Australia’s health system is one of the best in the world. It provides quality, safe and affordable health care for you and your family. It’s a key reason why we enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world.

Healthcare services in Australia are funded by the Australian Government and by private health insurance. Australia’s public healthcare system is called Medicare. Medicare provides healthcare for Australian residents for free, or at a reduced cost. It is paid for out of taxes that every Australian pays.

Medicare covers many essential treatments but not all of them. It covers things like medically necessary hospital procedures in public hospitals, visits to the doctor and some medicines. It does not cover treatments in private hospitals, ambulance services and extras services like glasses, dental treatment and natural therapies. This is why many Australians choose to have private health insurance.

The benefits you get when you have OSCH are similar to the cover Australians get through Medicare. 

Top 90 HealthCare Startups in Australia:

  1. Blamey Saunders Hears

Peter Blamey and Elaine Saunders began Blamey Saunders Hears in 2008 with a simple promise – that every Australian should have access to hearing aids and audiological care. The first step was to develop a real-world diagnostic hearing test that could be taken anywhere, anytime. The revolutionary and scientifically proven Speech Perception Test (SPT) was born. They’ve grown a lot since those early days, creating pioneering telehealth for audiology, developing game-changing hearing technology and joining forces with Sonova, the world’s leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions. In all that time, their founding principles haven’t changed, and we’ve helped thousands of Australians hear their world with renewed clarity and joy.

2. PolyNovo

PolyNovo Biomaterials Pty Ltd. is the developer and owner of a unique biodegradable polymer – NovoSorb TM. We are located at 2/320Lorimer St, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207, Australia. PolyNovo develops Regenerative Devices for reconstructive surgery and tissue repair with our patented biodegradable polymer technology, NovoSorb NovoSorb is a family of medical grade polymers used to form medical devices to reconstruct or repair failed tissue. NovoSorb can be tailored to a desired strength, elasticity or degradation profile. NovoSorb has significant advantages in terms of safety, toxicology profile and strength. PolyNovo will access the market through strategic partnerships with leaders in targeted segments.

3. 3DMEDiTech

3DMEDiTech has established a state-of-the-art 3D printing facility in Port Melbourne that will revolutionise the provision of healthcare across the Asia Pacific. Their additive manufacturing technologies will improve patient outcomes, dramatically reduce patient waiting periods for customised devices, as well as maximise supply chain efficiencies for hospitals and clinics. To improve medical outcomes, 3DMEDiTech have developed 3D printing technologies, know-how, and engineering to produce lighter, stronger, customised devices. It is by combining these unique capabilities with the expertise of our leading clinical partners, 3D engineering specialists, software engineers and process engineers, that 3DMEDiTech is able to offer a full end-to-end manufacturing solutions approach.

4. National Hearing Care

National Hearing Care began its operations in 1997 with just three clinics. Since then, they’ve grown to become the leading provider of hearing healthcare services and products in Australia. In 2010, they joined the Amplifon Group – the world’s leader in hearing services, present in over 20 countries. Being part of Amplifon gives us access to world-class devices, advice and service, but just as importantly gives our team access to world-class benefits.

At National Hearing Care, they’re proud to be able to provide the most advanced hearing aid technology available and they’re driven by the desire to provide excellent experiences for our clients. To accomplish that, they make sure to provide an excellent experience for our team – by celebrating our achievements, encouraging a healthy work-life balance and providing opportunities to grow and develop as individuals and as a team.

5. Singular Health Group Ltd.

Singular Health is committed to improving health outcomes and quality of life through the provision of unparalleled platform for the visualisation, analysis and deployment of dental and medical data. Developing better health literacy and delivering better health outcomes, Singular Health Group is an ASX-listed medical technology company improving patient education and enabling patient-specific surgeries.

6. Livac Pty Ltd

Livac Pty Ltd is an innovative Australian medical device development company established in 2010. The company was founded by Dr Philip Gan, general surgeon and inventor of the LiVac Retractor. The LiVac Retractor takes its name from the description “LIver VACuum retractor” as it utilises suction to create a vacuum between the surfaces of the liver and diaphragm. It is a single-use soft silicone device which attaches the liver to the diaphragm, exposing the organs beneath. LiVac is indicated for use during laparoscopic surgery; typically cholecystectomy, fundoplication, gastric banding, gastrectomy, gastroplasty and other procedures where retraction of the liver is necessary to provide a clear visual field to access the target organ(s).

7. Pharmachal Health Group

Pharmachal Health Group is focused on research and development of pharmaceutical products. The Company has developed a range of human and veterinary preparations, including a breakthrough, patented, lignocaine-based, mini-emulsion spray for cut and wound treatment, “NOPAYNE*”. Pharmachal is stepping up NOPAYNE for TGA registration and launch in early-2022. *Nopayne is currently not-for-sale, nor approved for commercial sale. It has not been registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It has, however, been used extensively in humanitarian and compounding environments.

8. Cyclopharm

Cyclopharm is an Australian ASX listed medical device company primarily involved in the field of nuclear medicine. Technegas, Cyclopharm’s foundation product is a lung ventilation imaging agent, is a structured ultra-fine dispersion of radioactive labeled carbon. Technegas is produced by drying Technetium-99m, (the most commonly used isotope in nuclear medicine imaging), in a carbon crucible then heating the isotope for a few seconds at around 2,700oC in a Technegas Generator. The resultant gas-like substance is inhaled by the patient (referred to as lung ventilation) via our consumable product known as a Patient Administration Set (PAS).

The inhaled Technegas particles enables multiple views and tomography imaging under a gamma or single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) camera for superior functional ventilation imaging. Technegas is best known for its use in diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism (PE); however, Technegas is now being investigated for additional indications to include the diagnosis and management of COPD, Asthma, CTEPH and the effectiveness of lung reduction interventions.

