek funding. With Valiant, forget tedious paperwork and long-winded phone calls. We’ll contact your chosen lender, help with paperwork and do the heavy lifting on your behalf so that you can get back to doing what’s most important—running your business.

We work with a diverse panel of 80+ leading lenders to tailor a finance solution to your exact needs and ensure you’re getting a great rate. Our lenders offer secured and unsecured finance solutions, working capital, debtor finance, equipment finance and more. If you’re an accountant, vendor, broker or financial adviser, we can also help your client get an awesome deal on business finance while you grow your customer base. Whether you’re looking for a quick cash boost, low rate, flexible features, growth solution (or have no idea where to start), our experts can help you get where you need to be. They’ve helped over 90,000 businesses assess their financing options and access over $600 million in funding.

13. Lumi

Lumi provides online unsecured and small business loans to Australian registered SMEs with a minimum turnover of $50,000. The user needs to provide business bank details and address proof. 2.5% of the establishment fee would be charged which is deductible at the time of settlement. Focused on hospitality, retail, trades and labour, health and wellness, professional service providers and franchises. Lumi takes the guesswork out of small business funding. We offer small business loans from $5k – $200k with 3 – 18 month terms. At Lumi, we don’t believe in surprises (at least, not when it comes to financing). Instead, we pride ourselves on offering straight-forward loans to give your venture the financial boost it needs. No guesswork, no hassles, no reading between the lines. Just totally transparent loans to help you get ahead.

14. Verrency

Verrency provides payment solutions for banks. The solutions allow the banks to offer points redemption programs without merchant integration, virtual cards, account aggregation, merchant-funded rewards etc. Customers can set roundups for their purchases add them to charities or savings. Also offers APIs for service providers to integrate their payment system with banks. Verrency is a global payments innovator that has a mission to put financial institutions back at the centre of innovation. Our payments API platform has been designed to enable financial institutions to innovate more efficiently and effectively through a single connection.

Our platform works with their existing payments infrastructure and messaging, allowing them to • Leverage internally-built services that sit across: Loyalty and Rewards Redemption, Transaction Round-Ups, Device and Card Management, Real-Time Payment Data Publishing and Digital Currency Enablement • Utilise our marketplace services as an integration point for Fintechs, data analytics and loyalty partners to the bank • Utilise our platform as a payments sandbox to quickly test and scale innovations Verrency’s platform has been designed with Tier 1 financial institutions in mind and works in the background, enabling the Bank to continue to control the consumer journey. Once connected, all our features (and future ones) are enabled in the live payments flow, ensuring instant gratification for the end consumer.

15. Assembly

Assembly Payments (previously known as) PromisePay is a simple and secure escrow payment service that collects, holds and releases payments based on agreed project milestones. Milestone payments are collected from clients before work starts, where they sit with PromisePay for safekeeping. Once the work is delivered and approved, contractors are paid almost instantly. Clients have assured results for their money, and contractors have assured payment for their work. Incubated at SixThirty accelerator.

16. Karbon

Karbon is a cloud-based workflow management software for accountants and accounting firms. Using Karbon, firms and their employees can assign & track jobs, manage workflows, create to-do lists, manage CRM, and collaborate with clients & colleagues. Its features include task management, workflow scheduler, global search & filtering, automated client reminders, and team collaboration. The solution integrates with Google and Office 365. It offers a subscription-based pricing model. Acuity, Catalyst, Adjusted Balance, and The Bovard CPA Group are part of its clientele.

17. Indebted

Indebted provide solutions for receivable management and debt collection. The offering includes omnichannel communications, payments & reconciliation, self-service customer portal, API integration, report analytics, and code compliance. InDebted is sublimating debt collection by leveraging machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing overdue accounts. We couple this with an exceptional customer experience to enable our clients to better support the financial well-being of their customers. Backed by Carthona Capital and Reinventure, InDebted is one of the top-funded and fastest-growing tech companies in Australia today, disrupting a multibillion-dollar global industry.

