I moved to Goa in the year 2020 for the obvious reason: health and better lifestyle. I have found that this place is awesome, despite of having a lot of challenges.

Why Work from Goa?

  1. Health: Your life reduces by 10 years if you live in Metro cities like Delhi because of the rising pollution. Goa is free from the pollution.
  2. Safety: It’s the safest place to live in India.
  3. Nature: Goa is a heaven on earth in terms of natural beauty. You have Sea, Mountains, Rivers and Green patches all around.
  4. Income: Goa is the richest state in India in terms of per-capita income. You have opportunities of earning more.
  5. Lifestyle: Goa gives you a happening and luxuries lifestyle.
  6. People: People of Goa are friendly, educated and well behaved.
  7. Language: Everybody understands English and Hindi in Goa.
  8. Food: You can get food from all over India in Goa.
  9. Education: Good schools and colleges are there in Goa. Everybody speaks English.
  10. Parties: Parties are everywhere in Goa.
  11. Yoga: You can easily find Yoga classes here to live a healthy life.
  12. Dance: Dance classes are there all across Goa to keep you engaged and entertained.
  13. Music: You can learn and play music or listen to music all across Goa, almost every restaurant has live music or the recorded one.
  14. Work Opportunities: Goa is short of staff, therefore it’s a huge opportunity for you to get a good job.


Entrepreneurs should consider that there is shortage of staff and business opportunities in Goa. The offices are very less, and rentals and property prices are extremely high. The high cost of living may also be a barrier.


It’s a preferred choice of freelancers as they can work from anywhere. The number of freelancers is increasing in Goa, day by day.

Job Seekers

A massive opportunity for the job seekers is there in Goa. There is a shortage of people and obviously mass shortage of talented people. Job seekers get exciting work environment.


  1. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Goa is high, everything specially food is bit on higher side.
  2. Public Transport: Goa doesn’t have a proper public transport system. Metro is not there, even bus services is not like metro cities. Cab aggregators like Ola, Uber doesn’t exist here.
  3. Lack of Staff: Staff if not easily available. We have to depend upon people coming from outside.
  4. Limited Business Opportunities: There are not many companies operational in Goa in comparison to the Metro cities.
  5. Property Prices: The residential property is expensive to buy. Moreover, the rentals are very high.

Further Support

Let me know if you are looking for any support in moving to Goa. I will be happy to assist you in finding a property of living, office space, or job opportunity to work. We are also hiring for StartupLanes, we can consider you in case we have a suitable opening. We can invest in your startup in case you need funding and you are willing to move to Goa.


Please fill up this Google Form, I will check and support you further.

Entrepreneurs should be specific with their requirements before they fill up the form, this will save time. Please share your 3 minutes video introducing yourself and your business, I will upload it to my YouTube Channel and share it with the job seekers, freelancers and other Entrepreneurs.

Job Seekers should create a 3 minute video introducing themselves, mentioning where do you live at present, are you are fresher or experienced, what is your domain expertise and then mention for a minute: why do you want to work from Goa? Mention your hobbies, interests and other important information about your education etc. Upload the video in your Google Drive and share the link in the form. Make sure that you give the download rights (anyone with the link can view) to the link of your folder in the drive.

I will upload your video at my YouTube Channel and share the playlist with people who are interested in hiring staff in Goa.

Freelancers can fill up the form mentioning whether they are looking for a property to work from home or they want to live and work separately from the office or co-working space. Please upload your 3 minute video with your personal introduction mentioning your experience and domain expertise. I will upload this at my YouTube Channel and share this with the Entrepreneurs looking for hire the freelancers.

Here is the Google Form: Work from Goa Form

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Shishir Gupta, Founder & CEO – StartupLanes

Panaji, Goa