9. Cortical Dynamics Limited

Cortical Dynamics

Australian Medtech Cortical Dynamics Limited is focused on commercialising its core-product the CE, TGA ,Korean MFDS approved Brain Anaesthesia Response (“BARM™”) Monitor. BARM™ has been developed with the objective of better detecting the effect of anaesthetic agents on brain activity, aiding anaesthetists to accomplish the fundamental goal of rendering the patient optimally unconscious and immune to pain. BARM™ is based on innovative developments in how the brain’s rhythmic electrical activity, EEG, is interpreted and analysed. This approach produces indices directly related to the physiological state of the brain.

10. A&D Australia

A&D Australasia provides Weighing, Inspection and Automation Solutions for Science and Industry, and Blood Pressure Monitors and telemedicine systems for Homes and Hospitals. Originally Mercury Scales founded in Adelaide in 1946, we became part of the A&D Japan group in 1983. “A and D”​ reflects our global leadership in Analog to Digital technology, utilised in our weighing and measurement systems, scales and balances, checkweighers, metal detectors, viscosity and moisture analysers, blood pressure monitors, and digital signal processing. A&D TechEng – provides highly skilled Electrical Engineers for Automation, System design and Integration, PLC and SCADA programming, plus the latest MES solutions.

11. Lorica Health

Lorica Health powers better healthcare by enabling transparency in healthcare markets. Their passionate data scientists, domain experts and software engineers build global products which apply advanced analytics to healthcare data to target fraud, abuse, waste, and errors. Lorica Health analyses more than two thirds of Australia’s private health insurance claims and our SaaS products are also used by Australian government agencies responsible for ensuring the integrity of end to end public health programs.

Lorica Health was established in 2011 as CMC Insurance Solutions, a commercial spin off arising out of research conducted by the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) – a $100 million Government funded research and development centre founded in 2001.

12. Umps

Umps Health supports older people to live safe and independent lives at home by empowering family members and care providers with information about wellbeing.

13. Micro-X

Micro-X Ltd is an award winning ASX listed X-ray technology company. They are pioneers of a global revolution in medical and security imaging products using cold cathode X-ray sources. They design, develop and manufacture a range of innovative, ultra-lightweight, mobile x-ray imaging systems for medical and security applications. Their Electronic X-Ray Tube is changing the game for X-ray equipment and machines across the globe. They’re able to create portable, mobile and smaller X-ray systems opening up a new world of opportunities for the defence, veterinary, health and security industries.

14. PAFtec Australia Pty Ltd

PAFtec Australia specialises in innovative and quality respirator design and manufacturing. Established in 2009 by a world class medical device engineering team with a vision to make respiratory protection wearable and easy to use. Designed and built with the same rigour as in the medical industry, CleanSpace respirators are safe and reliable. Their dedication to product quality, training and customer service is reflected throughout the business. Already being sold in over 20 countries around the world, CleanSpace respirators deliver significant safety and compliance benefits over negative pressure masks.

15. LifeHealthcare

LifeHealthcare is focused on providing access to world-leading medical devices for Australian and New Zealand patients, whilst ensuring long-term economic sustainability for our healthcare system. LifeHealthcare has a broad portfolio of products in various channels that include Spine, Orthopaedics, Robotics, Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery and Interventional Neuro-Vascular surgery. In May 2018 LifeHealthcare was acquired by Australasia’s largest private equity fund, Pacific Equity Partners, a market leader that has been recognised as a Top 20 Consistent Performer Globally by Prequin.

16. Respiri Limited

Respiri Limited (ASX:RSH) is an e-Health SaaS company supporting respiratory health management. Its world-first technology detects wheeze, a typical symptom of asthma, COPD and respiratory disease to provide an objective measure of airway limitation. wheezo, Respiri’s innovative technology, comprises an eHealth app combined with a simple, easy to use, handheld device. wheezo is the first smart device to assist with asthma management by monitoring wheeze and documenting symptoms, signs, triggers, weather conditions and medication use. The asthma management platform also facilitates the sharing of data with caregivers, physicians and other health care professionals.

17. EMVision Medical Devices Ltd

EMVision (ASX:EMV) is an innovative medical device company developing portable electromagnetic microwave imaging solutions. EMVision’s CEO is Dr Ron Weinberger, former Executive Director and CEO of Nanosonics (ASX:NAN). EMVision’s lead product is a point-of-care, non-invasive, non-ionising, safe, rapid brain scanner for stroke and brain injury diagnosis and monitoring. Their clinical prototype is under clinical investigation.

18. Vpatch Cardio

Vpatch Cardio Pty Ltd (VPC) has developed a cutting edge cardiac arrhythmia detection system with dramatically improved diagnostic yield and patient compliance. ​ VPC is well positioned to take advantage of the fast growing mHealth market with a medical diagnostic device enabling real-time monitoring of a patient’s cardiac status. ​ The patented advanced technology is designed for both long and short term monitoring primarily as a cardiac diagnostic tool and extends to cardiac rehabilitation, clinical drug trials, post-operative surveillance, sports performance medicine and emergency medicine. ​

Vpatch™ analyses every heartbeat and transmits in real time only episodes of interest as selected by physicians, making it a valuable tool for safely and discretely monitoring at-risk patients in their normal environment without confinement to hospital or any limitation of mobility.

19. Endogene

Endogene Ltd. is an Australian-based medical device technology company with a vision to be a leading and long-term developer and innovator of novel treatments, medical devices, and management solutions, incubating and nurturing technologies from invention through to commercialisation in global markets. Endogene has developed and fully prototyped four medical device technologies, all of which are seen as potentially “disruptive”​, that is, they have an ability to have a major impact on existing products and treatment modalities in major markets.

Each of Endogene’s technologies represents a new generation device with unique features. Extensive investigation of other relevant products, markets and patents have confirmed the uniqueness and potential of Endogene’s products. The key driver of the company and its value is the “Parascope™ self-advancing endoscope platform”, incorporating Endogene’s proprietary Fluid Kinetic Propulsion™ technology which enables unprecedented, rapid and reliable access to the entire gastrointestinal tract.


MiniFAB is a world-leading provider of custom designed and manufactured microfluidic and medical devices. MiniFAB is an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified contract engineering firm providing custom development and manufacture of disposable polymer microengineered products. Established in 2002, MiniFAB has completed over 900 projects with clients worldwide. With a flexible and open engagement model, MiniFAB’s product development process covers the entire spectrum, from converting early-stage product concepts into prototypes through to full-scale, high throughput OEM & ODM manufacturing.

