The logistics and supply chain management business is one of Australia’s largest and most economically significant industries, and the freight industry is now flourishing. One of the main reasons for this is that China has evolved into “the world’s factory.” As a result, Australia has “a vital role to play in transporting commodities to their destinations as economically and efficiently as feasible” as its neighbour. However, because of globalisation and digital technology, the sector is flourishing globally. Australia was sending less letters by mail, but by the end of 2019, they had spent more than US$3.5 trillion purchasing online worldwide (compared to less than US$1.5 trillion in 2014). Here are 40 Startups in Australia that have created an impact.


Storekat is an online marketplace that connects users with warehousing providers having unused spaces. Users can search, compare and book services. Warehouse owners/operators can list their unused spaces and market it to prospective customers. Additionally, the platform also has an integrated inventory management dashboard which enables users to manage & recall their inventory. is intelligent software for optimisation of space in warehousing, storage and supply chain networks. Warehouse management systems that provide visibility over occupancy and customer management. Data driven intelligence on supply & demand trends, service trends, and locations for the logistics industry.

Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero was founded in 2017 to transform how the world moves, by making access to the skies seamless. They integrate drone logistics into the first and last mile of the supply chain to transform its strength and agility. Where they don’t deliver that service ourselves, we provide our technology platform selectively to organisations across the globe to further the reach of their impact.

Swoop Aero provides airborne ambulatory & logistics services. The service is meant for patients living in places where ground commuting takes a long time or is not proper. It offers multi-vertical delivery services. The company offers services to places in terrain, waterways, mountain ranges, poor infrastructure places, and places with traffic congestion.


Provider of cloud-based software solutions for risk assessment of ships. The company provides a risk assessment-based rating to marine vessels, which serves as an indicator of the safety of the vessel for transport. It uses big data and predictive analytics technology to analyze data and provides a rating of the vessel. It offers marine safety and sustainable products that include vessel vetting, vessel inspections, carbon accounting, and marine emission.

RightShip is the world’s biggest third party maritime due diligence organisation, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility practices. The team believes that a successful voyage is commercially beneficial to the entire supply chain. A best practice journey meets the highest safety standards, is good for the environment and ensures seafarers are supported.


Procon provides machine-to-machine and SaaS applications for mobile asset tracking. Their enterprise software ‘FleetLocate’ enables clients to locate, track, manage, recover and send commands to their assets in real-time, via a secure internet portal. It is compatible with In-Vehicle Management Units (IVMU’s) that are used to collect information on vehicles (and other mobile assets), transmitted over the Telstra 3G/NextG network. Some IVMU’s are offered as plug & play while other units require installation. They also provide API to integrate it with clients management systems.

One Key Access

Provider of locker solutions for parcel delivery. The company offers a digital key to access parcel lockers. The lockers provide temporary storage solutions for apartments. It helps users to send or receive parcels, documents, groceries, etc. Enable fast, convenient, contactless deliveries to apartments, by providing authorised delivery drivers with secure entry to the building. One Key Access provides registered delivery drivers with a digital key to access participating apartment buildings and parcel lockers. Authorised delivery drivers are provided trackable entry to the apartment foyer to perform a delivery, without needing to come in contact with residents. One Key Access also partners with leading parcel locker brands to provide a secure temporary storage solution for parcel and grocery deliveries to apartment buildings.


Fulfilio is a provider of tech-enabled fulfilment services. The company provides services for order fulfilment, warehousing & inventory management, picking & packing, and same-day last-mile deliveries (through partnered carriers). The company also offers a cloud-based platform with various third-party integrations (webshops like Etsy, Magento, eBay, etc) for centralized order fulfilment and managing other operations. Features include real-time inventory management, big data analytics, real-time tracking, and more. Furthermore, the company also operates multiple warehouses in Australia. Its carrier partners include Australia Post, StarTrack 3PL, and others.


