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WhatsApp is the most important medium of digital communication today. It is getting popular one of the best and most all over the world. The one who has a smartphone will definitely have WhatsApp installed.

StartupLanes is a community of entrepreneurs that operates multiple WhatsApp groups in 40 Cities across 7 Countries. We have more than 4000 entrepreneurs who interact directly with each other in the WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp is completely free for use and users can instantly send a message anywhere in the world. Easy to use, even a novice mobile user can use it. WhatsApp also has a voice call support along with video calling. It allows users to send Document files up to 100Mb such as PDF, Slideshows, etc. Moreover, WhatsApp does not have any advertisements on the display screens.

WhatsApp calling made it more reliable and useful for the day to day communication. Now, WhatsApp has replaced SMS communication for most of us. That’s why StartupLanes have created the WhatsApp for Entrepreneurs – The WhatsApp groups in multiple cities for Entrepreneurs.

StartupLanes is an eco-system for startups. It is structured as a group of companies, each into different segments solving the big problems for the benefit of startups. StartupLanes was established on 16 January 2016, now it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, ranked 113 by Growjo’s. StartupLanes is an ever-growing network of startups that has a presence in 40 cities across 7 countries now. It is spreading its wings all across the World at a fast pace.

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, it is crucial for startups, being a part of a business eco-system provides mechanisms to leverage technology, achieve excellence in research and business competence, and compete against other larger companies.

Rather than resisting the change, the companies have to reshape and align their business goals and include a business eco-system – as being a part of one is crucial to succeed. This provides important benefits to each member and understanding the benefits of the business eco-system you are a part of, is necessary to practice a flourishing business activity. The WhatsApp for Entrepreneurs by StartupLanes has made it easy for all the Entrepreneurs to quickly plugin to the entire SL ecosystem and start communication.

WhatsApp Groups are the proven way to spread your message to more customers in a fraction of second. It has become an excellent way to collaborate with other Entrepreneurs. StartupLanes has dedicated groups of Entrepreneurs in 56 Cities spread across 15 Countries.

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You can join StartupLanes India WhatsApp Group here: Join StartupLanes WhatsApp Group

Here is the Telegram Group link: StartupLanes Telegram Group. If the link doesn’t work then download Telegram and search @StartupLanes in it to join StartupLanes Telegram Group.