Top 10 Healthcare Startups in UAE!

The coronavirus pandemic has tested public health systems globally. Few novel and infectious diseases
around the world have ever posed such dramatic challenges as the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which
causes COVID-19. With highly efficient human-to-human transmission and high mortality rates, COVID19 led the World Health Organization to declare a public health emergency of international concern and
caused countries around the world to reassess their public health capabilities. The United Arab Emirates,
like other members of the international community, faced the unprecedented challenge of ensuring
public health and safety while minimizing economic fallout.

The U.A.E. government quickly took precautionary health measures after its first recorded case of
COVID-19 on the 29th of January 2020, setting the stage for the U.A.E. to be recognized as a global leader
in its COVID-19 response. The U.A.E. banned large gatherings, limited international travel, required
mandatory quarantines for travelers and those potentially exposed to the virus, encouraged telework,
and began an unparalleled effort of mass testing. These efforts by the U.A.E.’s leadership allowed the
U.A.E. to be globally ranked as one of the top countries, and the highest in the Arab world, in terms of its
COVID-19 response.

Top 10 Healthcare Startups in UAE:

  1. Okadoc

Okadoc is a tech company that aims to improve your healthcare experience. Wherever they are, patients can use Okadoc’s app to find in-network doctors, instantly book appointments online, receive reminders for upcoming appointments, and more. Okadoc’s telemedicine platform enables virtual consultations and connects patients to over 1400 doctors and 160 healthcare providers across the country, including 70 specialties. Okadoc’s app is also a 24/7 intelligent medical calendar system that helps practitioners, clinics and hospitals optimize their bookings, attract and engage new patients, build and strengthen their online reputation, reduce ‘no-shows’, and more. Okadoc’s online marketplace delivers the efficient, seamless, and simple experience that everyone expects and deserves

2. TachyHealth

TachyHealth and team are building the next generation healthcare solutions to drive the value-based healthcare for payers and providers with Artificial intelligence and data science. Their executive team has +70 years of collective experience working on successful business and projects valued at +100M USD.

3. Sehteq

Sehteq was founded in 2013 and offered 15 high-risk, end to end, cross- country treatment packages for radio-oncology, cornea transplant, bone marrow transplant and pediatric cardiac surgery direct to consumers and institutional buyers. Then, joined Ras Al Khaimah Incubator & Accelerator in 2017, and leveraged the technology resources and government access the incubator provided and pivoted to be the first digital health insurance provider in the region. Sehteq “​ Arabic for your health”​ is Oscar-Like digital health insurance company in UAE backed by Ras Al Khaimah based VC 971 Capital. Sehteq offers low cost, consumer centric, and regulatory compliant health insurance plans to individuals, SME’s and large groups in 6 out of the 7 Emirates in UAE and soon to launch in Abu Dhabi.


KLAIM.AI is an innovative HealthTech – FinTech startup transforming healthcare billing and processing by combining a powerful AI driven claim management SaaS platform as well as Financing under one umbrella. With a strong mission to simplify healthcare payments for everyone, they provide an easy-to-use platform to trace and compile claims history under their revolutionary platform. Their offering has been designed to ensure efficiency and transparency on the full revenue lifecycle of a claim from appointment to cash reconciliation, helping increase their revenue through reduced claim processing time and errors, and faster payments. Klaim has been implemented at hospitals in Dubai (with more than 1.5 million transactions) as well as clinics and pharmacies.

5. ProvenMed

ProvenMed was founded by two entrepreneurs Souheil Guessoum and Amine Staali who got inspired by the story from a friend and his daily challenges of living with urinary incontinence. Together, they combined their skills and commitment and developed the flagship innovative solution ActivGo® that is transforming many patients’ lives. It is today the first urinary incontinence wearable device of its kind, developed completely from the patient’s perspective, not from an engineer’s view. ProvenMed research & development continue, with the experience of patients shaping new development and innovation.

6. Prognica

Prognica, an AI powered health-tech company, aims to improve clinical outcomes and accelerate the discovery of breakthrough advancements in the fight against cancer. Prognica analyses medical images and generates information and data to help predict and diagnose cancer using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

7. Vezeeta

Vezeeta offers a seamless digital platform to help over 10 million patients search, choose, and book their healthcare providers based on real patient reviews and ratings, live doctors’ scheduling, location, fees, health insurance providers, from a network of over 35,000 top-rated doctors across 43 medical specialties. Using the app or website, patients can schedule appointments for in-clinic, virtual or at-home consultations as well as book operations and diagnostics. Patients can also purchase prescription medications online and arrange for home deliveries using the online pharmacy solution.

8. selfologi

Based in Dubai, they’ve created an innovative digital platform that will become the number one destination for aesthetic medicine information, a tech-driven marketplace, and a cutting-edge e-commerce site, all in one. With support from the region’s leading experts in aesthetic technology, alongside some of the best digital brains in the business, selfologi really will be a game-changer for a multi-billion dollar industry.

9. Altibbi

The first and largest platform in the Arab region that offers telemedicine consultation services, allowing patients to connect directly with doctors via audio calls and chats. Stemming from the fact that there are approximately 400 million people in the Arab World lacking access to essential medical services, Altibbi works diligently to circulate medical content in the Arabic Language via the Internet. By providing medical information from trusted sources and remote medical consultation services for all Arabic speakers, Altibbi helps patients access medical information and advice, thus reducing the number of unnecessary doctor visits and lessening the pressure on the healthcare system. Winner of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Award and the World Summit Award for best digital content in the health and well-being category.

10. Health at Hand Healthcare

The fastest and cost efficient way to access a qualified doctor, Health at Hand is a video consultation platform, providing access to doctors within minutes. Available on iOS and Android, our app eradicates waiting times, giving patients access to quality advice from the comfort of their home or on the go, for an affordable fee. Health at Hand is proud to be the first healthcare provider to be licensed by the Dubai Health Authority to provide telehealth services. Health at Hand has the highest doctor accreditation standards in the industry, only working with the best trained doctors: our quality assurance and improvement programme assures the quality of care our doctors provide. The Health at Hand platform meets HIPAA standards, the most respected global standard for protecting sensitive patient data.

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