The biggest city of China is a tourist destination for its historical landmarks. Shanghai is the global financial hub and the center for trade and shipment. Shanghais air gives entrepreneurs an excited and optimistic feeling for their startups. China’s and especially Shanghai, the startup Eco-system is blooming.

The startup culture in Shanghai is dominated by young minds lucky to be backed by a lot of funding. China’s tech sector is the most innovative and strongest. And has the fastest growing market in Asia. Xiaomi, Tesla, ByteDance are some of the known companies in Shanghai.

Who are the major AI startups in Shanghai?

China is a leading innovator in terms of technology. Shanghais startups are making major breakthroughs in AI. Some AI startups in Shanghai are:

Ping An Health Medical Technology: The company provides suite healthcare services for the patients and their families. The company has an app through which patients can manage their online healthcare services.

YITU Technology: The company develops AI-based business applications. Founded in 2012 it is based in Shanghai. It has developed technologies for computer vision, natural language, intelligent hardware, robotics, etc.

IceKredit: The company uses machine learning and advanced big data technologies to assess the credit level of individuals and SMEs. The company claims to have raised an Angel round of funding. 

YI Technology: It develops different types of cameras such as action, home and dash camera for consumers. It also makes drones. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Shanghai, China.

Who are the Angel Investors in Shanghai?

James Haft, Geoffrey Handley, Marshall Yang, Leo Wang, George Godula, etc are some of the top Angel Investors in Shanghai. They have funded many successful startups in different sectors.

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