With a focus on lab-on-chip solutions for point-of-care, laboratory, and in-field applications, MiniFAB delivers custom solutions into diverse markets including medical devices, diagnostics, food packaging and aerospace.


Vitalcare is an Australian pioneer in Nurse Call, Personal Monitoring and Aged Care technology. The company has been designing, manufacturing and installing systems since 1979 both in residential and community environments and is at the forefront of ongoing research and development in aged care and wellness solutions.  These solutions include de-institutionalising Dementia care and patient tracking. Their products use IoT (internet of things LoRaWAN) wireless technology and Cloud based services to provide highly innovative world class systems. Vitalcare systems are used all over Australia in around 1,000 aged care facilities and hospitals and are now being exported.

22. Visionflex

Visionflex technology provides access to high quality healthcare anywhere, anytime. Established by two Australian engineers, Visionflex has been a telehealth innovator since 2014. Using their knowledge and experience, they work closely with their clients to help them deliver the most effective and secure telehealth service to their patients. With world first clinical functionality, new generation HD video conferencing software, and easy to use hardware, their solution brings together medical expertise and patients around the globe.

23. WearOptimo

WearOptimo is building a portfolio of strategic  partnerships to radically improve the health of the global community. Their mission is to provide affordable, wearable technology that allows people to read their health signals in real time. Their technology will save lives and help prevent disease, Deliver faster, more effective treatment of health conditions, Give caregivers a deeper understanding of our body’s signals so they can prevent disease.

24. Roam Technologies

Roam Technologies is an Australian medical device technology company, unifying portable oxygen with the internet of medical things (IoMT), making it possible to provide long-term, meaningful and continuous improvement in health. It’s called Juno.

25. Anatomics

Anatomics is a medical technology company that has been manufacturing high-quality medical devices, prosthetics and software solutions since 1995. Based in Melbourne Australia, Anatomics manufactures high quality patient specific implants for global distribution and in-licenses novel technology for Australian and New Zealand distribution. They strive to be recognised as a trusted and innovative provider of quality surgical products. Their mission is to work in partnership with healthcare professionals and medical device companies to provide the highest quality surgical products.

They are a company of experienced and dedicated team members who strive for better surgical outcomes by initiating internal product developments and searching the world for the latest innovations in technology to make surgical procedures more effective for our partners and more comfortable for their patients.

26. Clifford Hallam Healthcare

CH2 is Australia’s largest integrated distributor of pharmaceutical and medical consumable products servicing the healthcare market. With a portfolio of over 50,000 products sourced from 700+ industry recognised suppliers, CH2 operates across four core business units – Hospital, Aged Care & Community, Primary Care and Veterinary. Proudly Australian owned and operated, CH2 has a national footprint which, combined with expert local knowledge, delivers scale and personalisation to our Customers and Supply partners.

27. beHub

beHub is a cloud-based platform for the sharing of digital information between medical manufacturers, hospitals and clinicians, with the aim of increasing connectivity of device/product information and education or training resources, within the healthcare industry.

28. PEMDx

PEMDx is a medical device company developing a range of new-to-world respiratory monitors. A joint collaboration of medical doctors and engineers solving clinical health problems. PEMDx are developing a low-cost, disposable, continuous respiratory monitor. A change in respiratory rate is the earliest indicator of patient respiratory decline and hypoxia, yet the current standard-of-care for respiratory monitoring relies on intermittent nursing observations of breathing. This leaves patients vulnerable to unnoticed deterioration leading to injury and ICU transfer, ultimately risking the patients long term health and costing $32k – $43k per stay.

29. 4DMedical

4DMedical – the medical technology company responsible for the XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software – the breakthrough lung imaging technology that quantitatively measures the patterns of regional lung function in 4D. Nearly all lung pathologies are associated at the onset of disease with subtle, significant and regional changes in airflow due to changes in tissue compliance and/or resistance.

However, the current gold standard diagnostics can only measure pulmonary capacity as an average over the entire lung. As a result, a diagnosis can often come too late because for a loss of lung function to even be measurable, the disease must be well-advanced. Now, for the first time in medical history, the capacity to simply, safely and effectively view and measure regional lung function is here.

30. Sigma Healthcare

Sigma is a leading Australian full line pharmacy wholesale and distribution business. Sigma also has the largest pharmacy network in Australia, with over 1,200 branded and independent stores, including some of Australia’s best known pharmacy retail brands: Amcal, Guardian, PharmaSave, Chemist King and Discount Drug Stores. They attract and retain talented people and have a dedicated and focussed workforce achieving high performance levels for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Their suppliers, Their customers and other industry associates regard them as the best strategic and commercial partner to do business with, because of the superior benefits achieved. This is supported in the market place by our clear brand positioning, innovative and compelling retail offers, an excellent product and service range, a differentiated wholesale service model and a responsive, nimble and innovative approach to dynamic market conditions.

31. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus was founded in 2019 by Alexey Mitko, Benny Kleist, Charlie Gearside and Tim Doyle. Eucalyptus is a healthcare technology company building digital experiences for patients. Their 4 healthcare brands form the connective tissue between telehealth consults with doctors, pharmacy delivery and ongoing patient care. Their leading investors are NewView Ventures and W23.

32. Global Kinetics Corporation.

Global Kinetics was founded in 2007 by Malcolm Horne. Global Kinetics Pty Ltd (GK) is committed to improving the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, with advanced medical technologies. GK is on a trajectory to revolutionize the management of Parkinson’s disease by enabling informed treatment decisions which are based on continuous and objective measurement of patients’ key movement symptoms in everyday environments.

33. Botanix Pharmaceuticals

Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT) is a clinical stage dermatology company developing novel treatments for common skin diseases and infection leveraging its novel delivery technology, Permetrex™. They have attracted a world-class team and significant capital to support the progression of our products. They are moving quickly, but never at the expense of their rigorous commitment to ethical research and development (R&D) and the highest clinical standards mandated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their goal is to unlock the true potential of synthetic cannabinoids for people around the world, with an evidence-first approach.

