Branch Office & Common Business Office

Do you have vacant space in your office? You can utilize it for the Common Business Office. In case you are looking to start a new business, you can start a dedicated branch office of StartupLanes.

Grab the opportunity before it’s too late. StartupLanes is opening branch offices and common business offices all across the World. Join our vast network, we are already there in 56 Cities across 15 Countries.

What is an SL Branch Office (BO)?

The SL Branch Office (BO) is the dedicated franchisee office of StartupLanes. You can start an SL Branch Office anywhere in the World.

What is a Common Business Office (CBO)?

A Common Business Office (CBO) is the shared office. It is your existing office that you will utilize for the work of StartupLanes as well. You will need at least 2 workstation seats to start. You can start a CBO anywhere in the World.

What is the earning potential of Branch Office or Common Business Office?

A BO of 500 sq. ft. typically earns INR 5 lakhs per month revenue, 1000 sq. ft has INR 12 lakhs and 2000 sq. ft. has INR 21 lakh revenue. On the other hand a CBO with 2 dedicated seats earns 90k per agent, that takes the revenue to INR 1.8 lakhs for 2 seats.

What are the common requirements for BO and CBO?

The following things are required:

  1. Dedicated office of 500 or 1000 or 2000 sq. ft. for BO
  2. Dedicated space of minimum 2 workstations for CBO
  3. Computers with high-speed internet connection
  4. The location of office should be fairly approachable
  5. A board and glass panels should be available for branding

What are the steps?

  1. Please apply for BO/CMO through the link in this page.
  2. Our team will evaluate the proposal and call you back.
  3. Provide the additional information to our team for research: space, location, population, traffic, nearby commercial establishments, distance from school / college / hospital / airport / railway station, CBD, road access, width of the road, photographs of the location, Google map, signal strength of cell phone, internet connectivity and tourist/business attractions.
  4. Our team will research the feasibility and inform you in case it is approved.
  5. Post the approval, you have to hire staff and prepare for the branding in case of BO.
  6. Either you should lead the work as a Head or you have to hire a Branch Manager.
  7. The training of staff shall be conducted.
  8. Prospect’s Data will be provided.
  9. Sales will start.
  10. Regular updates with the SL HQ.

What would BO and CBO do?

The BO and CBO will do the following activities:

  1. Appointing Regional Directors for the purpose of further expansion of StartupLanes in your region.
  2. Generating sales for the products of StartupLanes like: Legal, CA Services, Social Media Management, Funding Services, Media, Video, Graphics, Marketing etc.
  3. Inviting angel investors to invest in the startup opportunities.
  4. Inviting startup founders to raise funds.
  5. Connecting with the Colleges, Incubation Centers, Accelerators, Co-Working Offices and Institutes in your locality.
  6. Local branding and promotions in your area.
  7. Marketing of services.
  8. Providing base to the Regional Directors, Chapter Directors and Associate Directors for meeting and support.
  9. Conducting events in your area.
  10. Participating in the virtual events.

Is there any fee or deposit?

There is one time fee for Gold Membership of 3 years, that is INR 30000+GST. This is a tiny fee in comparison to the huge earning potential of the BO and CBO. The fee is same for BO and CBO both.

How to contact StartupLanes for BO/CBO application?

Please apply here for more information and commercial detailsApply for SL Branch Office / Common Business Office.