Punar is purpose driven company bringing you Award winning sustainable corporate gifts, business gifts and homewares that are ethically handcrafted by women weaving innovative textiles with a story. Designed in Naarm & crafted by women artisans in India. Punar means “Again” in the ancient Sanskrit language in India. Often used in the context of ‘rejuvenation’ and ‘rebirth’, we couldn’t think of a better name to honour our women who making a new start in life despite their socioeconomic background. Our innovative approach is using rejuvenated yarn into beautiful products. Punar, circular economy is at the heart of our creations. The handloom fabric used to create our products is made using finest quality recycled yarn, developed by upcycling textile landfill waste.Our purpose is creating a better tomorrow for people and planet.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. (EEN) is an American company providing cloud-based video surveillance products[3][4] for physical security and business operations applications. Eagle Eye’s 100% cloud managed solutions provides cloud and on-premise recording, bank level security and encryption, and broad analog and digital camera support – all accessed via the web or mobile applications. Businesses of all sizes and types utilize Eagle Eye solutions for operational optimization and security. All Eagle Eye products benefit from Eagle Eye’s developer friendly RESTful API platform and Big Data Video Framework ™, which allow for indexing, search, retrieval, and analysis of live and archived video. Eagle Eye’s open Video API has been widely adopted for integration in alarm monitoring, third party analytics, security dashboards, and point of sale system integrations.


Myntra is a major Indian fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.personalized gift items. Myntra launched an express delivery service on its app to offer one of a kind of experience by fashion & beauty platform. This service allow shoppers to receive their orders for products marked with ‘M-express tag’ on the listing page within 24–48 hours of purchase. BEST PLACE FOR ONLINE FASHION. Myntra is one of the unique online sellers in India where fashion is accessible to all. With a bunch of amazing filters


Snapmint was established in 2017 and since then, we have provided customers the option to shop on EMI without Credit Card. You can do easy EMI shopping online without a credit card using Debit Card, UPI, or Netbanking on the Snapmint EMI store and on all 400+ partner brands. A 2-minute approval process and minimal documentation are required. We are 100% secure as we are an RBI-licensed NBFC. Download our App today to start shopping on easy EMI, hassle-free. Getting an easy EMI without a credit card is now possible with Snapmint. We understand your needs for Online EMI shopping. In India, out of 550 Million PAN card holders, only 50 Million have access to Credit Cards to shop on easy no cost EMI. Snapmint is thus changing the narrative of who can buy on EMI. If you are interested in EMI online shopping with Debit Card or UPI, you should know about Snapmint EMI.

Hashtag loyalty

Hashtag Loyalty helps you build customer loyalty, improve customer retention and increase your revenue.helps you grow your business in three simple steps.first-party customer data via a touchpoint – loyalty program, feedback or reservation system – that adds value to your business and enhances customer experience.customer behaviour and preferences through performance reports, actionable insights and in-depth customer segmentation that help you make key business decisions.with customers at scale in an automated, targeted and personalized manner based on their activity. Track engagement performance and revenue generated in real-time.Fit to cater Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses alike, see how Hashtag Loyalty works to grow your business.Trusted by over 1000 businesses across 30 cities in India to build customer loyalty, improve customer retention and increase revenue.

Bombay Play

At Bombay Play, innovation, health and happiness go hand-in-hand. We are invested not only in our employees’ overall health, but also in safeguarding their future.Compensation – Competitive salaries, performance bonuses and opportunities for equity Participation Health – Medical insurance for employees and their families, WFH Family – Maternity & Paternal leaves for birth parents and adoptive families.Work-Life Balance – Flexible work timings, Paid time-offs, Employee assistance Programs Employee Engagement Culture – TGIF evenings, game jamming sessions, Monthly Game Changer awards, VOBP(Voice of Bombay Play) Feedback surveys

Cron AI

Provider of a LiDAR and AI-based adaptive 3D sensor edge data processing platform. It offers hardware and software solutions for 3D sensing. It has developed deep learning algorithms for 3D sensing, user- optimized throughout, and a real-time self-adaptation system. Its deep learning platform facilitates intelligent transport systems, smart spaces, robotics applications, autonomous vehicles, and security applications. It can be used in sensors, neural networks, mobility, transport infrastructure, smart spaces, automation, and security industries.Cron AI has 96 active competitors and it ranks 27th among them.53 of its competitors are funded while 14 have exited.Overall, Cron AI and its competitors have raised over $3.76B in funding across 182 funding rounds involving 553 investors.There are 3 private unicorns, 6 public and 8 acquired companies in the entire competition set.


Numberz is a smart Accounts Receivable and Collections automation platform that helps businesses view, track and collect their unpaid invoices. It is an award-winning platform, businesses are able to manage, anticipate and free up their cash-flows stuck as AR. Helping the CXOs, Collectors, and the Clients equally. numberz is a cloud-based accounts receivable software designed to help businesses view and track their unpaid invoices on a centralized platform. numberz is a smart accounts receivable and collections automation platform that helps users view, track and collect their unpaid invoices.


The Khabri App is an online audio sharing platform where you can listen to Hindi audio news, current affairs, job, horoscope, express news, stories, and monitized podcasts, as well as post your own channel and also post audio and make money. Khabri enables you to listen to summarized news articles on the go and thus keep you updated with all the latest News Enabling next billion internet users to consume information and content in their local languages through Audio. Audio learning app Khabri has rolled out its monetisation strategy, tying up with creators and offering curated learning content.


4baseCare is a leading precision oncology company with a strong focus on personalised cancer treatment using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and 4baseCare, An Illumina Accelerator Company, is engaged in the development of cutting-edge precision oncology solutions, using advanced genomics and next-gen digital health technology, to personalize patient care in oncology A 360-degree digital healthcare platform that aims at building a unified and Patient-centric ecosystem to provide holistic support to patients in their fight It is working towards developing a first-of-its-kind, Indian population-specific gene panel that will analyse a large number of genes for cancer-associated mutations to identify optimal treatment options, leading to improved outcomes.