Company-Atria Convergence Technologies 


Hara Prasad Kar is the CIO at Atria Convergence Technologies. He takes care of the strategy, overall administration and implementation of the robust communication platform. He holds extensive knowledge in various areas of the IT business, including Petrochem, Telecom and DTH. Prior joining ACT, he worked with big companies like TATA Sky, Airtel, and Reliance. He led the strategy and execution of the state-of-the-art technology and emerging IT management models for TATA Sky. Being the former IT manager of Airtel, he managed the post-paid billing, CRM operations and various other activities. 

He integrated various IT Applications and was responsible for the maintenance of IT circle assets apart from performing other duties. His journey is indeed very inspiring.


Company-Acutec Global Services LLP


She is the CIO of Acutec Global Services LLP since 2019. She formerly worked as a project manager at TechTree IT Systems Pvt. Ltd. for almost 22 years. She is an asset to the organization by bringing her knowledge along with vision to the company. She is an inspiration for a lot of people. She is skilled in software product management, java, requirement analysis and many more. 

She truly inspires the young minds of India to achieve success in life through passion and perseverance.


Company-Adani Enterprises Limited


Rupesh Nain is the CIO of Adani’s portfolio of natural resources businesses at Adani Group. He is responsible for driving digital-led innovation and business transformation for growth and increased competitiveness. Formerly, he was the head IT at JCB India where he served as a passionate and a resilient business technology leader. 

His strengths include articulating strategy, executing it and delivering value through innovative use of IT. He has an experience of over 20 years where he worked with a lot of multinational companies. He likes to push the boundaries in order to achieve great things in life.


Company-Adani Group


Sanjay Rawal is the Group CIO of Adani Group. He established and constructed service operation centres for end consumers. He performed as a business leader with 26+ years of expertise in the IT sector, delivering transformative projects and innovation, responsible for various large-scale worldwide operations, customer solution engagement, and sophisticated business solutions across industrial domains.

He also worked at Bharti Airtel for a period of 10 years where he served as the VP and CIO of “Network Servicing Group” among having other designations. He impacts the lives of various individuals through his insightful journey.


Company-Adani Power


Nitin Rohilla is the CIO of Adani Power. He is responsible for monitoring the company’s digital transformation and IT initiatives for business growth. Formerly, he was the Vice President of IT at Adani Electricity. He has 30 years of experience and has worked for firms such as Tata Power, Pidilite Industries Limited, Cairn Energy and many more. 

He completed his electrical engineering degree from NIT Kurukshetra and further completed his MBA in IT and Systems from FMS University of Delhi. There he learned a lot of things which shaped him into the person he is today. One of his achievements would be the introduction of new technology and improving the automation through Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, etc. His main motto in life is to contribute to society.


Company-Adani Group


Arivarasu Selvaraj is the Chief Information Technology Officer of Adani Group. He is a global business leader with a solid technical background, a commercial outlook, and excellent management experience across industries. 

He showcases an excellent understanding of how digitalization can transform a company. He has also been a mentor for startups, speaker at different forums, adviser for numerous developmental projects and promotes sustainability initiatives. He is a diligent leader who motivates us to achieve something in life. 


Company-Adani Wilmar Limited


Venkata Damera is the Chief Information Officer of Adani Wilmar Limited. He has extensive knowledge of the FMCG, agricultural, chemical, fertilizer, and IT services industries. He has taken care of different tasks in areas of IT, digital, shared administration models, etc. He is adept in analyzing information system needs, evaluating user requirements, designing customized solutions, and delivering strategic inputs and IT vision for implementing new technologies. 
He possesses in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and the latest innovations. He plays an important role in ensuring the growth of the organization through his dedication and zeal.




Abhimanyu Goswami is the CIO and Managing Director of AGIL. He is adept in the field of finance and IT. The idea of Abhimanyu Goswami for AGIL is to generate opportunities for clients to invest in, with the purpose of creating wealth for our customers. He has been supremely passionate about shares and investments since a very young age, which has finally led him to establish AGIL.
He inspires people to work towards their goal with determination and a positive mindset.

109.Vamsee Krishna G



Vamsee Krishna G is the CIO of AI LOGISTIX. He has 17 years of experience in software implementation, design, project management, etc. He acquired a strong background in retail, logistics and banking. He has an extensive knowledge of contemporary ideas of project planning and execution, including scope management. 

He believes that education does not teach us everything as much as the real world and its situation teaches us. We have to face the challenges thrown at us everyday and overcome them. 

110.Ramkumar Mohan

Company-Air Works Group


Ramkumar Mohan is the CIO of Air Works Group. He also served formerly as the Associate Vice President and General Manager of IT in the same company. He has an immense knowledge in monitoring IT and data security strategies for a wide range of industries, including aviation, banking, financial services, human resources, and manufacturing. He has substantial experience in managing data centres, facilitating digitalization, and creating flexibility in IT businesses. 
He has made the business process flexible with the help of IT innovations, thus promoting digitalization. His journey has indeed been an inspiration.

