Pitch Deck Advisory

5,000.00 +GST

You can make a good Pitch Deck yourself by looking at the sample pitch decks. It is the most important document that you present to Investors. Your pitch deck needs to stand out, investors are busy, the average time spent on rejecting a pitch deck is 29 seconds. Having the right pitch deck can increase your chances of raising funds by 79%. On the other hand, a wrong pitch deck may lead to rejection despite a great business model, traction, and growth.

Benefits of Pitch Deck Advisory:

  • Sample Pitch Decks: You get three actual pitch decks as a sample. You can look at the slides of these pitch decks to make your own.
  • Expert Review: The investment banking experts and financial analysts of StartupLanes review your pitch deck. They will ensure that only the best pitch deck reaches your investors.
  • Quick Turnaround: This process takes maximum 2 business days; therefore, you don’t have to wait for long to start sending your pitch deck to your investors.
  • Affordable: This is an affordable service, yet extremely powerful.

What’s Not Included:

  • Graphics Design
  • Content
  • Research

Process of Pitch Deck Advisory:

  1. Select the service
  2. Add to cart
  3. Select NEFT to avoid convenience fee by the Payment Gateway. Make the payment through Payment Gateway.
  4. The StartupLanes team will contact you
  5. Send your Pitch Deck to the team and allow the team to share their expert views
  6. Voila! It’s done

Visit this article to learn about Pitch Deck in detail: Pitch Deck

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