Focus on Customer more than Product

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Startups, Focus on Customer Best advice if you’re just starting or growing a business, as told by Roger James Hamilton in his original post: Focus at your customer more than


Challenges of Startup Fundraising

Apr/4 By

Startup is like a latest trend in fashion now, more and more people are coming up with startups, almost everywhere in India. Most of the startup Entrepreneurs are building their

Failed Startup: Done by None

Mar/12 By

Done by None – A Funded Startup that Failed I am writing after a long time. I was focusing upon my upcoming startup that is an intelligent store by the

Startup Consulting

Feb/13 By

Startup Consulting Raising a startup can be a complicated task that will require constant consulting from experts about day to day challenges. Startup  consulting is the practice of helping startups to

Growth Hacking: Explained

Jan/26 By

Growth Hacking by Shishir Gupta Growth Hacking is a buzzword that emerged in Silicon Valley around 2011 and quickly spread globally. It describes the use of technical skills hybridized with creativity to

Startups Directory

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List your startup

AI startups

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence Startups Artificial Intelligence is a research field where people attempt to reproduce complex behaviors/features often associated to intelligence in a computer system. The behaviors and features can relate, but

Co-Founders Required: Hyperlocal in Delhi/NCR

Jan/7 By

Co-Founders Required Industry: Hyperlocal B2B/B2C Location: Delhi/NCR I am building a Hyperlocal delivery startup in on-demand logistics segment. Please read my previous post regarding hyperlocal. Please go through the co-founder

Lean Startup Explained

Jan/6 By

Lean Startup The Lean Startup is a human institution designed to create a new product/service under extreme uncertainty. The primary goal of the Lean Startup is to eliminate waste and

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Explained

Jan/5 By

Understanding Multi-Vendor Marketplace Huge e-commerce portals like Amazon and eBay are some good examples of a multi-vendor marketplace. There are multiple sellers selling their products in these marketplaces and hence

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