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The Diamond City and currently known as The Pearl City of India, Hyderabad serves as a joint capital for the states of Andhra Pradesh and the newly created Telangana. Hyderabad is situated on the Musi River in the heart of the Telangana Plateau, a large upland area of Deccan. With a very rich culture and history, along with Bengaluru and Pune, the city is now growing to be a leading IT center in India.

In June 2014, the state of Telangana was established this time, start-ups in India were booming with the focus solely on these three cities. In 2014, the capital city of Hyderabad joined the fray, but by partnering with entrepreneurs, investors, government, and academia, it has already laid the framework for a vibrant start-up ecosystem.

Most startups would benefit from mentorships and incubator initiatives, but not all entrepreneurs are as fortunate to be driven in the right direction by a mentor or program. Consulting is the right solution for those who don’t. To learn the ins and outs of the organization and help them build a practical long-term plan, Startuplanes consultants work closely with startups.

StartupLanes is a start-up ecosystem, and we have a number of start-up consultants in our Hyderabad network to help you expand your business from scratch. From validating your idea to registering your company, creating your first MVP-based item to building an early momentum, from pitch deck to fundraising, we have your back.

As a startup consultant, we at Startuplanes provide you with these key services:

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