Smartfleet is a leading provider of fleet management and related services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. They are here to help you save money, maximise productivity and ensure driver safety. When your organisation partners with Smartfleet, they listen to your unique business requirements, and then create a customized solution that will keep your drivers safe and reduce time spent on administration. Because they have developed their own fleet software, they can customise it to your management and reporting requirements, and can continually evolve with your business. In managing over 20,000 vehicles nationwide, they have a proven track record in improving productivity, reducing fleet cost, and helping to keep drivers safe.


Fleetsu is a web based software solution for fleet and asset management. Its features include live GPS tracking, alerting and reporting, cellular and satellite connectivity. It claims to analyze big data streams from GPS, telemetry and IoT sources for assistance in the management of fleet and assets. Pricing is dependent on the plans and features included starting at 25 Dollars per month.

Fleetsu is the enterprise platform for connected vehicles. They are transforming traditional Fleet Management by enabling businesses to instantly collect and analyse fleet data. They make sense of the data inside and outside the fleet and bring it together in a way that provides the intelligence to make better decisions, faster with greater accuracy.

Future Fleet

Future Fleet specialises in providing GPS fleet management systems and GPS vehicle, asset and trailer tracking solutions to businesses. The company has developed advanced GPS solutions such as solar powered trailer monitoring, remote reefer temperature control management and wild game meat field depot temperature monitoring etc. Titan Garage  & Sheds, Kangaroo Bus Lines, Interstate Transport and others are among its customers. 


GPS Innovations (GPSi) provides integrated hardware & software solutions for vehicle telematics and fleet management. Offers various domain-specific GPS trackers, watch-based tracking devices to track employees, asset trackers and BLE-based access control solutions for keyless entry. Software offerings include ‘FleetConnect’ – a fleet management platform and ‘eLogbook’ – an electronic logging solution for drivers. The solutions cover aspects such as driver safety monitoring, fleet performance monitoring, compliance management, and operational optimization.


OpenSC is a software company that specialises in supply chain traceability and sustainability. Data science and machine learning algorithms are used to evaluate information such as satellite images, live video monitoring, worker biometric data, and more, as well as to validate claims about sustainability and ethical production. IoT technologies are also used in the solution to collect product-level data and provide product/material traceability across the entire supply chain. Users can exchange traceability data maintained on a decentralised network. OpenSC is a social impact enterprise based in Sydney that was founded by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and BCG Digital Ventures.


Lumachain is a supply chain visibility platform that incorporates sophisticated technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, and AI. Throughout the supply chain, the platform tracks and traces the history, location, and condition of individual products. Supply chain transparency, AI-backed insights, decreased waste and insurance disputes, optimised auditing, and more are all made possible by the decentralised ecosystem. Lumachain improves global supply chain transparency, benefiting farmers, businesses, and consumers while also assisting in the abolition of modern slavery. From farm to fork, its platform monitors and tracks the origin, location, and condition of individual commodities in a supply chain in real time. Farmers and manufacturers are encouraged to develop high-quality, ethically manufactured goods as a result of this. It enables businesses to cut waste, improve efficiency, and enhance revenue and margins. It also helps customers to know with perfect certainty the provenance, condition, and quality of the products they buy, as well as if they were sourced ethically and sustainably.


Devery offers a Product Verification Protocol for enterprises to use. Allows businesses that sell products online to assure the security of their supply chain. In addition, the goal is to combat counterfeiting and to verify that supply agreements are followed. Customers can utilise the platform to check whether or not a product is genuine.

BBA Mastro

BBA Mastro is the world’s most creative and complete global logistics and shipping operating system. BBA Mastro will push your company to new heights, whether you’re a little startup or a big corporation. The system is intended for freight carriers, third-party logistics providers, international and domestic freight resellers (brokers), as well as a direct to merchant approach. BBA Mastro is ready to give an All-in-One Solution to manage all forms of logistic and fulfilment possibilities, thanks to its patent-pending Break Bulk Technology (BBA), Mobile Applications, and many other cutting-edge capabilities. BBA Mastro is a shipping and logistics company that specialises in AI and cloud-based solutions. It has fleet management, tracking, route management, reporting and analytics, inventory optimization, autonomous warehouse, and other solutions. The process is managed using AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology. OFFICE FURNITURE GROUP, PARK AVENUE FOODS, and others are among the clients.