18. Brickx

Brickx provides an online platform for Australians to invest in real estate. The company buys properties and allows users to own a fraction of those properties. The platform also has the option to list the shares for sale. As of February 2018, charges 1.75% per transaction. Using new thinking and new technology, we’re helping thousands of Aussies break into the property market.

19. Zeller

Zeller provides online payment solutions for businesses. It offers payment processing solutions, prepaid cards for business expenses, accounts payable & receivable solutions, funds transfer, report generation, transaction management, and more. It also provides tools for monitoring finances. Accepting payments, managing your finances, and paying recipients should be simple. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Finding integrated financial solutions to help your business thrive often requires you to weave together multiple products from different providers.

While a small group of large enterprises enjoy the privilege of financial solutions tailored for their specific needs, the vast majority of Australian businesses are underserved due to a lack of innovation, disparate providers, opaque pricing, and restrictive contracts. We believe in a level playing field where all businesses benefit from access to smarter payments technology and integrated financial services that enable them to accelerate their cash flow. So we’re hard at work building the tools to make it happen. Zeller combines the tools your business needs to accelerate cash flow. From accepting payments to managing finances to paying recipients fast; by bringing every tool together into one connected ecosystem, we help you reduce the time spent on finding providers, completing long applications, onboarding, and getting set up. We do this through a simple, fast online sign-up process, and no contract is necessary. You’ll have access to every tool you need right out of the box.

20. ezyCollect

ezyCollect is a cloud-based application for accounts receivable automation. It integrates with the client’s accounting software and identifies the invoices that are overdue. It schedules reminders and automatically sends them to clients. The remainder is in the form of a series of emails, letters, phone calls. We believe that the greatest resources in business are our people, our dreams and our ambitions. We believe that businesses deserve to be paid on time. We believe that being paid on time helps businesses to survive, then thrive. Our purpose is to put smart technology in the hands of ambitious businesses, so they have the cash, confidence and information to manifest their dreams. Our SaaS-based accounts receivable solution compliments accounting/ERP software to automate the process of getting paid.

21. Airwallex

Airwallex offers a cross-border payment platform for businesses. Provides tools to collect international payments, deposit funds, and make payments. Offers current FX rates and APIs to automate foreign exchange, collections, and payments. Established in Melbourne in 2015, Airwallex is a payments platform transforming the way businesses move and manage money globally.

In today’s fast-changing digital era, our purpose is to empower businesses of all sizes to grow without borders, and by doing so, contribute to the global economy. With technology at our core, we built a global financial infrastructure to help businesses transact, collect and pay across 130+ countries and 50+ currencies, without the constraints of the traditional global financial system. In just five years since we were founded, Airwallex has grown to become Australia’s fastest-growing fintech unicorn and a well-funded international technology leader backed by world-leading investors. Our leadership, innovation and scale have been recognised and awarded by leading independent authorities, such as listing in Forbes’ Cloud 100 2020 and placing in the Top 50 of KPMG’s Global Fintech100 two years in a row.

22. Xinja

Launched in May 2017, Xinja was the first independent Australian neobank with products in the market: bank accounts, its high interest savings account ‘Stash’ and the recently added share trading account Dabble. But with auditors last month warning that the firm’s survival as a going concern was “highly dependent” on raising fresh capital, the company has decided to shut up shop, handing back its authorised deposit taking licence and closing all bank accounts with effect from 23 December.

A proposed A$433 million by Emirates’ World Investments in March failed to come good as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and the bank stuttered. Xinja is developing an Australian-based neo bank. Allows the users to open their account online and track their expenses and make bill payments. Provides pre-paid cards and free international ATM withdrawals. Leverages AI technology to provide financial advice to the user.

