Punjabi Angithi: Angel Investment Opportunity

Punjabi Angithi is a pure vegetarian food chain originated in west Delhi 8 years ago.
They provide authentic , assorted , affordable and amazing food . They serve North Indian, chinese , Tandoori , rolls , momos and over 250+ items .

All orders are live cooked fresh to order and serve over 1.5 lac + monthly customers .

They have also ventured recently into the home and corporate catering and intend to scale the model Pan india with 75-100 stores in next 2 years .

They offer the best options both price and variety wise and there thalis are a rage amongst corporate youngsters living away from home . The food is prepared with special in-house masalas that are easy on the palette and the digestive system . All recipes are designed keeping kids in mind .

Commitment Received
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Minimum Investment

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Who can Join?

-> Any person willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 50,000 (fifty thousand) or more for idea stage and Indian Rupees 1 lakh or more for revenue stage.
-> Minimum income of Indian Rupees 6,00,000 (six lakhs) per annum and above as per last Income Tax return. For individuals earning income in other currencies may convert to Indian Rupees and check.
-> Any representative of a Company or Fund willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 5,00,000 (five lakhs) or above in each startup.

-> Please provide your complete details in the registration form of Zoom Meeting.
-> Please use the “Hand Raise” feature of Zoom for asking a question. The host will call your name to invite you for asking your question.
-> Kindly switch on your camera while you ask questions.
-> Please be polite and ask relevant question only.
-> Quickly introduce yourself before asking a question.
-> Always thank the Founder(s) after they answer your question.


Register for the Zoom Meeting here: Punjabi Angithi Demo Day Registration

Meeting ID: 822 3369 0493

Passcode: 704444

Instructions for Investing
-> Please fill up the Commitment Form
-> Our team will call you as per your preferred time.
-> Post verification our team will send you the necessary documents.
-> Talk to the Founder(s) if required.
-> Term Sheet and SHA to be signed.
-> Transfer funds.
-> Share Allotment.

Commitment Form
Please fill the commitment form here: Punjabi Angithi Commitment Form