Fresh Supply

Fresh Supply is an Australian firm specialising on food supply chain digitization. The firm employs the Mastercard Provenance blockchain to provide a tamper-proof banking system that is also fast and scalable. Fresh Supply also offers an application programming interface (API) that automates data collecting from many points without disrupting workflow, allowing medium and big enterprises to improve operations and management. Fresh Supply Co is a corporation that specialises in supply chain digitalization. Fresh Supply Co’s level of openness allows consumers, businesses, and lenders to have trust in and understand the provenance of any physical item. They collect operational data, format it in our proprietary FSCo Producer Management System (middleware layer), and then write it to the Mastercard Provenance Blockchain. This information is directly linked to our FSCo Payments infrastructure, allowing us to provide liquidity on B2B invoices.


Platform offering refund management solutions for online businesses. The company develops a refund platform designed for eCommerce customers. The customers can select Refundid when returning items to the online retailer and receive the refund in real-time. It also provides merchants of the Shopify platform to accept, decline, and view pending and archived returns externally processed by Refundid.

By eliminating the current 2-3-week refund wait time for customers and placing no risk of faulty returns on their partners, Refundid has been proven to improve key performance indicators for retailers driven by increases in customer confidence and loyalty.

Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce provides cloud-based backend management solutions for omnichannel retailers. Its features include order & inventory management, shipping & fulfilment, returns management, reporting & analytics and more. Its software solution integrates with retailers’ existing online platforms and enables click & collect, ship from store, omnichannel returns and fulfilment management and more. Clients include Target, eBay, Samsung, Westfield and more.

MTAW Group

MTAW Group was established in 2010 with the view to provide a mixture of old fashioned service, with the latest innovation & technology available. Starting with a modest 1000Sqm in an old Tottenham wool shed in 2010 with a well utilised Ford Sterling, The MTAW brand was born. Calling upon contacts made through working in the industry it wasn’t long until MTAW had its first long term customer – Customers who are proud to say that they are still with them today. It wasn’t long until opportunities arose with some well known brands – on the back of an honest hard working approach.

MTAW Today has capabilities in every major Australian city. Wether it be through own controlled warehousing or through their network partners. MTAW Group currently occupies Just over 35,000 SQM in Queensland and Victoria alone. MTAW Group has also ensured that all customer needs can be covered through multiple accreditations – such as AQIS Class 1.3 , HACCP, Bulk DG, HCDG, Vic Roadworthy accreditation, Mass Management – to name a few. They have a Diverse team with backgrounds in Projects, Diesel engineering, Local transport, Linehaul transport, Warehouse Management, DG Management, Freight Forwarding & Vehicle Maintenance.


At TUCO, they keep an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of the transport industry 24/7. Their knowledge is not only a cut above that of theirr competitors’; it’s in real time. When you place your trust in TUCO, your freight worries cease to exist – they become theirs. With their extensive contacts, cutting-edge methods, and thirst for superiority in all areas of the industry, you can rest assured TUCO will get it done so you don’t have to.

Comet Transport

Comet Transport is your trusted local, full service, transport partner. They proudly provide innovative, flexible transport solutions to businesses locally. They specialise in transporting anything from an envelope, to 22 tonnes of steel in four hours or less within metropolitan cities. Their service is flexible and suitable for any business user. Whether you need 1 delivery per month or 20 deliveries per day – they are happy to help!


GoFetch is Australia’s most popular peer-to-peer delivery platform. Customers can access a community of pre-approved Fetchers who specialise in urgent and same-day delivery via iPhone or web-based applications. GoFetch gives clients control not seen before in the delivery sector, with no lock-in contracts and complete transparency. For time-strapped CEOs seeking a less expensive, contract-free delivery option, as well as enterprises seeking a daily solution.