34. Elastagen

Elastagen was founded in 2003 by Tony Weiss. Elastagen is a clinical stage medical company with an advanced pipeline of tissue repair products based on the human protein tropoelastin. Tropoelastin, polymerized to form elastin, is a critical component of tissues in the human body which require the ability to stretch and recoil, such as the skin, lungs, arteries and elastic ligaments, and plays a key role in repair and regeneration. Elastagen’s products have demonstrated clinical efficacy in stretch marks, acne scars and wound repair applications.

35. Noisy Guts

Noisy Guts is digital health company based in Perth, Australia. Noisy Guts is on a mission to radically improve global gut health. Noisy Guts is developing a non-invasive and accurate diagnostic test for one of the world’s most common gut disorders – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Did you know that 11% of the world’s population suffer from this chronic gut condition? Noisy Guts is here to help with science-based products and services aimed at improving the quality of lives of those that suffer from gut issues.

36. Baxter Healthcare

Baxter Healthcare works at the critical intersection where innovations that save and sustain lives meet the physicians, nurses and pharmacists who make it happen. We are committed to improving outcomes for patients, and helping our partners meet the evolving challenges and opportunities in healthcare around the world. Learn more about our diverse specialties.

37. Respia Technologies

Respia is an asthma management system that tracks and records your child’s respiratory health. Their world first wearable chest patch helps parents throughout the night, pick up the early signs before they are visibly noticeable and still treatable at home. They use machine learning to actively predict and prevent asthma attacks.

38. Cochlear

As the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, at Cochlear (ASX: COH) they are committed to our mission to help people hear and be heard. Their story started more than four decades ago when Professor Graeme Clark pioneered the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant and created an entirely new treatment for hearing loss. Since their formation in 1981, they continue Professor Clark’s work to help people with moderate to profound hearing loss experience a life full of hearing. They have provided more than 600,000 implantable devices. Each recipient helps form a global community of millions, through families, friends, colleagues, teachers and more. And they’re not just connected to their own community — each shares a link with each other and to Professor Clark’s childhood desire to help people hear.

39. Cylite

ounded in 2013, Cylite Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company who are developing the next generation of diagnostic OCT systems for Ophthalmology and Optometry. Cylite’s Hyperparallel-OCT (HP-OCT) system has been engineered to give industry-leading A-scan speeds, capturing volume data to provide accurate analytics for corneal and refractive specialists. This 4th generation OCT platform overcomes the eye-motion limitations of previous generations of OCT. Cylite’s vision is to provide whole eye diagnostics, superior imaging quality, and accurate analytics to enable clinicians to make more informed decisions for better patient outcomes.

40. Neurode

Neurode makes non-invasive wearable devices that improve cognitive performance for people with neurological conditions. At Neurode, they develop treatments that improve cognitive performance for people with neurological conditions. Right now, they’re working on the Neurode Wave, a wearable headset and paired app to treat symptoms of ADHD. The Neurode app is designed to be paired with the device.

Paired activities are used in conjunction with the headset to improve performance in tasks requiring the use of executive functions. The app also works separately from the device as an all-in-one ADHD management plan. It has checklists and reminders for forgetful users, custom alarms developed by clinicians to help develop self-awareness, and trackers for a healthy diet and exercise.

41. Atomo Diagnostics

Atomo Diagnostics was founded in 2010 by John Kelly. Atomo Diagnostics was established to capitalise on a core belief that healthcare products offering significantly improved levels of convenience, simplicity and user experience are disproportionately disruptive and have the potential to be very successful commercial market entrants. In 2013, Atomo introduced AtomoRapid, a range of safe, simple professional use tests that deliver fast and accurate results in both clinical and community settings.

In 2014, AtomoRapid HIV won Best in Show at the Medical Device Excellence Awards (MDEA) and Atomo was named Australian Emerging Company of the Year for 2014 by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Their leading investors are Grand Challenges Canada, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Allan Moss and Global Health Investment Fund.

42. LBT Innovations

LBT Innovations was founded in 2004 by Lusia Guthrie. LBT Innovations is an Australian medical technology company which is publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: LBT). Using artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver automation in healthcare, the company has developed a patent protected machine learning and intelligent imaging platform technology to deliver the only FDA cleared instrument utilising AI technology in clinical microbiology.

The company is developing a pipeline of AI based solutions for Microbiology, with APAS® Independence in early global commercialisation.

43. OncoRes Medical

OncoRes Medical was founded in 2016 by Brendan Kennedy, Christobel Saunders and Katharine Giles. OncoRes Medical is developing an intraoperative imaging tool that translates the surgeon’s sense of touch into a microscale image – improving surgical accuracy and reducing complication rates. Founded in 2016, OncoRes is a medical device company funded by the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund, developing patent-protected technology in collaboration with leading researchers at the University of Western Australia, the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and breast cancer surgeons from the Western Australian Department of Health. Their leading investors are Medical Research Commercialisation Fund.

44. SomnoMed

SomnoMed Logo 300dpi |

SomnoMed was founded in 2004. SomnoMed provides treatment solutions for Sleep-related Breathing Disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and bruxism. SomnoMed was commercialized on the basis of extensive clinical research. Supporting independent clinical research, continuous innovation and instituting medical manufacturing standards has resulted in SomnoDent® becoming the state-of-the-art and clinically proven medical oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

More than 400,000 patients around the world have treated their mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with SomnoDent oral device therapy. Worn during sleep and fitted by a dental sleep specialist, the SomnoDent line of oral appliances are customized to offer superior comfort and quality to each individual patient.

45. Oventus Medical

Oventus Medical was founded in 2012 by Dr. Christopher Patrick Hart. Oventus is a Brisbane-based medical device company that is commercialising a unique treatment platform for sleep apnoea and snoring. The Company has a collaborative Sleep Physician/ Dental strategy that streamlines patients’ access to treatment. The Oventus lab model incorporates digital technology via intra oral scanning to achieve operational efficiencies, accuracy and ultimately patient outcomes. Unlike other oral appliances, Oventus O2Vent devices manage the entire upper airway via a unique and patented built-in airway.

