Raipur is the capital city of Chhattisgarh state in central India. In the center, the ancient Dudhadhari Math temple is a sacred monument dedicated to Lord Rama, decorated with scenes from the epic poem “Ramayana.” Nearby, a statue of the Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda towers over Vivekananda Sarovar lake. Southeast, Purkhouti Muktangan is an open-air museum featuring landscaped grounds, statues and tribal artifacts.
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Permanent and Continuous Lok Adalats

These Adalats are being established in all the Districts in the country. NALSA has been providing and shall continue to provide funds to State Legal Services Authorities for the implementation of the Legal Aid Schemes and Programs but the infrastructure has to be provided by the State Govts. Separate Permanent and Continuous Lok Adalats in Govt. Departments are aimed at amicably settling pending cases as well as the matters at pre-litigative stage between Govt. Departments and general public so that the inflow of litigation to regular Courts is reduced. In so many Govt. bodies these Lok Adalats have become functional. In Delhi Permanent Lok Adalats have been established in Delhi Vidyut Board, Delhi Development Authority, Municipal Corporation. Of Delhi, MTNL and General Insurance Corporation. These Lok Adalats are becoming popular day-by-day and it is expected that very soon a large number of disputes between public and statutory authorities would start getting settled at pre-litigative stage itself saving the parties from unnecessary expense and litigation inconvenience. In other States also State Legal Services Authorities have initiated steps to persuade the State Govts. and statutory bodies, etc. to set up separate Permanent Lok Adalat for amicable settlement of their legal disputes.

“Legal Aid Counsel” Scheme

This scheme was conceived and introduced by His Lordship Hon. Dr. Justice A.S. Anand when His Lordship was the Executive Chairman, NALSA has been well received all over country. Legal Aid Counsel have been provided in most of the courts of the Magistrates in the country to provide immediate legal assistance to those prisoners who are not in a position to engage their own counsel.

Hon. Mr. Justice S.P. Bharucha, Executive Chairman, NALSA in the course of working session of the Second Annual Meet of the State Legal Services Authorities held at Hyderabad, had emphasized that Counselling and Conciliation Centers should be established in all the Districts in the country to bring about negotiated settlement of disputes between the parties. All the State Legal Services Authorities are taking steps to establish these Centers which would prove immensely useful for settling legal disputes at pre-litigative stage and would also help legal services functionaries to find out as to whether a person approaching them for legal aid has or not a prima facie case in his favor which is a pre-requisite for grant of legal aid. Hon. Executive Chairman has repeatedly emphasized that legal aid must not be given as a matter of routine and frivolous cases should not be supported by legal aid authorities.

Hon. Mr. Justice S.P. Bharucha, Executive Chairman, NALSA while writing in ‘Nyaya Deep’ and in the course of his keynote address in the meeting of the Member Secretaries held in NALSA office on 19.2.2000 emphasized the need for improving the quality of legal aid that is being given by legal aid advocates. His Lordship observed that teeming millions of this country who live below poverty line in tribal, backward and far flung areas look to Legal Services Authorities for help and support in resolving their legal problems. When involved in litigation they very often feel that they are fighting an unequal battle in which the party that has better financial resources can secure more able legal assistance. His Lordship is of the view that these poor and weaker sections must not remain under the impression that they are getting comparatively inferior legal assistance. His Lordship has called upon legal services authorities to revise the payment schedule for legal aid panel advocates and also compress the panels so that panel advocates get more work and better remuneration from legal services authorities and thus get encouraged to render effective legal assistance to aided persons.

His Lordship Hon. Mr. Justice B.N. Kirpal, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Chairman, Supreme Court Legal Services Committee has a very long association with legal aid movement. Under the guidance and control of His Lordship, Supreme Court Legal Services Committee is providing legal aid to eligible persons in a very effective and meaningful way. Up to 31.12.99 Supreme Court Legal Services Committee has provided legal aid and assistance to 10,125 applicants.

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