111.Stefan Nily

Company-Airbus India


Stefan Nily is the CIO of Airbus India. He has been working for 20 years for Airbus performing various duties within the Information management. His career started 30 years ago with working in the It companies like IBM and SAP. 
He is a dedicated leader who is enthusiastic about network building and focuses on optimizing IT organization for business value generation through the process of digitalization.

112.Roshan Popli

Company-Airports Authority Of India


Roshan Popli is the Chief Information and Chief Security Officer of Airports Authority of India. He was responsible for developing a technology strategy and roadmap to meet current and future business objectives. In addition, he also worked towards improving the overall cybersecurity measures, such as the implementation of a cybersecurity strategy, roadmap, validation of ISMS, as well as the strengthening of security measures. 
He is surely an asset to the organization as he has great communication skills and an excellent ability of network building.

113.Pinak Chakraborty

Company-Airtel Payments Bank


Pinak Chakraborty is the CIO of Airtel Payments Bank. He created a technology strategy that was aligned with the product and company goal, and drove exponential growth while decreasing manual labour and operating costs. In a nutshell, his goal is to provide a seamless, personalized, always-available secure banking and financial services experience to all citizens of the country, regardless of where they live.
He is an engineering leader who is passionate about providing end users with a flawless and personalized experience.

114.Sitesh Srivastava

Company-Alankit Group


Sitesh Srivastava is the CIO and CTO of Alankit Group. He has experience working in the Information Technology and services industry. He is skilled in business process, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management, IT Strategy, Data Center and GST Implementation. 
He is a great leader with excellent communication and decision-making skills.

115.Ganesh Ramachandran

Company-Alkem Laboratories Ltd.


Ganesh Ramachandran is the Global CIO of Alkem Laboratories Ltd. He accelerated digital activities by planning and delivering projects that resulted in significant value results for the firm across the value chain. He provides extensive expertise in numerous aspects of general management, which he uses to successfully establish and run Profit & Loss units.
He also led the digital marketing and sales analytics teams to assist drive data-driven choices. He helped in enabling the business to run more efficiently through technology.

116.Sanjay Verma

Company-Ester Industries Limited


Sanjay Verma is the Chief Digital and Information Officer of Ester Industries Limited. He plays an important part in establishing a flawless business transformation, as well as growing next-generation solutions such as IT application and infrastructure services to meet the company’s business model at the corporate level.
His primary goal is to generate analytical insights and give predictive analysis of delivery outcomes, changing the ecosystem to a complete digital platform, and meeting the growing market dynamics in the Polyester domain. He is a capable leader who ensure the growth of the organization through hardwork and determination.

117.Ashish Mathur

Company-Allcargo Logistics Ltd & ECU Worldwide


Ashish Mathur is the Group CIO of Allcargo Logistics Ltd & ECU Worldwide. He is adept in banking and financial services, human resources, FMCG, manufacturing, and logistics industries, as well as the role of IT operations in these enterprises. He has also contributed significantly to enterprises in the areas of business development, business process transfer, project management, BCM, information security, and risk management and governance.
He motivates us to achieve great things in life through passion and perseverance.

118.Farhan Khan

Company-Allied Blenders and Distillers Ltd


Farhan Khan is the CIO of Allied Blenders and Distillers Ltd. He has over 27 years of expertise in information System Management, IT Operation Management, Digital Transformation Management, IT Service Management and many more. He is a versatile team leader who is skilled in recruitment, client coordination, mentoring, etc. 
He also has over 2 years of international experience in the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

119.Arun Maheshwari

Company-Altigreen Propulsion Labs


Arun Maheshwari is the CIO of Altigreen Propulsion Labs. He has experience in numerous domains and the confidence to learn rapidly, abstract it at the appropriate level and combine it on top of his foundation to apply. He enjoys working with the managers on tactical needs and executives on strategic goals. His journey has been indeed inspiring.

120.Surajit Neog

Company-Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd


Surajit Neog is the CIO of Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd. He supervises the company’s IT department with a group of 6 employees. He is also incharge of managing deployed hardware in 27 sites and corporate IT application software. He has built this company with his wit and determination.

121.Sujit Bhattacherjee

Company-AMRI Hospitals


Sujit Bhattacherjee is the Group CIO of AMRI Hospitals. He is a dedicated healthcare IT specialist with over 20 years of extensive experience in patient care, with a primary emphasis and motivation on enhancing the patient experience in hospitals via the deployment of innovative and cost-effective IT solutions. 
He supervises security aspects of new and existing gear and software, and ensures that it complies with the organization’s security policy.

