It’s your opportunity to rise and shine. Be a trusted partner to the startup founder and business leaders utilising the network data, insights and industry knowledge of StartupLanes. It’s an independent consulting post that is a franchisee arrangement. You will help startups in three core areas: funding, branding and sales.

Become a Regional Director at StartupLanes

We have awesome communities of Entrepreneurs in 56 Cities across 15 Countries. These communities are headed by a Regional Director. You can assist us in building the startup ecosystem in your city by applying for this position.

You will get a reoccurring income for life by joining as a Regional Director. The SL startup ecosystem is growing rapidly worldwide, and you can be the leader of growth for SL.

Who is a Regional Director?

The Regional Director is a person who heads a particular city on behalf of StartupLanes. The Regional Director acts as a franchisee of StartupLanes on a long-term basis and helps us in developing the startup ecosystem in the city of the Regional Director.

Who can become a Regional Director?

Any person who matches the criteria below can become a Regional Director at StartupLanes:

  • A graduate/post-graduate from a Govt. recognized university.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Understanding of innovation, invention, and disruption.
  • Understanding of financials.
  • Connected with founders and has a good level of credibility and trust.
  • Passionate about startups.
  • Should be an Entrepreneur or have built communities in the past.
  • Should have experience of a leadership role in the past.

What is the Role of a Regional Director?

A Regional Director (RD) develops, expand, enhance and manage a region for StartupLanes. It is the role of the RD to search, motivate and invite the Entrepreneurs and Investors to join the StartupLanes ecosystem.

The RD handles the business requirements from the Entrepreneurs for their business needs and also help them in taking sales leads from StartupLanes.

The RD leads the community of Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors in a particular region, and represents StartupLanes in the region. 

The RD also appoints Chapter Directors and leads the entire team of the region. It’s an exciting role that you will enjoy for sure.

What are the benefits to the Regional Director?

You can easily earn between USD 4000-7000 (INR 3 to 5 lakhs) per month. The Regional Director of StartupLanes avails the following benefits:

  • Great respect and reputation in the region as this is the highest leadership position for the region.
  • It is a well-compensated role. The Regional Director gets both active and passive income for life.
  • Get attention from the Media and Government.
  • Excellent opportunity to grow the individual business of the Regional Director along with the position.
  • Opportunity to promote all the companies of StartupLanes and the business of members.
  • Best leadership opportunity.
  • Constant learning and support.
  • Grow with the fastest-growing startup. We are rated 113 in the world by Growjo last year and now we are ranked #1 as fastest-growing Internet Company in the World.

What are the responsibilities of a Regional Director?

A Regional Director is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities :

  • Record 1 video per day for sharing knowledge. 
  • Host discussion room for the city members at the clubhouse audio discussions app.
  • Find new Entrepreneurs & Investors at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
  • Interact with the Entrepreneurs & Investors regularly.
  • Appoint Chapter Directors, Functional Experts and Gold Members for the growth of the Startup Ecosystem.
  • Connect with all the Co-Working offices, Accelerators, and Incuabators in the region.

What is the time commitment by a Regional Director?

The Regional Director role is an engaging business role you may do part-time along with your job or business. You will enjoy this role every moment if you are passionate about startups. Following are the specific requirements:

  • The Regional Director should be able to devote 10-12 hours per week.
  • The Regional Director should be able to allocate time at least once a week for meeting the potential Gold members, Chapter Directors, Functional Experts, and Mentors.
  • The Regional Director should be able to find time for the conference call with StartupLanes team once a month.

What is the process of the Regional Director appointment?

The Regional Director needs to follow the process as below:

  • Apply online.
  • Review by SL board.
  • Approval.
  • Contract.
  • Pay the membership fee.
  • Orientation.
  • Announcement.

Is there any fee or deposit?

There is one time fee for Gold Membership of 3 years, that is INR 30000+GST. This fee shall come back to you within 1 month, as the earning opportunity is huge.

Do I need an office or staff for being a Regional Director?

No, you don’t need to have an office or hire staff. We will provide you support of staff. 

How to contact StartupLanes for Regional Director’s application?

Please apply here for more information and commercial detailsYes, I want to become a Regional Director.