23. Volt Bank

Volt Bank is a digital-only bank. The bank suggests ways to save money and supports customers on their financial journeys. As of Apr 2019, the platform is in stealth mode. Volt Bank has become the first Australian neobank to become accredited as a data recipient under the consumer data right (CDR) scheme. The neobank joined the growing list of accredited data recipients (ADRs) after receiving final sign-off from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Volt joins the likes of major players Westpac – which became accredited in early October this year, NAB and CBA.

The news also makes Volt the sixth Australian bank in total to achieve ADR status; the other two are Regional Australia Bank and Beyond Bank.

24. Athena

Athena provides an online mortgage platform for home loans. It features automated rate matching for customers, direct debit repayment, redraw facility, direct salary payment, automatic future payments, and more. Athena is an Australian home loan platform that helps to get better home loans. The big banks are definitely having a lend locking borrowers into a life sentence, charging them for sneezing, and giving 0% interest in treating customers like people. We know, we used to work for them. Enter Athena, the Game-Changing Goddess of Good Stuff. She spoke to us (well it was more of a roasting) and talked of a brighter future where people could be freed of their mortgage handcuffs.

Athena is the first lender in Australia to do so, thanks to our automatic rate match promise where new and existing customers always get the same great rates. Athena home loans come with loads of other features, such as fast online applications, minimal fees, free extra repayments, plus, a free redraw facility so you can withdraw on those extra repayments should you need access to extra funds.

25. Moula

Moula is an Australia-based online lending platform for working capital loans of up to $100,000 to SMBs. The usual tenor for loans is 6 months, however it can be further extended on a case-to-case basis. Moula was founded in 2013 to help hard-working business owners in Australia access the business finance they need to grow. In the past, getting a business loan meant going through weeks of paperwork, hassle, and hurdles. We use data to assess your business loan application, which means we can keep things fast and painless. Our founders are finance industry experts who are passionate about using technology to simplify small business finance and backing good businesses.

26. Lendi

Lendi is Australia’s only home loan platform that was designed with a built-in best interest duty. By bringing together smart technology and home loan specialist advice on our platform, we’ve been helping Australians compare, apply and settle the right home loan for their needs since 2016. Borrowers are able to search 2,000+ loan products from more than 40 lenders on the Lendi platform to shortlist the best loan products for their circumstances.

This unparalleled level of choice helps deliver the best possible customer outcomes while driving competition and transparency in the market. From application to settlement, home loan specialists are on hand to guide borrowers through the mortgage process and help them achieve their long-term financial goals. With home loan settlements of over $12 billion, the team has helped thousands of Australians secure their property dreams. Headquartered in Sydney, Lendi has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, however all our staff are currently working remotely.

27. Spaceship

Spaceship was founded in 2016 with a single mission: to enable you to invest in your future, so you can live the life you want to live. Spaceship got our start in 2017 with Spaceship Super, a super fund investing where the world is going. In 2018, we launched Spaceship Voyager, which makes investing easy for everyone. Their landing pad is in the centre of Sydney, and that’s where our 45-strong team assembles to brainstorm, build awesome financial products, share snacks and discuss everything from moon landings to Mario Kart hacks.

28. Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition connects businesses with their accountants. It is a saas platform built for the accounting vertical – transforming into a CRM. Practice Ignition manages client creation, workflow deployment, invoicing and payments. Pricing depends on the number of clients and number of users. It ranges from $79/month (upto 100 active clients and upto 2 users) to $699/month (upto 2000 active clients and upto 20 users).

With Practice Ignition you can remove the friction by sending your clients a single smart proposal they can read, sign and make a payment on in one sitting. Now, you can close deals faster, automate your onboarding and eliminate debtors. Never chase a payment again with upfront billing via Direct Debit or credit card. Automatically reconcile invoices in Xero and Quickbooks, and gain insight into your firm’s profitability with our business intelligence dashboard.