122.Supriyo Mitra

Company-Analogic Networks


Supriyo Ghosh is the CIO of Analogic Networks and a software consultant of TestYard. His interests are in leveraging open source software to develop solutions. He has experience of over 15 years in the area of software development as a senior developer. 
He showcases his extraordinary talents and hardwork and therefore, ensures the growth and success of the organization.

123.Subroto Panda



Subroto Panda has been the CIO of ANAND AND ANAND for more than 11 years now. His primary responsibility is to align the industry’s operational capabilities with global benchmarks. He was also the head and senior manager of IT in the same company. He coordinates, manages, and allocates resources according to necessity to maximize the IT bandwidth.
He showcases his organizational and problem-solving skills and is definitely an asset to the organization.

124.Nitin Parmar

Company-Arvind Limited


Nitin Parmar is the Group Chief Information Officer of Arvind Limited. He led the drive for digital transformation & IT Governance in big companies. He is a leader with deep business and digital understanding in Global Organizations spanning Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Apparel, Retail, Real Estate, Engineering, White goods and Chemical domains. 
He is a capable leader who is determined to establish the business through digitalization.

125.Sharad Prasad

Company-Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited


Sharad Prasad is the Chief Information and the Vice President of Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited. He is the technology Head in Asset Reconstruction Company, BFSI Segment. He also worked for different banking projects in the Business Intelligence and Core Banking Area. He brings his experience and knowledge to the organization.

126.Tushar Zade

Company-Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Limited


Tushar Zade is the CIO of Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Limited. He is a leader with extensive experience who has worked in a variety of industries. He has expertise with cutting-edge stakeholder management in the development and support of numerous technology-driven initiatives. 
He is an all rounder with an umpteen amount of experience and skills.

127.Ujjal Kumar Ghatak

Company-Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company (AG&P)


Ujjal Kumar Ghatak is the CIO of Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company (AG&P). He is responsible for handling IT and digital strategy, information technology and systems, IT shared services, information security, IT infrastructure, etc. He has over 25 years of experience working with big companies. 
He is an eminent leader with apprehension in both business and technology. 




R.N.Moorthy is the CIO of AT-TV. He has an immense knowledge of implementing and supporting core Airline solutions in the areas of Reservations, Departure Control, Airline Operations, Crew Management, etc. He has also played a major role as a developer in Automobile and FMCG industries in Automating core functions like Sales, Inventory, etc.
He has a prominent knowledge of formulating the IT strategy for the company, therefore he is an asset to the organization.

129.Narendra Rana

Company-AVTEC Limited


Narendra Rana is the CIO of AVTEC Limited. Head of IT, ERP applications and Infrastructure. He takes care of the IT, ERP, digital strategy and cyber security of the company. He also created a digital map for technological advancement of applications, infrastructure and security.
He is a team player with a great business acumen. He believes in planning and executing IT strategies for the long term.

130.Rajesh Shah

Company-AyurVAID Hospitals


Rajesh Shah is the CIO of AyurVAID Hospitals. He is a technology executive with more than 25 years of application delivery expertise in CRM, ERP, and loyalty across several sectors. He possesses an extensive experience in digital transformation, global delivery, program & project management, and passion for building high performance teams. 
He has great decision making and problem-solving skills.

131.Rajnish Sinha

Company-Bajaj Electricals Ltd


Rajnish Sinha is the Chief Information and Chief Digital Officer of Bajaj Electricals Ltd. He drives a digital transformation and enables the company to be a world-class digital company. He is in charge of leading the Digital Development and Information Technology departments. 
He is a capable leader who enforces the growth of the organization through digitalization drive.

132.Kuljeet Singh

Company-Bajajsons Ltd


Kuljeet Sethi is the CIO of Bajajsons Ltd. He has an in-depth understanding of business processes, industrial processes and technology. Earlier he has worked in Avon Cycles Ltd, with public sector banks, software companies and has supervised implementation of Business Applications of over 150 organizations.
He motivates us to achieve great things in life through his determination and zest.

133.Nilesh Mhatre

Company-Bank of America


Nilesh Mhatre is the CIO of Bank of America. He has over 30 years of significant exposure in numerous technologies, spanning various responsibilities within the IT framework, including software development, IT operations, etc. He has formerly worked as the CIO in the HSBC Bank for 27 years.
He is an eminent leader with considerable years of experience and knowledge in the banking domain.

134.Mahendra K Upadhyay

Company-BARC India


Mahendra K Upadhyay is the CIO of BARC India. He has over 18 years of experience in the telecommunications, banking, retail, media and advertising sectors. He has expertise in end-to-end consumer life cycle management using advanced analytics and Marketing Interventions.
He is a capable business leader who ensures the growth of the organization through passion and perseverance.