Top 70 Startups in India 2023


Shiprocket, established in 2017 by Vishesh Khurana, Gautam Kapoor, Saahil Goel, and Akshay Ghulati, is a New Delhi-based logistics software developed by Bigfoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd. This platform provides automated shipping solutions, allowing customers to ship domestically and internationally with leading courier companies at discounted rates. Shiprocket streamlines the shipping process by enabling users to assign AWB numbers, select courier companies, print shipping labels, and track orders from a unified panel.

In addition to shipping automation, Shiprocket negotiates favorable freight rates with top-tier shipping partners such as FedEx, Bluedart, Aramex, FirstFlight, and Ecom Express. It seamlessly integrates with various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Opencart, and Shiprocket 360. Notable features include cost-effective shipping, expanded reach, lower return costs, and comprehensive insurance coverage for lost shipments.

Shiprocket’s overarching mission is to simplify, democratize, and instill trust in eCommerce. Their services encompass conversion, order fulfillment, shipping, buyer communication, returns management, and more, contributing to a user-friendly and reliable eCommerce experience.

Vaayujal Technologies

Introducing VayuJal, an IIT Madras-incubated company founded by Ramesh Kumar, Thalappil Pradeep and Ankit Nagar is committed to providing high-quality drinkable water extracted from the air, anytime and anywhere it’s needed. Specializing in atmospheric air to water generation technology, VayuJal’s flagship product, the Atmospheric Water Generator, incorporates cutting-edge nanotechnology-engineered surfaces for optimal water production. The company focuses on key technologies, including micro-nano structure patterned surfaces for condensation, modular water purification, and Re-mineralization cartridges.

Operating in the B2B space within the Environmental Tech market, VayuJal Technologies aims to realize its vision by employing patented, energy-efficient unit designs, advanced surface engineering, and state-of-the-art mineralization technology, all while maintaining a cost 10 times lower than current mineral water liter prices. The company’s mission extends to meeting water requirements in diverse applications such as irrigation, construction sites, and army bases.

In addition to their technological innovations, VayuJal strives to operate on off-grid solar panel systems, ensuring water production in areas lacking a stable electrical source. With a commitment to making water sustenance universally accessible, VayuJal envisions a world where quality water is available anytime, anywhere, enriching the lives of people worldwide.


Founded in 2013 by Yamini Bhat and Venkat Malladi, Vymo is a trailblazer in improving sales outcomes through insights and interventions. This next-gen intelligent sales automation firm is leaving a significant impact on clients’ global toplines. Vymo’s platform automatically captures salespersons’ data, including business calls, visits, messages, emails, and calendar events, effectively tracking leads. Learning from the best in the system, it suggests corrective measures.

Counting Berkshire Hathaway, BNP Paribas, AIA, AXA, Generali, Sunlife, and HDFC Bank among its clientele across Asia, Japan, and North America, Vymo has garnered investments from notable entities like Emergence Capital, Sequoia Capital India, Innoven Capital, and Bertelsmann India Investments.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS companies, Vymo is on a mission to empower sales teams to #DoMore. Their overarching goal is to unlock each salesperson’s full potential, transforming them into trusted advisors for customers and partners, fostering perpetual growth.


Kutumb, founded in 2020 by Vipul Allawadhi, Naveen Dewangan, Mohit Sharma, and Abhishek Kejriwal, recognizes the rich tapestry of communities in India, encompassing diverse cultural, religious, and professional affiliations. With a vision to embrace the communal spirit, Kutumb is developing a social network that caters to millions of members within various communities. This platform aims to connect people based on shared interests, beliefs, and professions, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration across India’s myriad communities.


Founded in September 2021 by Vineet Agrawal and Saurav Ghosh, Bengaluru-based startup Jiraaf specializes in high-yield alternative fixed-income investment products, offering impressive yields ranging between 8-20%. While retail investors traditionally had access to fixed deposits (FDs), real estate, gold, and debt funds in the fixed income sector, structured fixed income products were typically reserved for the ultra-rich.

Vineet Agrawal, drawing from his experience as a former executive at Piramal Fund Management, recognized the high entry barrier of Rs 1 to Rs 2 crore for such investments. This realization led to the inception of Jiraaf, a digitally driven alternate investment startup in Bengaluru. Jiraaf provides diverse alternative fixed-income investment products, including corporate debt, invoice discounting, asset-backed leasing, venture debt, and revenue-based financing.

It’s worth noting that Jiraaf differentiates itself from aggregators. The startup, leveraging its supply side, exclusively originates and curates investment opportunities for retail investors. Powered by technology, Jiraaf ensures a seamless investment journey and convenient portfolio monitoring for its users. To connect with its audience, Jiraaf employs a mix of online and traditional marketing channels, actively addressing customer queries.


Established in 2015 by Shrey Badhani, the Founder, and Ameve Sharma, the Co-Founder, Kapiva stands as a homegrown direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, revolutionizing holistic modern Ayurveda with a mission to simplify and promote everyday wellness. With a focus on consumer-centricity, Kapiva offers easily integrable solutions designed to simplify Ayurveda and fit seamlessly into people’s daily lives.

As a pioneer and disruptor, Kapiva holds the distinction of being India’s first brand to introduce super grain mixes. The company places a significant emphasis on utilizing research and science-backed techniques, combined with the finest ingredients, to deliver top-notch and convenient solutions to consumers. Going beyond product offerings, Kapiva extends its commitment to holistic wellness by providing Indians with healthcare solutions, including doctor’s consultations and diet charts, ensuring comprehensive support for individuals to achieve their health goals.