29. Huddle Insurance

Huddle Insurance is a provider of car and travel insurance across Australia. Has developed an AI-based chatbot which is able to provide instant approval of insurance claims, with funding in an hour. Additionally, when the claims are low, surplus profit is used by Huddle to strengthen communities. The insurance is underwritten by Hollard. Plans to launch a renters insurance product, not yet launched as of Jan’18.

Founded in 2016, Huddle is an Australian car insurer whose mission is to make insurance simple for everyone. Huddle has an easy-to-understand car insurance policy that’s backed by clever technology.

Although they do employ humans to look after their customers via their call centre. Huddle uses artificial intelligence to help you with your application and to process your claims 24/7. Sometimes you’ll receive a decision within minutes! Huddle’s powerful tech is paired with a team of insurance experts, so if you need assistance, there’ll still be a human to talk to – not just a robot. While their approach to insurance is modern, they’re backed up by decades of experience from their underwriter, the Hollard Insurance Company – a leading international insurer.

30. Ansarada

Ansarada is a global provider of virtual data rooms that are used by the world’s leading companies, investment banks, legal and advisory firms in business transactions such as M&A, joint ventures, fundraising and other due diligence based projects. The platform can be accessed from any browser on any device and has features like archiving, support for 13 languages and 24/7 customer support. The company has had over 10000 deals done on its platform that are over $1 trillion in value. The company also hosts an M&A game for people to play and learn about M&A.

Ansarada is a global B2B SaaS business with a big vision for a world where every business, in every critical decision, is always ready to act. The company was born out of an absolute belief in companies and the people who found, run and advise them. We’re on a mission to achieve this with our SaaS platform and world class team who are based in five main hubs: Sydney, Ho Chi Minh, Chicago, New York and London. Our AI-powered intelligent information platform enables businesses to know, raise and realise their potential, and gives confidence to businesses in every decision – from knowing exactly what they have, to where they‘re going and what they need to get there.

31. Simply Wall Street

Simply Wall St turns complicated financial data into easy to understand infographics to help investors make long term investment decisions. Based out of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Simply Wall St helps share market investors make better-informed decisions, by giving them access to institutional quality financial data presented visually through easy to understand infographics. Users are able to research more than 18,000 stocks with our unique infographic visualization, get new investment ideas, and manage their share portfolios.

32. Pepperstone

Pepperstone is an online Forex and CFD Broker providing traders across the globe with cutting-edge technology to trade the world’s markets. We are driven to provide traders with low-cost pricing across all our instruments including FX, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities. Pepperstone is an ASIC, FCA, SCB, CMA, SCB, BaFin and DFSA regulated broker. Please refer to for more information about our companies. This information isn’t intended for distribution to/use by any person in any country where such distribution/use would be contrary to local laws.

33. Nimble

Nimble provides a fast solution to short-term financial hurdles. A Nimble loan is paid back over weeks, not months or years. Their world-leading profiling technology allows customers to receive an instant decision upon completing an application.

You’ll know if you’ve been approved straight away – not hours or days later. Their fresh approach to lending means there’s no waiting around for someone to assess your application. No sitting around anxiously wondering whether you’re approved or not. You’ll have an answer within a minute and cash can be in your bank account within 60 minutes. Nimble re-branded from Cash Doctors in October 2012.

34. GetCapital

GetCapital is now known as Shift.

Originally established as GetCapital in 2014, the company rebranded as Shift in October 2021 as part of its mission to provide businesses with finance on demand. Today, Shift is one of Australia’s fastest-growing technology companies, changing the way Australian businesses access finance, get paid and transact. Shift has made the Deloitte Fast 50 Top 25 for four years in a row; was ranked among LinkedIn’s Top Australian Startups in 2019; AFR’s Fast 100; been listed in SmartCompany’s Top 10 Smart50 2017-2018 and ranked among the fastest-growing technology companies in Asia Pacific.