O2Vent devices allow for airflow to the back of the mouth while maintaining an oral seal and stable jaw position, bypassing multiple obstructions from the nose, soft palate and tongue. The devices reduce airway collapsibility and manage mouth breathing while keeping the airway stable. O2Vent devices are designed for any patient that is deemed appropriate for oral appliance therapy, but especially beneficial for the many people that suffer with nasal congestion, obstruction and mouth breathing.

46. Radetec Diagnostics

Radetec was founded in 2017. Radetec Diagnostics is a Melbourne-based biotech start-up specialised in the manufacturing of advanced luminescent nanoparticles called “quantum dots”, which can be used as labels for imaging and sensing applications. Radetec is using its own quantum dots to develop two point-of-care tests based on lateral flow technology: a rapid multiplex test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea (the two most prevalent sexually transmitted infections worldwide) and a rapid antigen test for COVID-19.

Radetec’s tests will allow users to test for these diseases accurately, inexpensively, quickly and conveniently — something that is considered the ‘holy grail’ of infectious disease diagnosis and prevention.

47. Sound Scouts

Sound Scouts was founded in 2014 by Carolyn Mee. Sound Scouts is a game designed to test the hearing of children, especially around the time they start school. Sound Scout’s Founder Carolyn Mee’s vision is to provide an accessible and fun hearing test for children. Undetected hearing loss in children greatly impacts their social development and education. It is crucial to identify hearing problems in children early in their lives in order to support growth and development throughout their school years.

Developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories, Sounds Scouts looks and feels like a game, however, it incorporates advanced scientific principles that enable it to detect a range of hearing problems. While Sound Scouts is based on science, it’s the gameplay that encourages and enables a valid hearing check for children (aged 4yrs 9months and older).

48. Medinet

Medinet was founded in 2019. Medinet is on a mission to change the healthcare industry by giving everyone convenient access to health care at any time, from anywhere. Through their app, patients can connect online 24/7 with Australian qualified GPs and access additional health services such as medication delivery, specialist referrals, pathology collection and medical certificates.

49. Relectrify

Relectrify was founded in 2015 by Daniel Crowley and Valentin Muenzel. Relectrify is a developer and supplier of advanced control solutions that increase cycle life and reduce cost in energy storage solutions for homes, industry, the power grid and beyond. Supported by leading energy investors, Relectrify solutions have attracted interest by global energy storage manufacturers including 4R Energy Japan, power utilities including American Electric Power and Counties Energy New Zealand, and automotive companies, including VW Group Germany and Nissan US.

50. Device Technologies

Device Technologies is an established distributor of quality and technologically-advanced medical equipment and consumables. The company is Australian-owned and employs more than 600 healthcare specialists and support staff in Australia and New Zealand. All products are professionally supported by qualified Product Managers and specialists, trained to work in surgical and operating room environments.

Clinical Educators provide accredited training, in-servicing and ongoing clinical support, Technical Service personnel service and maintain our extensive range of capital equipment and Regulatory Affairs ensure all products are correctly listed with the TGA.

51. HealthMatch

HealthMatch was founded in 2017 by Manuri Gunawardena. HealthMatch is a digital health company transforming the way patients connect to clinical trials. Their platform allows patients to find clinical trials in the fastest and simplest way possible. Patients are matched in real-time to clinical trials tailored to their medical profile.

By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to clinical data, HealthMatch aims to dramatically accelerate patient recruitment, and progress life-saving cures onto the market faster than existing practices allow. Their leading investors are Square Peg capital, Folklore Ventures and Nicky Carp.

52. Five Good Friends

Five Good Friends was founded in 2015 by Nathan Betteridge and Simon Lockyer. Five Good Friends is Australia’s First Successful Ageing Platform. Using technology, people and community we have reinvented ‘traditional home care’. Five Good Friends offers a modern, transparent and flexible solution so people can age in place engaged with the community, friends and life they love.

They are a business with a very clear, purposeful and much needed mission and fight: To re-invent in home help and care for individuals as well as the family so that everyone is kept informed, in touch and most importantly in control. Their leading investors are Investible.

53. CancerAid

CancerAid - Targeting Cancer

CancerAid was founded in 2015 by Nikhil Pooviah and Raghav Murali- Murali-Ganesh. CancerAid empowers the cancer community through digital empathy-driven innovation on a global scale. CancerAid has quickly become the go-to resource for people affected by cancer and is the Number 1 cancer app currently on the Apple Store in Australia, the US and the UK. The app addresses issues faced in oncology through science-based technology solutions. Over 20,000 users across 53 countries are already engaged with the CancerAid platform.

CancerAid has been fortunate to achieve growing recognition of its work. CancerAid has won a number of awards including Best Global Startup 2017 (Talent Unleashed), judged by Steve Wozniak and Sir Richard Branson, AusBiotech Emerging Company of the Year 2017, and has been featured by leading media outlets including TechCrunch, Shark Tank (Australia) and HealthXL.

54. Saluda Medical

Saluda Medical was founded in 2013 by John Parker. Saluda Medical is a global neuromodulation company leading the development and commercialization of data-driven, personalized therapies for patients with chronic pain. The company’s first product, Evoke®, is a closed-loop spinal cord stimulator (SCS) system designed to treat chronic pain, a condition that affects more than 540 million people globally.

SCS treats the condition by stimulating the spinal cord and altering the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Evoke is designed to optimize pain relief by measuring and recording each patient’s unique response to stimulation, and then makes millions of real-time adjustments per day to maintain a consistent level of therapy. Their leading investors are Redmile Capital, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Action Potential Venture Capital.

55. was founded in 2018 by Aengus Tran and Dimitry Tran. Partnering with leading healthcare organisations, creates AI-as-a-medical device solutions that have a global impact and support clinical excellence. They are a clinician-led healthcare artificial intelligence company that innovates efficient and accessible solutions and services. By combining exceptional deep learning expertise with clinical experience we deploy healthcare AI solutions.

