WhatsApp Group Rules

StartupLanes has a WhatsApp Group for each city. Entrepreneurs can join that city WhatsApp group in which they are residing. Joining the SL WhatsApp group will provide a platform for corporate connect and networking for entrepreneurs. You can get access to the global community and relationship building. People in the group will stay updated about meet-up events and other activities.

Each member should abide by the following rules: 

1. Hate, porn, religion, politics, abuse, or discrimination related posts are strictly FORBIDDEN.

2. Forwarded messages like Good Morning, Good Night is FORBIDDEN. Only handwritten custom messages are allowed in case a greeting is required.

3. Any Startup related forwarded message is ALLOWED, however, it should NOT be a Self Promotion.

4. Self Promotions are allowed ONLY on TUESDAY between 10 am to 1 pm and FRIDAY between 10 am to 1 pm, as per the time zone of the WhatsApp group. The Self Promotion must contain the custom offer for StartupLanes members. It should NOT be a generalized message for all. It should contain the word “StartupLanes” or “SLites” and should be formatted as per the template. Please refer to the Promotion Guidelines section. Note – Tuesday: 10 am to 1 pm | Friday: 10 am to 1 pm

5. Fighting and Heated Arguments are FORBIDDEN in the Group.

6. The team of StartupLanes including Chapter Director, Regional Director, Community Manager, Associate Director, Co-Founder, CEO, Employee of SL Group Company, or Anyone authorized by StartupLanes management is free to post any content that is beneficial to the group or is informative in nature, it will not be considered as promotional content and therefore the rule of Tuesday & Friday as mentioned in point 4 doesn’t apply.

7. Any critical information that affects day to day life of the society and business is acceptable, e.g. Demonetization News, Income Tax, etc.

8. Any information that is meant to save the life of a person is acceptable to be shared in the group, e.g. Blood Requirement.

9. Any achievement of a group member is acceptable to be shared in the group, provided that it is relevant to startups/businesses.

10. Any type of business requirement can be posted in the group, however, JOB POSTS are allowed ONLY on WEDNESDAY between 10 am to 1 pm. Please refer to the template of job posts in the Job Posts Guidelines.

11. Any other GROUP INVITATION is FORBIDDEN. Also, personal messages to group members for inviting them to any other group is FORBIDDEN.

12. Sending personal messages promotional in nature to group members is FORBIDDEN.

13. Only messages written in ENGLISH language are ALLOWED.

14. Posts related to EVENTS without Co-branding of StartupLanes are FORBIDDEN.

15. The person should physically be present in the city and/or reside in the city where the group exists. A member is allowed to join ONLY ONE GROUP. 

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