Mizzen Group

Transport asset operators can use Mizzen Group ( to dynamically determine price, distribute, scale, and sell products to their sales staff and clients. The Mizzen Group’s award-winning and, a yield management and dynamic pricing solution built for container shipping lines using underlying software components in use today in both the aviation and container shipping sectors, were developed using underlying software components in use today in both the aviation and container shipping sectors. The Mizzen team combines cutting-edge digital competence with a thorough grasp of the shipping business.


BagTrans is a national LTL palletized service provider for time-sensitive (time-slotted) shipments to major retail and supermarket DCs, pharmacy wholesalers, and the retail sector. BagTrans has generally targeted major international corporations as clients, as these companies place a high value on the service quality provided by BagTrans.
A fleet specifically tailored to support the company’s business plan – twin drop deck mezzanine flooring trucks with airbag suspension – is one of BagTrans’ primary qualities. Driver training, strict log book auditing systems, random monthly drug and alcohol testing, and extensive vehicle maintenance protocols are all part of the national COR compliance.

Ability to use technology – Full-time software developers are employed by BagTrans, who are largely responsible for developing proprietary software to support our business goals. GPS tracking is placed in all company-owned cars and long-term subcontractors. Exceptional reporting package with analytical data specifically tailored to aid clients in identifying cost and supply chain efficiency improvement potential. Monthly supply chain KPI reporting suite including specific KPIs at the consignment level.

ACFS Port Logistics

ACFS Port Logistics is the largest privately held container logistics company in Australia. ACFS Port Logistics was founded in late 2005 with the goal of becoming Australia’s leading landside logistics provider. We have over 30 years of experience in the port industry. They employ over 1,100 people and continue to expand daily, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.
ACFS Port Logistics sets itself apart from other transport logistics companies by providing excellent customer service, staying current with industry technology developments, and, most importantly, investing in their employees.

NSW Ports

Port Botany and Port Kembla, as well as the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre and the Cooks River Intermodal Terminal, are significant import and export gateways for NSW Ports. Their job is to manage assets in such a way that customers may efficiently meet the demands of New South Wales’ residents and enterprises while minimising environmental and social consequences.

IFM Investors (including Cbus, HESTA, and Hostplus), Australian Super, Tawreed Investments Limited, and Q Super are among the largest institutional investors in NSW Ports. Their owners are long-term investors with stakes in a variety of Australian infrastructure assets, representing over five million Australian superannuation fund members.


The rise of eCommerce, logistics, and last-mile deliveries has been fueled by urbanisation and the C-19 pandemic. While fewer individuals are commuting, delivery vehicle traffic has increased significantly. Adiona’s patented research-based AI is dedicated to lowering delivery costs while also minimising environmental effect.

AI Automated Process Mapping (AIPM) from Adiona Solutions ingests complicated logistical data sets and evaluates how items and services flow through operational systems. An advanced optimization API for parcel, product, and service depots and fleets that automates and optimises depot and route planning.

Elite Logistics

Elite Logistics Australia’s commitment and enthusiasm motivate them to go above and beyond the usual to provide a truly elite 3PL and 4PL logistics service. They developed this organisation to provide a more cost-effective option for companies that don’t have their own logistics divisions. Creating your own warehouse and the management tools that go with it is a big commitment and a big task.

This is why elite logistics Australia provides all of the above and more — a comprehensive logistics service that includes freight management, transportation, and warehousing solutions, all of which are delivered utilising the most cutting-edge supply chain and freight management technologies. Their affiliations with all of Australia’s main freight companies provide you the freedom to select the most cost-effective and efficient mode of transport for business goods.

Go People

Go People is an Australian start-up that has helped over 10,000 businesses with ‘last-mile’ same-day delivery.
Our cloud-based technology supports a network of 36,000 on-demand drivers, allowing businesses to send anything they want, whenever they want.
Go People’s narrative began in 2014, when it launched as “PPost” with the goal of disrupting old delivery and courier standards and raising the bar for how deliveries may be handled.

eStore Logistics

In 2008, the company was founded. eStore Logistics is Australia’s largest storage and order fulfilment company, specialising in serving both online and offline retailers. They are a technology-enabled logistics leader, fulfilling over 20 million sales orders per year for clients such as Australia’s largest pure play online retailer, Australia’s largest online furniture retailer, more than ten of Australia’s top 50 eCommerce businesses, and many iconic retailers with a retail store and an online presence. Electronics, fashion, leisure products, travel goods, furniture, home wares, health products, alcohol, and more product categories are included.

