Arbital Health, a San Francisco, CA-based technology startup which works for the healthcare industry, completed its $10M Series A financing.

The round was led by Transformation Capital. Other institutional investors in the funding round included Shaper Capital, Healthy Ventures, Flex Capital, and Underdog Labs. 

The company also acquired Santa Barbara Actuaries, Inc. (SBA), an actuarial and healthcare consulting firm specializing in value-based contracting, predictive modeling, and data analytics. With the acquisition, Arbital Health will provide a value-based care actuarial team along with clients across the value-based care landscape.

Co-founded by Travis May and Brian Overstreet, Arbital Health is a neutral third-party adjudicator of outcomes-based contracts, accelerating the $1 trillion shift to value-based care in the U.S. healthcare system. It works to be an used umpire adjudicating every outcome-based contract in healthcare, whether contracts are between life sciences companies and payers, payers and providers, or employers and digital health companies.

Arbital’s initial product offering will include the following:

Hats off to Arbital Health for hitting a major milestone! Closing a $10M Series A funding round and acquiring Santa Barbara Actuaries is no small feat. Huge congratulations to the team for their vision and dedication. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead! 🚀🌟

~ Dr Shishir said Gupta founder & CEO of StartupLanes 

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