What sets Kapiva apart is its holistic approach to health and wellness, viewing it from a 360° perspective. In addition to offering solution-based products, the brand empowers consumers with end-to-end support throughout their healthcare journey. Kapiva has been a trailblazer globally by introducing Ayurveda for millennials, presenting the benefits of age-old Ayurveda in modern, convenient, and accessible formats. The brand’s constant innovation, driven by changing consumer needs, reflects its unwavering commitment to consumer-centricity. The sourcing story behind each product underscores Kapiva’s greatest advantage – the ability to procure high-quality, best-in-class ingredients with meticulous care and thoughtful consideration.


Founded in 2015 by Kiran Kalakuntla and Srikanth Samudrala, ekincare has emerged as a trailblazing AI-based health and benefits platform designed specifically for corporates. This platform plays a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of corporate healthcare by optimizing spending and fostering tangible health outcomes.

At its core, ekincare offers corporations a robust solution to efficiently manage and administer health benefits. The platform’s innovative approach involves harnessing artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive health graph. This patent-pending AI-powered health assistant seamlessly integrates medical data from various sources, enabling the prediction of health risks. What sets ekincare apart is its ability to provide timely and personalized recommendations to address these identified risks.

The platform has garnered recognition through its association with notable clients such as LinkedIn, Nike, Lenovo, S&P Global, and eBay. These partnerships underscore the effectiveness and reliability of ekincare in the corporate healthcare landscape.

Ekincare’s overarching mission is to democratize quality healthcare, making it both affordable and accessible for corporations, their employees, and their families. The platform achieves this by fostering smarter communication channels between users and service partners, offering intuitive and customizable health plans, and embracing a forward-thinking approach to employee health and well-being in the ever-evolving “Workplace of Tomorrow.”

In essence, ekincare is not just a health platform; it’s a catalyst for change in how we perceive and approach corporate healthcare. With a commitment to innovation and accessibility, ekincare is leading the way towards a healthier and more connected future for corporate well-being.


Launched in 2021 by Prashant A. Bhonsle, Kuhoo stands as an innovative online student loan platform, leveraging technology and data science to empower students and alleviate the financial burden on parents. The platform’s approach encourages students to take personal responsibility for their education expenses.

Kuhoo’s curated student loan products provide flexibility in repayment and offer self-service options through an interactive mobile app and website. The platform caters to a diverse range of academic pursuits, including engineering, MBA, executive education, online courses, coaching classes, and contemporary courses. Collaborating with banks, NBFCs, top colleges, and coaching centers globally, Kuhoo is positioned to facilitate accessible education financing.

Recognizing the significant effort students invest in navigating the journey from application to enrollment, Kuhoo is committed to disrupting the student loan sector. The platform aims to give students greater control over their financial decisions, ensuring that monetary constraints do not impede their dreams. At Kuhoo, it’s not just about providing loans; it’s about creating the “Sound of Opportunity” for its members.

Kuhoo’s mission goes beyond financial support; it is driven by the belief that education is the key to unlocking India’s potential on the global stage. By bridging financial gaps, Kuhoo aspires to transform aspirations into reality, contributing to the nation’s success and empowering students to achieve their educational dreams.

Eka care

Established in 2020 by Vikalp Sahni, Eka Care emerges as a digital healthcare platform driven by the vision of creating a connected healthcare ecosystem for improved health outcomes. The platform addresses the evolving needs of the healthcare landscape, starting with its initiative to provide 24×7 free consultations specifically tailored for COVID-19 patients.

With a growing network of 250 doctors, with over 100 actively serving COVID-19 patients voluntarily, Eka Care facilitates continuous patient-doctor connectivity. The platform introduces three essential flows to enhance engagement. Upon onboarding, doctors can efficiently manage clinic operations and patient interactions, including teleconsultations, using Eka Care.

Eka Care’s collaboration with partner labs enhances its service by delivering reports directly to customers through the platform. These reports are securely stored in the cloud within the private health repository of the care seeker. This integrated experience fosters seamless communication between the lab, the doctor, and the care seeker, allowing the exchange of relevant documents with consent.

Patients, in turn, benefit from 24×7 access to COVID-19 specialist doctors, enabling them to seek consultations and address their concerns promptly. Eka Care, with its comprehensive approach, exemplifies a commitment to leveraging digital solutions for fostering accessible and connected healthcare experiences.


Founded in 2020 by Koustav Dey, Atulya Bhat, and Raghav Nagarajan, Jodo is dedicated to crafting specialized financial products for middle-income households. At the forefront of their offerings is the flagship product – Jodo, designed to assist families in managing the academic expenses of their children.

Jodo introduces a unique approach by allowing customers to convert two to three lump sum installments into a monthly payment plan with a zero percent interest rate. The startup collaborates with schools to extend these payment plans to parents. For those opting for the Jodo payment plan, the startup covers the fees on behalf of parents and subsequently collects them in installments throughout the year. The repayment amounts are tailored based on the parents’ cash inflow profile, and Jodo charges only a nominal one-time processing fee for enrolling parents into the payment plan, without any additional interest rates on the fees.

Jodo’s mission revolves around making education payments convenient and affordable for parents, simultaneously simplifying fee collections for educational institutes. The broader vision of the startup is to significantly enhance the financial well-being of individuals and businesses by providing tailored financial products designed to meet their unique needs. Jodo’s commitment lies in creating a financial ecosystem that empowers families and educational institutions alike.