Become a Mentor at StartupLanes

We have awesome communities of Entrepreneurs in 56 Cities across 15 Countries. These communities are divided into multiple Chapters. Each Chapter is a city zone like East, West, North, South, Central according to the number of startups in a location.

You can assist us in building the startup ecosystem in your city by applying to be a Mentor. We have an exclusive mentor in one category in each city. All the requirements/leads pertaining to the domain/expertise of the mentor shall be transferred to the mentor.

Who is a Mentor?

A Mentor is a domain expert who has the necessary experience and skills to help the mentees with a particular subject. The mentor should possess the necessary education and experience in the subject.

What are the benefits to the Mentor?

  • Great respect and reputation in the region as this is the highest and exclusive leadership position for the entire city.
  • Mentors can charge the consultation fee from the mentees. Only 1 hour of free consulting has to be provided by the mentors in a week.
  • Get attention from the Media and Government as you will get a lot of exposure.
  • We cover an interview of the mentor that adds to the PR of the mentor.
  • Excellent opportunity to grow the individual business of the Mentor along with the position.
  • Opportunity to promote all the companies of StartupLanes and the business of members.
  • Best leadership opportunity.
  • Constant learning and support.
  • Grow with the fastest growing startup. We are rated 113 in the world by Growjo.

What are the mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by the Mentors?

A Mentor should fit in the following criteria:

  • LinkedIn profile depicting the experience and education of the mentor.
  • Excellent communication skills in spoken & written English along with the Regional language or Hindi.
  • A zeal to help the Entrepreneurs.
  • Soft-spoken and understanding nature.

What is the time commitment by a Mentor?

The Mentors are required to devote time as follows:

  • The Mentors should be available in the meetups, however, not mandatory.
  • The Mentors should dedicate one hour a week for free consulting.
  • The Mentor should be able to find time for the conference call with the entire team of StartupLanes in the region, once a week.

What is the process of a Mentor’s appointment?

The Mentor will initially be on a probation period of 3 months. The process is as follows:

  • The Mentor should submit an application with us.
  • The Mentor should pay the membership fee.
  • We will announce the appointment of a Mentor in the entire network of StartupLanes.

How to contact StartupLanes for Mentor’s application?

Gold Membership of StartupLanes is required for applying as a mentor. Please visit this page to explore gold membership: I wish to explore Gold Membership.