Goa, State of India, comprising a mainland district on the southwestern coast of the country and an island offshore. Around 250 miles south of Mumbai, it is situated (Bombay). It is one of the smallest states in India, bounded by the states of Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south, and the Arab Sea to the west. The capital is Panaji, on the mainland district’s north-central coast.

Goa is a famous urban state with the highest GDP per capita and enviable indicators of human growth. The cosmopolitan culture of Goa, impressive infrastructure, quality workforce, picturesque landscape, clean environment and orientation towards development not only make Goa an ideal base for entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams, but will also play a key role in facilitating a supportive environment that makes start-ups both technologically innovative and globally competitive.

If you’re considering launching your Startup in Goa. You will need a start-up consultant who will thoroughly analyze the industry and the segment in which you want to develop your business. A start-up consultant is known to be a specialist in his area of practice and has plenty of experience and skills to drive a company forward with new strategies and techniques.

StartupLanes is an ecosystem for start-ups, and in our Goa network, we have a range of start-up consultants to help you grow your business from scratch. we provide the following services:

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