NEOLINK Logistics

NEOLINK is an Australian-based global logistics and distribution company with headquarters in Sydney. They are a full-service logistics firm in Australia, assisting both importers and exporters. Through their 3PL network, they provide customised services such as air/sea freight, customs brokerage, and a variety of unique supply chain solutions. There is no such thing as a small or large job. NEOLINK also has over a decade of expertise in the Australian market selling and marketing brands. We ensure that we can invest more behind the execution of your brand strategy to generate equity and drive sales growth because of the efficiencies they have through their logistics network.


Sendle is an offset delivery service that provides door-to-door parcel pickup and delivery in Australian cities. Its pricing is set at a flat rate. Online services can be booked and tracked. The sender or the receiver might make payment for the services. It gives users a delivery timeframe and also allows them to ship products to an email address and then confirm the location later. Sendle picks up and delivers packages using a network of delivery partners around Australia, utilising courier services and idle resources.

Sendle, which was founded in 2014, has always focused on the development of small enterprises. They are able to deliver the best costs for their consumers by unlocking networks and quantities that are generally only available to the big boys. Their aim is for a society brimming with invention and entrepreneurship, where physical delivery friction has been removed, allowing the best ideas to win and small businesses to thrive. They are a multi-award-winning, fast-growing startup.


Shippit is a strong shipping engine for modern merchants that saves time, money, and friction in the delivery process for APAC’s leading retailers, including Sephora, General Pants, Harvey Norman, and Kathmandu.
Shippit’s goal is to change the way people send anything, to anybody, anyplace. They see a future in which our technology connects logistical infrastructure to save waste and improve delivery experiences. They’re on a mission that requires the appropriate people to make the ship work.

They can attest to the fact that they are a fantastic place to work. Shippit is a Work180 Endorsed Employer for Women and was ranked #7 in Linkedin’s Hottest Startups to Work at in 2019. They have a high-performance culture where everyone can make a difference and where we can all work together to build a fantastic ship. They are committed to supporting and nurturing our staff with incentives including flexible work arrangements, above industry-standard parental leave, and so much more. They have an overarching focus on wellbeing and are committed advocates for mental health awareness and gender pay equity.

Efm Logistics

They approach supply chain management from the perspective of a control tower, strategically optimising every aspect from beginning to end. They will acquire robust data from across their supply chain using their advanced proprietary technology and, using their analytical talents and strategic thinking, will uncover meaning in the figures. They will discover and implement new opportunities to increase efficiency and drive ever-improving performance, both operationally and commercially, with deep insight.

4PL and 3PL service provider with a cloud-based platform. Data analytics, pricing, report generating, and monitoring are all included. Users can also get real-time quotes, book, and track their shipments. The organisation also provides warehousing services to businesses.


Their goal is to make people feel more connected by bringing people from different groups together to help one other. We all want to feel connected, like we’re a part of something, like we’re a part of a community. Even with all of the internet social connections available in this society, we are nevertheless more detached from our own local communities than ever before. They appreciate the concept of living in a community where everyone knows one other.

A nationwide network of local delivery, pickup, and return outlets — convenience stores, pharmacies, and service stations – that are open late and on weekends, allowing you to have a parcel delivered and pick up or drop off whenever you want. There is no need to be concerned. There have been no missing deliveries. There were no cards in the mail. Simple, personal, and meaningful.


Drive Yello assists organisations in effectively managing last-mile logistics in order to fulfil the growing demand for same-day delivery. Businesses can easily update their clients on delivery progress, manage their own drivers and riders, and book delivery employees from the marketplace for a shift or a single delivery using the Yello platform. TheYello platform is setting the standard for last-mile delivery flexibility and innovation. Businesses can use our platform to not only order drivers on demand, but also to manage their own couriers or book couriers for a shift, giving them more flexibility in managing their delivery service.

