Regional Directorship

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Become an Independent Business Partner Franchisee of StartupLanes, popularly known as Regional Director of StartupLanes.

We have awesome communities of Entrepreneurs in 56 Cities across 15 Countries. These communities are headed by a Regional Director. You can assist us in building the startup ecosystem in your city by applying for this position.

You can get a reoccurring income for life by joining as a Regional Director. The SL startup ecosystem is growing rapidly worldwide, and you can be the leader of growth for SL. You can work as a Regional Director along with job or business also, as can be pursued part-time as well.

Objective of Appointing Regional Directors?

The vision of StartupLanes is to generate 1 million jobs for India by promoting entrepreneurship and boosting growth through the StartupLanes ecosystem for Startups and Investors. To scale up, we need independent people who can represent StartupLanes in their region and generate income for StartupLanes and for themselves.

Who is a Regional Director?

The Regional Director is a person who heads a particular city on behalf of StartupLanes. The Regional Director acts as a franchisee of StartupLanes on a long-term basis and helps us in developing the startup ecosystem in the city of the Regional Director.

Who can become a Regional Director?

Any person who matches the criteria below can become a Regional Director at StartupLanes:

  1. A graduate/post-graduate from a Govt. recognized university.
  2. Fluent in written and spoken English.
  3. Understanding of business specially in: innovation, invention, and disruption.
  4. Understanding of financials.
  5. Experience of sales: at least 6 months.
  6. Connected with founders and has a good level of credibility and trust.
  7. Passionate about startups.
  8. Should be willing to build the network of Angel Investors.
  9. Should have experience of a leadership role in the past.
  10. Should be willing to appoint Chapter Directors (Sub-Franchisees)

What is the Role of a Regional Director?

A Regional Director (RD) develops, expand, enhance and manage a region for StartupLanes. It is the role of the RD to search, motivate and invite the Entrepreneurs and Investors to join the StartupLanes ecosystem.

The RD handles the business requirements from the Entrepreneurs for their business needs and also help them in taking sales leads from StartupLanes.

The RD leads the community of Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors in a particular region and represents StartupLanes in the region.

The RD also appoints Chapter Directors and leads the entire team of the region. It’s an exciting role that you will enjoy for sure.

What are the benefits to the Regional Director?

You can good monthly income through the commission that is shared with the Regional Directors. The Regional Director of StartupLanes avails the following benefits:

  1. Respect: Great respect and reputation in the region as this is the highest leadership position for the region.
  2. Huge Income: It is a well-compensated role. The Regional Director gets both active and passive income for life.
  3. Media Attention: Get attention from the Media and Government.
  4. Personal Business: Excellent opportunity to grow the own individual business of the Regional Director along with the business of StartupLanes.
  5. Cross Selling: Opportunity to promote all the companies of StartupLanes and the business of members for commercial benefits.
  6. Leadership: Best leadership opportunity to lead a large group of Chapter Directors who further lead the communities of Entrepreneurs and Investors.
  7. Learning: It’s a great opportunity to learn about different startups, business models, pickup skills and grow.
  8. Fast Growth: Grow with the fastest-growing startup. We were ranked #1 as fastest-growing Internet Company in the World by US based Growjo in the year 2021.

How Regional Director Earns?

A Regional Director Earns in multiple ways:

  1. By Appointing Chapter Directors: You earn INR 2500 per appointment of a Chapter Director under you. Just add 10 Chapter Directors per month to get INR 25000.
  2. By Selling the Services: Sell the services of StartupLanes that are competitively priced to generate income for life as most of them are subscription based. Just sell 10 Pitch Deck Bundles to get INR 75000.
  3. By Referring Startups for Funding: You get 10% of the income of StartupLanes, whether it is equity, or the success fee earned from the revenue generated through the Startup referred by you. Few of our Regional Directors have earned 7-10 lakhs per month by just referring startups. And few of them have earned equity worth 10-25 lakhs by referring the startups for funding.
  4. By Referring Angel Investors: You get 10% of the income generated from the Angel Investors referred by you. This is an unlimited source of income; you can earn even 20-25 lakhs per month by referring Angel Investors. If you refer Angel Investors for the Startup referred by you, then you get 20% commission as you get paid for both sides: Startup and Investor.
  5. By Sourcing Vendors: Source Vendors who can offer products and services of branded products at a price lower than market and offer commissions to StartupLanes as well. You will get a sharing in the profits of StartupLanes.
  6. Cross Sales: Sell the products and services offered by the members of StartupLanes to get a good commission.
  7. Training: Conduct paid training programs and get a sharing in the commission earned from the trainings. You can be the trainer, or you can arrange for a trainer. Make sure that you organize trainings that are high in demand.

What is the time commitment by a Regional Director?

The Regional Director role is an engaging business role you may do part-time along with your job or business. You will enjoy this role every moment if you are passionate about startups. Following are the specific requirements:

  • 1. The Regional Director should be able to devote 10-15 hours per week.
  • 2. The Regional Director should be able to allocate time at least once a week for meeting the Chapter Directors and potential Members.
  • 3. The Regional Director should be able to find time for the conference call with StartupLanes team once a quarter.

A Regional Director must follow the following steps:

  1. Minimum 10 Founders per day: Add at least 10 founders per day in your WhatsApp Group, whether thorough WhatsApp, LinkedIn messages, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Zoom or Phone Call.
  2. Appoint Chapter Directors: Appoint at least 5 Chapter Directors per month.
  3. Sales Leads Generation: You should generate leads through your own social media by posting articles, polls or commenting at other posts.
  4. Connecting with Investors: Connect with at least 5 angel investors per day through your own social media.
  5. Events: Join all the Startup and business networking events in your region.
  6. Learning: You should keen to learn something new. The World is changing rapidly, we have to constantly learn to grow and share knowledge with others.
  7. Building Community: Building communities is the base of our business. If you are not able to build the communities, then you won’t be considered to be successful. Your earnings will depend upon the number of relevant people you add in the communities.
  8. Social Activity: Please don’t join if you don’t wish to be socially active. You should write blogs, articles, comment, like, share and be active at social media and internet and physically in the communities.
  9. Connecting with Institutions: If you cannot connect with Colleges, Co-Working spaces, Govt. institutes, Shared offices, Incubators, Accelerators and other ecosystems of Startups, then it’s not a suitable role for you.
  10. Positive Attitude: Please don’t join if you think negatively more than you think positive.
  11. Align with the Vision of StartupLanes: It is extremely important for you to align with the vision of StartupLanes, in case it doesn’t match then please don’t join.

Do I need an office or staff for being a Regional Director?

No, you don’t need to have an office or hire staff, however you should stay active for your own contribution towards StartupLanes.

Membership Fee: INR 30,000 + GST for 3 Years

Process of Regional Director Appointment:

  1. Self-Evaluation: Evaluate and match as per the eligibility. Check if you fulfill all the requirements.
  2. Payment of Fee: Pay the membership fee for 3 years through the payment gateway.
  3. Approval: Our team will contact you for further process post payment, within 2 business days from the payment.


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