Lavelle Networks

Lavelle Networks provides Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions to build end to end Enterprise Networking Platforms for tomorrowLavelle Networks accelerates networks for the digital economy by offering software defined networking solutions that solve the biggest challenges in the WAN for distributed enterprises. With a 100% software defined architecture, the ScaleAOn SD-WAN solution by Lavelle Networks, enables seamless network experience, ensuring enterprises in turn areempowered to deliver the best customer experience at the branch. Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solutions are designed for Scale, Speed and Security. Enterprises that are using, or plan to use hybrid WAN or cloud applications and are on the path to digital transformation.


Bluelearn is one India’s largest student platforms that helps members build their skills through hands on projects and apply for internshipsBluelearn is one India’s largest student platforms that helps it’s members build their skills through hands on guided projects and apply for internships on bluelearn’s own internship portal. More than 4,000 companies, agencies and individuals have used bluelearn to hire remote interns and freelancers.Bluelearn, one of India’s largest student communities offering a one-stop platform for students to learn new skills, network with peers, and grow as individual


RACEnergy is a deep technology company for battery swapping that offers tech solutions for 2W and 3W to go electric. RACEnergy is a manufacturer of electric vehicle powertrains and battery swapping stations that aim to improve mobility by utilizing clean and efficient technologies. The company’s powertrains have more power and torque than conventional ones, and the stations refuel vehicles in less than two minutes, allowing clients and fleet operators to save money and reduce emissions and costs.

Zypp Electric

Zypp Electric is India’s Leading Tech-Enabled EV-as-a-Service platform, founded in 2017 with a Mission Zero-Emission and to make India carbon-free by using an ecosystem of Electric Vehicles and EV-based technology to make last-mile logistics sustainable and emission-free. Zypp Electric, an Indian last-mile delivery fleet management company, aims to deploy 200,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in the next two Years The Zypp Electric app educates users on how to use electric vehicles – how to get the vehicle, how and where to charge it, and how to swap the battery.


XMachines is an Indian Robotics & AI company which builds innovative products infused with Robotics & AI technologies for consumer and enterprise markets. XMachines is an Indian Robotics & AI company HeadQuartered in Hyderabad, India which designs and manufactures innovative products infused with Robotics & AI technologies for consumer and enterprise markets. XMachines is a Robotics & AI company that designs and manufactures autonomous mobile robots for Precision Agriculture, Material Handling Automation & Advanced Academic Robotics Research. It is based in Hyderabad, India

kindly Health

Kindly’s supplements are created with nature and science in mind by using organic and sustainable ingredients just cater the demands of your body Kindly Health offers sexual health and wellness solutions to men and women.Kindly Health is a diagnostics platform for sexual care and performance health. Kindly Health offers complete solutions for sperm health and sexual performance in men, as well as low libido, PCOS, irregular periods, and menstrual pain in women. Kindly Health makes it more accessible by combining at-home diagnostic tests (including semen tests and polycystic ovary syndrome tests), telehealth consultations, and supplements.

Insurance Samadhan

Online grievance redressal platform for individuals and businesses. It offers a redressal platform for the misselling of insurance policies, claims rejection, delay in the claim process, lapsed policy, policy rejection, service issues, and more. It offers services for health insurance, life insurance, and general insurance.Insurance Samadhan serves in the B2C, B2B space in the FinTech, InsurTech market Segments Insurance Samadhan has 17 institutional investors including Anjana Software Solutions, Equanimity Investments and IIFL Fintech Fund.IIFL Finance is the largest institutional investor in Insurance Samadhan. Peyush Bansal and 53 others are Angel Investors in Insurance Samadhan.

XYMA Analytics

At XYMA we integrate distributed Waveguide Ultrasonic Sensors with Process Models and Data Analytics in a common Industrial IoT platform XYMA Analytics is a spin-out from Centre for NDE, IIT Madras and incubated by IIT Madras Incubation Cell. XYMA provides novel ultrasonic sensors and Industrial-IoT solutions to industries using high temperature processes such as refineries, power plants, steel plants and other manufacturing industries. Their sensors provide dense measurements across a unit, improving performance and asset life, which is coupled with AI-powered physical models for intelligent support.


Our Happy Users · “An excellent app which actually connects one to the old age Indian wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga. Very effective and useful AyuRythm is a hyper-personalised digital companion for holistic wellness, with a blend of modern technologies with ancient science. AyuRythm is a hyper-personalised digital companion for holistic wellness, with a blend of modern technologies with the ancient science of health assessment and care. AyuRythm has 9 institutional investors including Indian Angel Network, Anthill and SucSEED Indovation. Anthill is the largest institutional investor in AyuRythm. Aman Gupta and 47 others are Angel Investors in AyuRythm.


Tinkerly provides online coding courses blended with hands-on STEM toys for kids of grades 1-12.Tinkerly provide a complete hands-on STEM solution with the help of Tinkering Lab, Innovation Lab, STEM Kits for kids. It provide play-based course curriculum is blended with STEM learning kits. These STEM kits help students learn concepts via learning-by-doing. Online platform providing STEM-based learning kits for kids. The platform offers online coding classes which include game-based learning. The platform enables students to build technical skills and job-related skills for the future.Tinkerly serves in the B2B space in the EdTech market segments.