35. Brighte

Brighte is a credit technology platform offering Australia’s easiest way to pay for home energy and home improvements. Brighte is a digital payments platform for home energy improvements. It was launched in 2015 by Katherine McConnell, with the mission to help people create energy efficient homes. Brighte offers 0% interest payment plans that remove the upfront cost barrier of big ticket items like solar and batteries for homeowners. On the flipside, vendors receive the prompt lump sum payment they need as soon as they complete the job. Brighte is backed by Grok Investments, Airtree Ventures and Skip Capital as well as strategic supporters KPMG, Equifax, IBM and Stone and Chalk. Brighte is a leading Australian fintech company and has been widely recognised for its innovative, distruptive offering in the home improvements market.

36. aims to deliver the best cryptocurrency service in Australia. We are ambassadors for Bitcoin and are proud to be developing the industry and technology. We promise to be a fair and objective source for the latest cryptocurrency news and educational content. is powered by Banxa.

37. Flare

We’re reimagining work and money with smart workplace software for employers, and advanced financial and superannuation products to help Aussies live their best financial lives. The journey begins with our core offering, Flare, Australia’s first onboarding, benefits and employee management platform, designed to eliminate manual HR admin, increase onboarding efficiency and improve employee retention. We want to help every company achieve their purpose, engage with its workforce and help its employees become financially well.

38. Ferratum Australia

Providing cash loans and payday loans to Australians with a solid credit history. Ferratum offers short term or payday loans from $500 to $1,900, with repayment terms of 3 to 12 months. The applications are online and are entirely automated. Ferratum will ask you a few questions and respond to your application quickly. Ferratum charges a 20% of borrowed amount + 4% of borrowed amount each month. Payday loans are not a long-term financial solution and should only be used in case of an emergency.

39. PayRight

Payright was founded in 2016 with the vision of changing the way customers pay for their products and services. Our product is simple, we provide quick, easy payment plans that are always interest-free. We give customers the flexibility to buy now and choose when they would like to make payments. Our leading mobile technology platform allows customers to apply in-store, in-clinic or on the go with a few simple taps on their phone. PayRight has quickly become the payment plan provider of choice for an ever-growing number of merchants across a wide array of industry types. Our team of enthusiastic and passionate people share our ambitious goal and bring with them extensive experience in payments, finance and technology. We are continuing to grow our world-class team to help us change the way customers pay and we welcome you to follow our journey.

40. Liven

Liven is an incentive-based mobile payments gateway and ecosystem purpose-built for the lifestyle and dining industries. Hundreds of thousands of people use Liven to discover thousands of restaurants, process millions in instant mobile payments, and earn LVN – The Digital Currency for Food. LVN can be saved up in the platform’s native wallet, spent at any Liven merchant, or donated to a nonprofit organisation directly through the system.

Powered by blockchain technology, LVN is a business-backed dynamic network utility token, algorithmically managed by the Liven reward protocol, and made universally accessible via the LivenPay API. If you love food, tech and want to launch your career to the next level, seriously look no further! We know what you’re thinking, sounds cool… but are these guys legit?! Um, yes! We’re a VC-backed startup with 700,000+ app downloads and a 4.9 rating on the app store. We also share the same seed and series A investors as Zoom, Facebook, Canva, Wish, Airbnb, Netscape, and Zynga; just to name a few.

We’re hybrid remote with a global team and don’t plan on changing… We’re hugely passionate about our people and have just reached the 50 employee mark! Global expansion is on the menu for 2022 and now is the time to add an incredible talent, to help us achieve our objective of being Australia’s best place to work! Jump onboard because Liven is building the world’s first consumer-centric blockchain platform, bringing the benefits of distributed technology to real people and real businesses.

41. Joust

The rise of online marketplaces has improved a variety of industries when it comes to saving consumers time and money, however, the mortgage industry is still behind when it comes to innovation.