Drive Yello has worked with some of Australia’s most well-known retailers, including Woolworths and BWS. Retailers are drawn to Drive Yello because it provides them with access to cutting-edge technology as well as a marketplace of couriers across Australia. They are locally produced, have a distinct offering, and, most importantly, allow brands to preserve their consumer relationships.

Sherpa Delivery

Sherpa is an Australian technology startup that provides businesses and people with on-demand and same-day delivery services. The Sherpa Delivery app connects users to a network of crowdsourced courier drivers who operate as independent contractors. Sherpa offers 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour, and same-day delivery services.

Mathieu Cornillon, Ben Nowlan, and Bastien Vetault launched Sherpa in 2014 in Sydney, Australia. [8] Sherpa is presently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Launceston, Geelong, Newcastle, Gosford, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Albury, Cairns, Canberra, Gladstone, McKay, and Wollongong, among other Australian cities. Sherpa uses the notion of crowdsourcing to provide a dynamic and real on-demand delivery solution for businesses and customers by utilising the existing inventory of people and cars.


Zoom2u is an online platform for arranging courier and parcel delivery services. It caters to both consumers and corporations. Offers 3-hour express delivery, same-day & next-day delivery, e-commerce delivery, heavy items delivery, hyperlocal delivery for keys, gifts, passports, documents, and more. Allows people to book services based on their needs after providing appropriate information. Customers may follow the shipment on the platform when it is picked up by crowdsourced delivery employees. The cost is determined by the distance travelled, with additional fees for returns or bulk requests. It has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.


Grocery delivery on the same day YourGrocer is aggressively increasing its footprint in Australia’s two largest cities: Melbourne and Sydney. Consumers can shop with hundreds of local butchers, bakers, and grocers via the company’s website. Following that, the supplies are picked up and delivered to consumers in quick, refrigerated vans. YourGrocer realised that if they didn’t think forward about logistics, scaling would be impossible. The team initially attempted using a free online route optimization tool, but quickly realised they required the ability to define precise delivery time windows.

Everything “simply worked” for the team at YourGrocer from the minute they started a free trial with Routific. It was simple to export a CSV file because they had established a customer order management system. Routific saves YourGrocer more than 5 hours per day. Routific’s delivery management software has aided them in scaling their same-day grocery delivery operation, allowing them to expand into Sydney.


Ofload is a digital road freight marketplace that connects reputable shippers with dependable carriers. They use technology to manage end-to-end fulfilment. Ofload is a trucking services marketplace that operates online. It connects load providers with drivers and tracks shipments automatically. FTL, palletized, recurring, on-demand, and refrigerated freight shipments are all available for booking. Financial Review, The Australian, and ATN have all covered it.

They’ve digitalized the entire road freight process, from obtaining a quote to booking and managing your transportation, as well as overseeing fulfilment and ensuring on-time delivery. By automating the human operations, companies simply have to pay for the actual transportation of the goods, rather than a lot of overhead. Their goal is to link you to Australia’s whole market of 50,000 carriers. They take care of the complexity and quality so you can enjoy hassle-free access to limitless and flexible transportation capacity at actual market rates.

Magellan Logistics

For over 20 years, Magellan Logistics has been managing worldwide supply chains for Australian fashion, footwear, textiles, and retail companies. They’ve become one of Australia’s premier locally owned international forwarders thanks to their inventive and progressive approach to client service. Airfreight and specialty freight services for textiles, clothes, footwear, and retail are among their primary specialisations.

They have strategic alliances in place and a worldwide footprint of over 100 offices in 37 countries. They understand the importance of speed to market, on-shelf availability, and timely communication, having systems and processes in place to ensure all services covering international freight, customs clearance, and delivery are seamless to all ports in Australia, with a key focus on China, the Sub-Continent, and South East Asia for the TCF and retail industries. Magellan has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland, and provides a countrywide service.

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