They partner with world-class healthcare providers to make medical care more accurate and accessible. Our intuitive AI-enabled tools support clinicians and healthcare providers to deliver improved patient outcomes. Their leading investors are Blackbird Ventures.

56. Ellume

Ellume was founded in 2010 by Sean Parsons. Ellume is an Australian based Health Technology company that develops and manufactures connected real-time diagnostics for doctors and consumers. They achieve this by combining next-generation quantum dot diagnostics with connected care technologies.

Their products are distinguished by their simplicity of design, ease of use, rapid time to result and connectivity.

57. ImpediMed

ImpediMed was founded in 1999 by Melvyn Bridges. ImpediMed Limited is the world leader in the development and distribution of medical devices employing bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technologies for use in the noninvasive clinical assessment and monitoring of fluid status. ImpediMed’s primary product range consists of a number of medical devices that aid surgeons, oncologists, therapists and radiation oncologists in the clinical assessment of patients for the potential onset of secondary lymphoedema.

Pre-operative clinical assessment in cancer survivors, before the onset of symptoms, may prevent the condition from becoming a lifelong management issue and thus improve the quality of life of the cancer survivor. ImpediMed had the first medical device with an FDA clearance in the United States to aid health care professionals in the clinical assessment of secondary lymphoedema of the arm and leg in female and male cancer patients.

58. Voxon Photonics

Voxon Photonics was founded in the year 2012 by Alan Jackson, Gavin Finlay Smith, Ken Silverman, Sean Kean and Will Tamblyn. Voxon Photonics are creators of The Voxiebox VX1 – the world’s first three-dimensional (3D) volumetric display. Incorporated in 2013, they have teams based in Australia and the US that have been developing the 3D volumetric technology for more than nine years.

Their 3D volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3D experience, and no glasses required. Their leading investors are Fortis argo, Techstars and Microsoft for Startups.

59. ResApp

ResApp was founded in 1990 by Tony Keating. ResApp Health is developing digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage respiratory disease. They are creating easy to use, affordable, clinically-validated and regulatory-approved diagnostic tools that only require a smartphone. Their solutions can be easily integrated into existing telehealth solutions by telehealth providers. They are also working on apps to provide clinical quality respiratory disease diagnosis and management directly to consumers.

60. Opthea

Opthea was founded in 2012 by Leon Serry. Opthea is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company committed to developing innovative therapies to help improve visual function in patients suffering with retinal diseases. Their first in class novel therapeutic called OPT-302, is a VEGF-C/D ‘trap’, to be used in combination with existing standard of care anti-VEGF-A therapies to improve vision in patients, many of whom respond sub-optimally or become refractory to existing treatments. Millions of people around the world suffer from impaired vision as a result of diabetes and old age. Their mission is to improve vision leading to a better quality of life.

61. Mindset Health

Mindset Health was founded in 2018 by Alex Naoumidis, Chris Naoumidis and Dan Borthwick. They are on a mission to help the billion people with access to a phone but not good healthcare. They’re building hypnosis-based digital therapeutics for chronic health conditions like IBS, Menopause and Depression.

They are also creating the future of healthcare, helping thousands (soon to be millions!) of people manage their health from home, without drugs. Their leading investors are James Beshara, Giant Leap Fund, Fifty Years and Banana Capital.

62. Navi medical Technologies

Navi Medical Technologies was founded in 2017. Navi Medical Technologies is a medical device development company incorporated in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Since forming in early 2016 the team behind Navi have been developing the Neonav, the first medical device of its kind for the neonatal and pediatric market that provides clinicians with real-time feedback on the location of central lines during the procedure.

The talented Navi team is compromised of award-winning biomedical engineers, experienced business professionals and a senior neonatologist.

63. Health Horizon

Health Horizon was founded in 2016. Health Horizon is available to anyone to find and follow the latest health and medical innovations from all around the world. They curate evidenced based innovations daily from hospitals, universities, NGOs, startups and health / healthcare providers. They are a marketplace for innovations in digital health, medtech, devices, service delivery, public health and associated fields, from breakthrough research to full commercial availability.

After completing alpha testing with members of the International Hospital Federation and select universities from 2015, they publicly launched in late 2016.

64. Vaxine

Vaxine was founded in 2002 by Nikolai Petrovsky. Vaxine Pty Ltd is a rapidly growing Australian biotechnology company based in Adelaide that has developed an impressive pipeline of vaccines against infectious disease, allergy, and cancer . Vaxine has developed the Advax range of proprietary polysaccharide adjuvants and is currently applying this state of the art adjuvant technology to development of vaccines against hepatitis B, pandemic influenza, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile virus, malaria, HIV and rabies, amongst others.

65. HealthEngine

investment-logo-healthengine | Stirk Medical Group

HealthEngine was founded in 2006 by Adam Yap, Dr Marcus Tan and Mike Cadogan. HealthEngine is transforming Australia’s access to healthcare. In a word, they’re making it easier. Easier for you to connect with your healthcare online, at your convenience. The HealthEngine Network is Australia’s largest patient network. It’s the place where patients are already online, connecting with their favourite healthcare providers through the HealthEngine website and app.

66. Omniscient Neurotechnology

Omniscient was founded in 2019 by Michael Sughrue and Stephane Doyen. They create enterprise grade clinical and research solutions applicable to a variety of brain-related disorders, including depression, chronic pain, cancer, bi-polar disorder, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and PTSD, with the goal of bringing predictive analytics to the world faster. They are a data company and aim to radically change the care of patients with brain disease by turning loose Machine learning/AI and big data to actually provide useful information to doctors.

This involves both facilitating research, and providing high quality data based guidance to clinicians. Their leading investor is Will Vicars.

67. Mable

Mable was found in 2014 by Peter Scutt and Tony Charara. Mable is an online platform allowing people to connect with care and support in their local community. Founded in 2014, Mable has become Australia’s largest online community of independent support workers who offer their services directly to people who are seeking aged care or disability support. Through their easy-to-use, simple online platform, they provide communities an effective means of connecting so people seeking care and support can find the right worker.