Financial products – and home loans in particular – are complex and have traditionally been confusing for consumers to compare and understand. Joust is innovating in this regard and changing the way consumers connect with lenders. Thanks to their consumer-first approach, Joust is making it easier for consumers to identify the best loan products for their needs. Joust has processed over $5 billion worth of loan opportunities so far through their home loan market place and they have reduced the average customer’s interest rate by 0.74%. This means they have helped their refinance customers save an average of $3,348 per year or $279 per month. 

Joust is simple to use. Consumers set up a loan profile so they can be provided with the most suitable options. Once they have compared the options that best suit their needs, the consumer can then select the right lender for them. The service provides transparency and places all the control in the hands of consumers. 

42. Wefund

Revolutionizing the FinTech industry, Wefund provides a new way for companies to secure finances for all their development projects. They combine technology with human experience to provide something entirely new. Their goal is simple: to deliver fast, non-bank funding and become the perfect finance partner. Gain access to more than 75 of the best non-bank lenders in Australia so you can secure flexible and fair finance for your development project. Wefund takes the complexity out of acquiring commercial real estate finance, which is why they’ve been so welcome on the market. 

With Wefund, you’ll have access to the top finance team in the country who strive to understand your project, offering debt structuring solutions and financial modelling so you understand the total cost of finance, as well as your capital contribution and return on equity. They have strong relationships that put you in front of the best lenders in the industry aiming to present the best offers available. Another great thing about Wefund is their all-in-one platform makes it easy to manage your finances and is 3 times faster than traditional financing. 

43. Unhedged

Algorithms have come to rule the world, that much is undeniable. Unhedged proposes they should rule your portfolio as well! That’s why they have created an incredibly simple app that allows investors to assign their money to advanced AI trading algorithms and access returns that were only accessible to the super-rich 1%. 

Unhedged tries to beat expensive asset managers with the use of algorithms. They are simplifying investment by making it transparent and inexpensive. They provide users with access to investment strategies that were reserved only for the rich and famous, all through an app that’s easy to use. They put their money where their mouth is, which is why most of the fees at Unhedged only get paid when they outperform the benchmark. This amazing Australian fintech company was introduced by Peter Bakker, a seasoned entrepreneur with a mission to upset the status quo that exists in the rono advice and asset management world. 

The philosophy of Unhedged is based on this: asset managers align themselves to the performance of their clients. That means they have a “no gain, no pain” mentality and they are invested, which is what allows them to provide so much value to their clients. 

44. Spark Finance

It is an Australian Fintech company with the noble goal of democratizing education for international students. Their goal is to remove finance as a barrier for brilliant students who want to enter Australia’s leading universities and build their education. So many students around the world don’t have the funds to pursue higher education in Australia, but Spark is turning things around.

They are able to achieve their goal by providing tuition assistance to international students and enabling Australian universities to access the world’s best talent and diversity in their international student cohorts. It’s a mutually beneficial situation that makes an important impact. However, they are not only focused on providing opportunities for international students, but also for Australians and New Zealanders who want to study overseas. Spark Finance is the only Australian company that provides tuition assistance to international students in the country and they are very proud of that. 

45. Sipora

In Australia, Sipora is the leading round-up as a service platform and it has a ton of value to offer. Sipora’s latest service allows organisations to build, launch, and maintain their own round-up product at a fraction of the time and cost compared to starting from scratch. Sipora’s platform works perfectly with financial services, superannuation funds, lenders, and charitable organisations, among others, that want to launch round-up applications and products. 

Sipora is the first platform of its kind in the country, so it’s greatly innovating an important sector of the market. Using Sipora’s platform, superannuation funds can increase funds under management, lenders can help customers pay down debt and this new form of technology is focused on helping charities increase donations to make a greater impact on the world and support the causes they champion, which is why Sipora’s platform is so powerful for all organisations.

Round-up products in Australia are typically locked into one system, but Sipora gives brands the power to launch their own round-up product. Sipora is the only brand that provides a platform for partners and they are always working on new products to introduce to the market.

