Refyne collaborates with employers to enable real-time access to earned salaries for workers. Employees can check their weekly earnings on Refyne and withdraw a portion at their convenience. The plug-and-play software caters to employers of all sizes, benefiting both blue-collar and white-collar workers. With over 100 companies in India already utilizing Refyne’s platform, it serves more than 300,000 employees, including clients such as Rebel Foods, Cafe Coffee Day, Hira Group, and Chai Point.


Miko, an innovative robotics company, tackles significant consumer challenges by developing emotionally intelligent solutions. Their cutting-edge products incorporate proprietary AI, robotics, and IoT technologies. Co-founded by Sneh Vaswani, Prashant Iyengar, and Chintan Raikar, their latest creation, Miko 2, is a child-safe personal robot with the ability to perceive and remember a child’s emotions. Miko 2 serves as an educational tool, helping children revise concepts through conversational learning. With a curriculum developed by esteemed knowledge partners, it ensures academic progress. Beyond education, Miko 2 offers features like engaging conversations, companionship, storytelling, parental control, and secure data encryption. Equipped with an HD camera, “Time of Flight” sensor, and edge sensors, Miko 2 employs computer vision to recognize faces, objects, and its surroundings. The “Time of Flight” sensor surveys the room, detects obstacles, and ensures Miko 2 avoids potential falls.


Third Wave Coffee Roasters operates in multiple locations across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune, creating inviting spaces that nurture local communities with a passion for specialty coffee. Their diverse menu includes classic options, handcrafted manual brews, and carefully curated beverages, complemented by a thoughtfully designed food selection. During the harvest season, the brand actively collaborates with coffee farmers from various estates in India to source a variety of coffee bean samples. As the outlets attract micro-communities of freelancers, designers, and startup enthusiasts, Third Wave Coffee Roasters has initiated events to enhance community engagement. One notable event brought together artists, illustrators, and writers to explore the intersection of art, culture, and sustainability. Additionally, the brand now hosts educational sessions on various coffee brewing methods, enriching the experience for their clientele.


UpScalio collaborates with emerging digital-first brands operating on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Nykaa, facilitating a profitable growth of 5-10x. In the dynamic landscape, marketplace entrepreneurs often face hurdles in reaching their full potential due to financial and operational constraints. UpScalio addresses these challenges by offering not only funding but also comprehensive support in key areas like multi-marketplace management, digital marketing, branding, logistics, sourcing, finance, and business operations—all optimized through advanced analytics. Furthermore, UpScalio enables marketplace entrepreneurs to unlock wealth by providing a gradual exit strategy over time.


Exponent Energy, led by former Ather Energy CPO Arun Vinayak and ex-HUL executive Sanjay Byalal, strives to streamline energy solutions for electric vehicles. Their innovations, the E-pack and E-pump, constitute a rapid charging system enabling 0 to 100% charge within 15 minutes for EVs of any wheel count. With an impressive 3000 cycle life warranty, this technology utilizes cost-effective Li-ion cells, ensuring scalable and accessible rapid charging.


Virgio, a FashionTech collective hailing from Bengaluru, is dedicated to crafting the epitome of global fashion trends. Their mission involves establishing a cutting-edge Co-creator platform that empowers designers and manufacturers worldwide to shape the future of the fashion ecosystem using our technology and insights.


Velocity, headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, offers revenue-based financing, providing up to Rs 3 crores for online businesses’ marketing and inventory needs. With a vision to be the quickest and easiest solution for new-age businesses to secure growth capital, Velocity, founded by entrepreneurs, prioritizes fast, flexible, and non-dilutive financing. Positioned as India’s largest revenue-based financing platform, they collaborate with direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and eCommerce ventures focused on customer acquisition, revenue generation, and online payments. Key features include rapid online application processing, receiving a term-sheet in 2 minutes, and funding within 5 days through a fully digital process. The financing is adaptable, allowing businesses to deploy and pay based on actual usage, with repayments linked to revenue percentages. Velocity distinguishes itself as founder-friendly capital, devoid of equity, collateral, or personal guarantees, requiring only a single flat fee ranging from 5-8%. Moreover, it emphasizes scalability, offering funding that aligns with revenue growth, enabling businesses to enhance terms by building a positive repayment history.


Founded in 2020, ApnaKlub, headquartered in Bengaluru, seeks to revolutionize the conventional wholesale FMCG distribution landscape in India with its reseller-centric B2B platform. Targeting retailers and wholesalers in Tier II and Tier III areas, ApnaKlub empowers partners in semi-urban and rural regions, offering organized supply and digital tools for efficient micro-businesses. In just seven months, the platform asserts its presence, serving over 2500 partners across 4500 pin codes. The asset-light model enables individuals with a smartphone and entrepreneurial spirit to earn supplementary income by fulfilling FMCG demand for local retail stores.


Established in 2017, Lohum Cleantech specializes in crafting lithium-ion batteries tailored for both two-wheelers and three-wheeler electric vehicles, while also offering customization for other EVs. Notable clients, including Neelam Cycles and Bounce, benefit from Lohum’s expertise, enhancing battery life cycles and promoting resource conservation. With a track record of producing and delivering over 1,000 batteries, Lohum Cleantech presently focuses on the two and three-wheeler market, with plans to venture into four-wheel domains in the future.


SARVA stands as a digital wellness company, rooted in the authentic principles of Yoga. With pillars of authenticity, modernity, and accessibility, SARVA envisions connecting 7 billion breaths through Yoga. Drawing from ancient Yogic texts, they provide transformative experiences with 25 diverse and enjoyable forms of yoga, dispelling the notion that Yoga is dull. Accessible anytime, anywhere, and at any pace, SARVA caters to all. With global investors like Fireside Ventures, A-Rod, JLo, and others, SARVA’s app boasts 70,000+ minutes of yoga content and 20,000+ minutes of meditation.