In the picturesque coastal town of Pensacola, Florida, an innovative tech company is making waves in the world of wall decor. Meet DecoSynth, the trailblazing wall decor tech company that’s poised to transform the industry as we know it. With a recent venture funding round led by Misfit Capital, DecoSynth is ready to unleash rapid growth and innovation like never before.

The investment is the catalyst that’s propelling DecoSynth into the spotlight, positioning them to take the wall decor market by storm. But what exactly sets DecoSynth apart? Brace yourself for a revolutionary platform that fuses the power of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge printing techniques.

At the helm of this visionary venture is Gunner Howe, a trailblazer who serves as both President and CTO. Together with his team, Gunner has brought to life, a platform that allows customers to bring their artistic visions to life like never before.

With, the world of wall decor becomes a canvas for personal expression. This seamless user experience empowers individuals of all backgrounds and design expertise to create customized, jaw-dropping wall decor pieces. The days of settling for generic, off-the-shelf decor are long gone. Thanks to DecoSynth, everyone can become an artist in their own right.

The magic of artificial intelligence combines with advanced printing techniques, allowing customers to see their artistic visions take shape in stunning detail. Whether it’s creating a breathtaking gallery of memories with cherished photographs or designing unique, eye-catching artworks, DecoSynth brings it all to life with unparalleled precision and quality.

The best part? DecoSynth’s vision is not limited to the realm of art enthusiasts. Their platform is designed for everyone, from seasoned designers to those embarking on their first artistic journey. Embracing creativity and individuality, DecoSynth democratizes the wall decor experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

DecoSynth Raises Venture Funding Round. Congratulations to Gunner Howe and the entire DecoSynth team on their successful funding round.

Shishir Gupta, The Founder & CEO of StartupLanes

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