46. Finspo

Founded by ex-bankers in 2019, Finspo is a digital broker making home loans simpler for Australians. They are a team of industry experts, mortgage brokers, software developers, and designers, on a mission to help you get a great home loan, and pay it off faster. 

Finspo has access to thousands of loans from over 30 different lenders, and their home loan experts will help find the right one for you. They will get familiar with your situation, explain your options, and support you every step of the way. The Finspo app can help you pay off your home loan faster by delivering you personalised insights and alerts based on your connected accounts.

It will let you know when certain fees or interest rates have changed, and when you could pay something down, or top something up to avoid fees or interest. The Finspo app will help you stay on top of things so you can save smarter and get rid of your home loan sooner.

47. Sherlok

It is the first automated repricing and refinancing tool in Australia. They provide mortgage brokers with a wide range of services that will allow them to retain clients, reprice existing loans automatically, generate refinance  leads, protect their trail book income, and more. Their AI engine can even predict when a client is likely to leave the broker, then takes action to keep them. 

Sherlok was founded by Adam Grocke after spending 12 years as a mortgage broker. He won many awards during that time, including Broker of the Year and Top 30 Brokers Under 30 in Australia. However, it seemed unfair to him that banks offer better interest rates to new mortgage owners, while they charge a loyalty tax to existing customers. Thus, Sherlok was born. This AI engine is the perfect solution and it allows mortgage brokers to retain clients for longer, generate valuable refinancing leads, and protect their trail book income. As such, it provides useful and powerful features that benefit both brokers and clients. 

This innovative tool has proven to be very valuable, but it won’t stop there. The talented team behind Sherlok is currently working on a single-click refinancing solution that will allow brokers to automatically process and approve loans in a matter of minutes, reducing the process from 45 days to just 1 day. Their value proposition is truly unique and it’s exciting to see what the future holds. 

48. Moneycatcha

Experts at providing intelligent risk management solutions, Moneycatcha’s flagship Regtech platform, Regchain, can activate new value and enable increased growth for their clients. The Regchain solution allows organizations to perform real-time risk based pricing and ongoing reviews of home loan portfolios or individual loans, all while enabling compliance with legislation such as DDO (Design & Distribution Obligations) and CDR (Consumer Data Right). The Moneycatcha system also enables FI’s to actively engage with their clients earlier, manage their risk portfolio, and even consider applying risk-based pricing methods at the time of loan origination through multiple channels. 

Because Regchain is configurable to each organisations Product, Pricing and Credit Confidence Rules, the platform enables real time alerts and offers when risk variances are detected within  the FI’s risk margins. Ongoing reporting and analysis is also provided by the additional Regchain Services so organisations can report from the source of truth and identify and report on any variances to assist with compliance management. 

49. Castlepoint Systems

Founded by Rachael Greaves in 2016, Castlepoint Systems is a data and records management platform built for the enterprise with a focus on compliance, security, and discovery.  Organizations can catalog their entire infrastructure across multiple locations including cloud locations like Dropbox, 365, and AWS, databases, and proprietary systems using artificial intelligence.  Castlepoint can then be used to manage and control the data irrespective of location. The platform’s intelligence engine automates the classification of the data, applying configurable rules-based logic to ensure regulatory compliance, at scale.

50. CheckBox

Founded by Evan Wong and James Han in 2016, Checkbox is a no-code and automation platform that allows organizations to build workflow solutions using intuitive drag and drop functionality.  Users can design streamlined self-service tools with smart decision-based intake workflows that are fully compliant with audit trails, transcripts, documentation, and approval processes.  By eliminating the dependency on IT teams, finance professionals can quickly deploy specific, powerful workflows to solve business needs without having to worry about tax, audit, regulatory, and legal concerns, which can bog down time-to-market in financial services.  The platform offers a number of pre-loaded templates for common uses such as expense management, billing, compensation, trusts, risk management, and payables. Checkbox raised $1.8M in an angel round in 2018.

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