At the same time, Mable gives independent workers the opportunity to build their business and be their own boss as an aged care or disability support worker. Their leading investors are General Atlantic, Ellerson Capital and Tony Wales.

68. QBiotics

Qbiotics was founded in the year 2000. QBiotics is an Australian life sciences company, inspired by nature to improve human and animal health. Their research and development program is based on compounds derived from the Australian tropical rainforest. Their product focus address unmet medical needs for humans and companion animals. They are currently concentrating on the global health priority areas of cancer, specifically solid tumours, and chronic wound management.

69. Hireup

Hireup was founded in the year 2014 by Jordan O’Reilly and Laura O’Reilly. For too long, people with disability have had to accept support on someone else’s terms. At Hireup they decided to fix that, by investing in technology and their community and bringing together as many Australians as possible to share in our vision. Together they are redefining what it means to be connected. To be supported. To be a community empowered by a system that matches people not just on qualification but on shared interests.

The Hireup story starts with Jordan and Laura O’Reilly, who grew up alongside a brother with disability. Managing support workers was part of their family routine. Sometimes the support workers were a great fit but more often than not, they weren’t. Their leading investors are SEEK.

70. Seer

Seer was founded in 2016 by Dean Freestone and George Kenley. Seer Medical is creating technology that revolutionises the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions, with a special focus on epilepsy. Mission is to empower people by delivering personalised deep clinical insights by utilising the latest technology. Their technology consists of wearable devices, a cloud platform and machine learning systems. These systems are at the core their at-home video EEG monitoring and diagnostic service – the first of its kind.

Seer has already made a big impact across the east coast of Australia over the last 2 years, and is now building for international expansion. Their leading investors are Cochlear, EWM Group and Giant Leap Fund.

71. Vaxxas

Vaxxas was founded by Mark Kendall in 2011. Vaxxas is commercializing novel technology that dramatically enhances the performance of existing and next-generation vaccines. The company believes its innovative needle-free technology will help the world in rethinking what’s possible with vaccines.

Vaxxas’ HD-MAP technology uses a patch with thousands of vaccine-coated microprojections that is applied to the skin for a few seconds to efficiently deliver vaccine to the abundant immune cells immediately below the skin surface. Their leading investors are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, One Ventures, Healthcare ventures and Brandon Capital partners.

72. MedAdvisor

Medadvisor was founded in 2013 by Josh Swinnerton. MedAdvisor is a world-class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to their local pharmacy, providing them with real time visibility and access to their personal medication records.

Its smart reminders, skip the queue and pre-ordering capabilities have seen high engagement from users and a 20% increase in medication adherence. Their leading investors are HMS and Eos Group.

73. PainChek

Painchek was founded on Jan 1, 2016 by Jeff Hughes and Kreshnik Hoti. PainChek® is a secure smartphone or tablet based medical device that uses artificial intelligence and your input, to assess a person’s level of pain. PainChek provides a pain score in real time, which will help you gauge whether treatment is required. This information is then securely stored in the cloud and if you chose to, can be shared with your GP or healthcare professional.

PainChek allows you, the carer to identify and measure a person’s level of pain and supports you to assess and manage a person’s pain experience. PainChek calculates a pain score and intensity (ie No Pain, Mild, Moderate or Severe). This then allows you, the carer to intervene if pain is present and manage pain accordingly.

74. HotDoc

HotDoc was founded in July 27, 2012 by Simon Holland. HotDoc is Australia’s largest and most trusted patient engagement platform. We take pride in helping over 21,000 practitioners connect with more than 7 million patients. The HotDoc platform includes: online bookings, recalls, reminders, check-in, place in queue, online processing of repeat prescription requests, and Inform (a tool designed to encourage patients to take a more proactive interest in preventative health and chronic disease management).

HotDoc also provides free monthly webinars where practice managers, GPs, nurses and medical receptionists can earn CPD points. With over 20,000 registrations last year alone, HotDoc’s webinar series is the highest attended healthcare webinar series in Australia. Their leading investors are Right Click Capital and Air Tree ventures.

75. Prospection

Prospection was founded in 2012 by Eric Chung, Peter Cronin and Ricky Chen. Prospection is a Pioneer in healthcare data analytics. Using predictive analytics and machine learning with real world healthcare data to unearth insights that help research, develop and target better healthcare outcomes for patients.

Founded out of Sydney’s Cicada Innovations in 2012, Prospection works with government, pharmaceutical companies and the medical community across more than 70 therapy programs, including immuno-oncology, HIV and hepatitis. Their leading investors are Ellerston Capital, Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence.

76. AND Health

ANDHealth is a national digital health initiative established by a consortium of commercial and government partners to facilitate and support the development & commercialisation of clinically validated digital health technologies across Australia. They are federally and commercially funded and will be focusing on working with mid-stage digital health projects on proof of concept and pivotal clinical validation, investment readiness and market entry – with a specific focus on regulated digital health technologies which have a clear impact on clinical outcomes for patients.

77. FatSecret

FatSecret was founded in 2007 by Lenny Moses and  Rodney Moses. Their mission is to empower people to make healthy food and nutrition habits for life. They support a community of more than 50 million enthusiastic members with the highest quality tracking tools that reduce effort and create lasting healthy habits.

Through their free iOS and Android mobile apps and websites that let you track your food, exercise and weight as well as engage with a supportive community, FatSecret is unlocking the secrets of diet and weight loss for everyone. The FatSecret community enjoys access to the largest verified database of food and nutrition information globally covering all generic foods , branded products and restaurant items.

78. Coviu

Coviu was founded in Dec 21, 2015 by Nathan Oehlman and Silvia Pfeiffer. Coviu is a telehealth software solution for healthcare practices and organisations. Their software is browser-based, meaning no downloads are required and access to your digital practice is just a click away. Coviu video consultations are enhanced with a range of in-call clinical tools and workflow integrations for appointment bookings and payments. Their software integrates seamlessly with a range of practice management systems for patient record management.

