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Indore is situated 200 km west of the capital Bhopal and has a population of 30 lakhs or so. Hence, it is India’s 14th most populous city. Indore’s broader metropolitan area makes it a city of 2.5 million inhabitants. As far as the lifestyle is concerned, it is industrial, cosmopolitan, affluent, and resembles Mumbai. Indore is therefore often referred to as the Mini-Mumbai. It is also a melting pot of various ethnic groups, including Marathi, Gujarati, Marwari, Muslims, Sindhi, etc. Indore is a promising educational center, home to both IIT and IIM, India’s most prestigious technical and management institutes.

In order to improve the start-up ecosystem, the state government has also taken several initiatives. It formulated the Madhya Pradesh Incubation and Entrepreneurship Policy in 2016 to align the State with the ‘Startup India’ initiative of the Centre. In addition to those offered by the Central Government, it intends to provide incentives to state start-ups and incubators. This has led to an increase in the number of Madhya Pradesh start-ups, especially in Indore. Indore has close to 461 tech startups, according to market research platform Tracxn.

A startup is a company that is a newly established business that operates with much greater complexity and minimal capital. For its improvement, a great deal is needed in any sort of start-up business consulting. Consultation with any expert is always a successful step, as it will undoubtedly assist in increasing your company.

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