There are 26 shopping centers, seven golf courses and luxury stores selling Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and Gurgaon is a city that came into existence two decades ago. In car showrooms, Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs glitter. Apartment buildings sprout like concrete weeds, and many of the most respected companies in the world are located in a futuristic commercial center called Cyber City.

Gurgaon, aka Gurugram, is ranked among India’s financial and technological hubs. As much as the city is famous for its nightlife, it is popular for MNCs and conglomerates’ corporate offices; almost every major company in the city has an establishment. Gurgaon also has the third-highest per-capita income in India, with a major factor being the presence of different brands and companies. What people are not aware of is that Gurgaon has contributed significantly to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem despite being home to already developed businesses.

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