Venture Capital Consulting

Venture Capital is a complex topic that Entrepreneurs cannot miss.
Raising capital is a lot harder than it looks, you need expert advice as it is not your core activity of the business.

Raising capital is a big commitment of time, effort, money, and emotion. To avoid wasting valuable startup cycles, founders should advance their company to a point where the deal is “fundable” before embarking on the money hunt. We offer Venture Capital (VC) consultancy to the founders so that they ensure that their startup is “fundable” and they approach the VCs in the right way with the right tools.

You can set up a call with the CEO of StartupLanes to consult. He is an expert in Venture Capital consulting and is ranked among the top 15 consultants for Venture Capital in the World by Startups.co’s consulting platform Clarity.fm.

There are two ways of consulting:

What is the objective of consultation call?

You might get fed up of approaching the VCs if you don’t know whether your startup is fundable or not, therefore, it is crucial for you to understand the fundability of your startup.

You’ll get the following benefits from the consultation call:

  • Fundability Check: You can get the basic analysis of your startup’s fundability, whether it could be funded, whether it is the right time to raise funds and whether the amount you are looking to raise is good or not?
  • Pitch Deck Doubts Clarifications: You can clarify your doubts about the pitch deck, find out which slides to include and which slides to exclude.
  • Expert Opinion: Get the expert opinion of Shishir Gupta, the CEO of StartupLaes. You can ask any question related to venture capital.
  • VC Search & Approach: You can learn how to search for VCs yourself and then approach them for raising funds for your startup.
  • Save Time: You will be able to save a lot of time by learning from the expert directly.

Here is the link to book the Venture Capital Consultation Call: Yes, I want to book the VC Consultation Call