Chennai is the place where Mini India can be felt with a mix of different cultures where great temples are constructed, famous Bharathanattiyam dance is performed, great libraries with treasures of ancient books linked to modern technology, restaurants of various Indian cuisine, the second longest beach in the world.

Chennai is one of the Indian cities with the most talented and educated residents. In recent years, the city has turned many heads to establish internet companies such as Freshdesk and Indix, which have made their presence felt in the international market, despite being an overlooked area due to the modest history of investors and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs may find it hard to find the right start-up consultant for the daily business needs of start-ups in Chennai. From validating the idea to registering their company, developing their first MVP-based product to building early momentum, entrepreneurs need to take advantage of many business tasks. The Venture Consultant is crucial for startups in their entrepreneurship course. You constantly need for your company both the skills and experience of the consultant.

In our Chennai network, we have several start-up consultants to support you. The StartupLanes Startup Consultant provides the following core services:

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