Their ultimate goal is to increase healthcare access for all, and future-proof global healthcare systems through utilising video technology. Their leading investors are Equity Venture Partners, Mass Medical Angels, Main Sequence, CSIRO and Giant Leap Fund.

79. Nutromics

Nutromics was founded in Hitesh Mehta and Peter Vranes. They are an Australian MedTech company with a vision to create a world with zero preventable deaths due to the lack of timely molecular-level data. They are developing a Continuous Molecular Monitoring platform technology that can provide clinicians with real-time and continuous data for multiple targets.

To date, they have raised $10 million, won an award for Technology Platform Solution of the Year at the National iawards, and been a Top 5 finalist in the medTech Innovator program. Their team of 15 are currently working towards our first-in-human clinical trials. Their leading investors are Artesian VC, CP Ventures and MedTech Actuator.

80. Arli

Arli was founded in March 21, 2020. Arli is a platform that connects the user with a community that understands addiction. For making changes big and small with alcohol—they are the living proof of what’s possible.

81. 3DMorphic

3DMorphic creates personalised medical instruments and devices used in orthopaedic surgery. They aim to improve clinical outcomes and reduce care costs and risks through provision of patient-specific solutions. They have substantially reduced the normal cost and time to serve clinicians for bespoke devices. Their technology can be applied to a range of devices and indications. They are working in solutions for extremity and spinal applications.

82. Hipac Healthcare

At Hipac, they have a strong belief in the sustainable growth of our company. That is why their key focus is on creating and upholding a people-centred culture. Each day, Hipac strives to make a positive impact on the Healthcare industry in Australia. By providing Healthcare facilities with the latest and safest innovations, they are striving to improve patient outcomes and making the lives of front line workers easier.

Hipac has been manufacturing healthcare equipment for over 30 years. Taking pride in their custom made, one off items they offer fast and reliable lead times. Hipac can also adapt and modify internationally sourced equipment to suit the rigours and demands of local procedures, methods and requirements.

83. Myscoreit

Myscoreit makes it easy for clinicians to collect and use patient reported outcome measures in their daily practice. Providing data to help clinicians gain more insight, make better decisions and optimise their care. Built by sports physicians for musculoskeletal clinicians and their patients, their focus has always been on effectively embedding PROMs into a busy clinical workflow to improve the quality and value of the care delivered.

84. Andatech

Andatech’s mission is to embrace life through innovating solutions for wellness, health and safety and commitment to excellence in all that we do. Andatech is a 100% Australian-owned, award-winning company operating from Vermont, Victoria. Established since 2003, Andatech focuses on products that innovate solutions for wellness, health and safety in everyday life. Committed to excellence, their aim is to not only design and develop products in Australia that integrate the latest in technology but also to constantly provide the best customer experience in the industry through exceptional customer service and user-friendly online systems.

85. Osteon Medical

Osteon Medical is responsible for cutting-edge, industry-led dental implant prosthetics. Pioneering technological advancement. They are consistently producing innovative products to overcome everyday implantology challenges through the effective use of advanced CAD/CAM and precision milling and developments in digital design processes. Their dedicated team of professionals empowers them to stay ahead of the market, manufacturing products that become essential in everyday practice.

86. Smiles Inclusive

Smiles Inclusive Limited was conceived in 2017 as a radically new way of thinking about bringing dental partnerships together. Smiles Inclusive is not your traditional corporate acquisition model, it focuses more on the benefits of a joint venture relationship. In an increasingly collaborative economy, Smiles Inclusive was established to leverage the best parts of owning your own practice with the greatest aspects of joining a Corporate business. Smiles Inclusive is offering interested practice owners the ability to retain a vested interest in their business, while alleviating themselves of routine business functions which can diminish the very reason the core business exits – to perform dentistry.

87. NES Group Medical

Today NES Group had been trusted to engage in installation of hundreds of operating theatres across Australia and New Zealand installing a multitude of different brands and equipment. The vast experience, unique skills and industry knowledge of the NES Group Team has lead to many stand out industry solutions over the years including the recent development of the “Innovo”​ brand of fully customisable and scalable operating rooms. NES Group’s innovative products also attribute to the company success. All products are hand selected and comply with all Australian Standards, International Standards as well as the standards of the discerning NES Group Team.

88. Biointelect Pty Ltd

Biointelect are world leading experts in strategic planning, market research & commercialisation in the life science sector. Biointelect supports early stage companies with commercial & market insights to support product development, and portfolio prioritisation & partnering. For late stage companies, Biointelect has a proven track record in new product planning, product launches, start-up development and identifying the right commercial partners. Experts in the biotechnology and life sciences arenas, Biointelect provides a range of services for biopharmaceutical, medical device and IVD & animal health companies seeking to commercialise new technologies globally.

Including expert advice in clinical, medical affairs & regulatory strategies to support the development & registration of new products. For the past 7 years, Biointelect have worked with over 60 companies on more than 100 different projects across North America, Asia Pacific & Europe. With key understanding of the unique natures of these environments, their services are recommended worldwide and Biointelect continue to build insights and networks around the world.

89. Gelflex

As Australia’s only manufacturer of disposable contact lenses, Gelflex has been manufacturing lenses for 50 years. They pride ourselves on their industry experience, high-quality standards and long-standing partnerships with their customers. However, what they pride ourselves on most of all is the people. While based in Perth, Western Australia, Gelflex is proud to have offices in Melbourne, Indonesia, United States and Europe, offering a vast range of contact lenses to meet the needs of global consumers. They produce a wide range of disposable and speciality custom lenses to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Since its inception in 1971, Gelflex has maintained a strong focus on contact lens quality and innovative design. Their primary focuses have always been patient health, comfort and quality of vision.

90. Walking Tall Health

Walking Tall Health is helping people with Parkinson’s to walk with confidence, regain their independence and restore quality of life. They are researching a breakthrough medical device to help people with mobility issues, such as Parkinson’s, walk independently again. Currently undergoing clinical trials with support from the Michael J Fox Foundation, the business is seeking regulatory approval to launch this life changing device that helps previously disabled people to walk and move with confidence.

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