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Burger Singh Raised INR 30 Crores Funding from StartupLanes

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TalentGum Raised 3 Crores From StartupLanes

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StartupLanes had invested ₹350 Crores ($43 m) through Equity in early-stage Startups. We have both Equity and Debt funding options available. Our Cheque size is between ₹1 to ₹30 Crores ($120k – $3.7 m). We are the only Angel Network which is operating in 15 Countries, and has two divisions of the Angel Network: NRI Angels for PIOs and NRIs and SL Angels for Domestic Investors in 15 Countries. At present, we have 4400+ Angel Investors registered with us.

We have Full-Service Investment Banking and Asset Financing as well.

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Punjabi Angithi is a pure vegetarian food chain that originated in west Delhi 8 years ago. They provide authentic, assorted, affordable, and amazing food. They serve North Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, rolls, momos, and over 250+ items.


Sepal is the world’s first IOT-enabled 2-wheeler accessory that can be installed on any motorcycle in 5 mins. Once installed, it provides the rider and the pillion with the android-auto-like infotainment system and complete weather protection comforts.

Taxida is a smart taxi marketplace connecting consumers and businesses with all types of mobility service providers of today and in the future, from zero emission vehicles to Robo Taxis. They have many corporate used cases as they bridge the private taxi owners and corporate.

We offer 35 different da​ta​ science models and AI solutions to help businesses manage products and cataloguing, demand and supply, logistics and network, marketing and engagement across channels.