Top 40 CTOs in India.

  1. Nanda Kumar V

Company- Bharat Electronics Limited


Nanda Kumar V is the CTO at Nanda Kumar V.

2. Mohammed Rupawalla

Company- Mphasis


Mohammed Rupawalla is a versatile and experienced leader in both people and technology domains, with a strong business background. He has a proven track record of delivering end-to-end solutions and driving impactful results. He excels in formulating business offering roadmaps, designing organizations, and influencing positive changes in people’s behavior. With expertise in defining digital strategies and collaborating with CXOs, he has enabled enterprise customer contracts worth $100M+ and led the design of 5-year product and service offering roadmaps. He revitalized the IT department, transformed it into a thought leader, and successfully facilitated distributed development. Overall, he demonstrates exceptional leadership and strategic thinking.

3. Aan S. Chauhan

Company- LTIMindtree


Aan S. Chauhan has embraced programming as a fundamental part of his life. He describes it as his passion, obsession, and a source of joy and glory. He finds fulfillment in writing code to simplify complex problems and consider everything else as merely basking in the reflection of the code and programs he creates. Furthermore, he has a strong inclination towards building, nurturing, and inspiring young minds and teams to write code that is simple, effective, and efficient.

4. Pawan Kumar

Company- Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.


Pawan Kumar is a senior technology leader with 20 years of experience in design, development, QA, and end-to-end management. He has a proven track record in building highly scalable systems using SOA, microservices, and the latest technologies. His expertise includes creating secure and scalable infrastructures using open-source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. With a focus on results, he excels in planning, executing, and deploying critical products within aggressive timelines. He currently leads an AI/ML team at Monster, specializing in seeker and recruiter personalization. Additionally, he has a strong background in team building, process implementation, and working with cross-functional teams and global partners.

5. Sharad Saxena

Company- Indian Bank


Sharad Saxena is the CTO at Indian Bank.

6. Gabriel Garcia

Company- Procter & Gamble


Gabriel Garcia is a seasoned professional serving as the Head of Data Products and Services at The Procter & Gamble Co. With a strong focus on business results, Gabriel possesses extensive expertise in strategy formulation and execution across various domains including IT, Shared Services, and Information Security. He has a solid background in Supply Chain and Finance Services and Solutions, having led the Supply Chain IT Integration for the Gillette business in Latin America. Gabriel has also held leadership positions in Procter & Gamble’s Global Business Services, overseeing the Americas Financial Solutions Delivery Organization and spearheading IT transformation programs. In his most recent role, Gabriel has taken on responsibilities for the Digital IT Strategy and Global Data Management in Corporate Functions IT / Data & Analytics, contributing to the growth and innovation of P&G’s Health Care and Personal Health Care operations.

7. Ramanan Venkata

Company- Cholamandalam Investment And Finance Company Ltd.


Ramanan Venkata is a highly motivated and goal-oriented professional with extensive experience in managing and developing complex technologies in multinational companies. Currently serving as the Senior Assistant Vice President and Head of IT Projects at Chola, he has over 24 years of experience in the field, including 7 years in top management positions. He has also gained valuable work experience in the United States, specifically in Oregon and California. His expertise lies in setting up offshore development centers, product and service migration, technology practices, and centers of excellence. With a strong background in international delivery management, sales, marketing, and business management, he possesses in-depth domain knowledge in the banking, non-banking financial, and insurance sectors. Additionally, he has a proven ability to scale up and deliver services to international clients in diverse multicultural environments. He also provides strategic planning inputs and mentorship to subordinates, helping them progress in their careers.

8. Padmabhushan B.

Company- IDBI Bank


Padmabhushan B. is an experienced IT professional with expertise in various areas such as digital strategy, data center operations, technology vision, innovation, and IT operations. With a strong background in these domains, he has acquired valuable skills and knowledge to drive technological advancements and operational excellence. His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset in the IT industry.

9. Vishal Sharma

Company- ACC Ltd.


Vishal Sharma has 12 years of experience as a Technical Manager in the Ready Mix Division at ACC Ltd, where he has been responsible for overseeing technical aspects related to the division. Additionally, he possesses 5 years of experience in construction, specifically working on industrial and residential projects at Gawade Construction’s. With his extensive experience in the construction industry, he has developed a strong understanding of technical requirements and project management, making him a valuable professional in the field.

10. C R Srinivasan

Company- Tata Communications


C R Srinivasan brings with them an impressive track record of over 28 years in technology and digital management. With extensive experience in various areas such as P&L management, business strategy, product development, and business development, he has successfully led digital initiatives and created digital platforms. With over 16 years in leadership roles, he has also demonstrated his ability to drive digital transformation programs. Currently, he leads the cloud/hosting/security and CDN businesses while serving as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), spearheading the company’s digital transformation efforts.