Artisight, a Chicago, IL-based provider of an AI-powered smart hospital platform for virtual care, raised $42M in a Series B funding.

Multiple new strategic and client health system investors participated in the round, as well as full participation from Series A investors, including chipmaker NVIDIA (NVDA).

The company intends to use the funds to double its headcount. 

Led by CEO Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA, Artisight provides a platform, which combines IoT sensors with deep learning and open integration standards to streamline safe patient care, including virtual nursing. Its HIPAA-compliant capabilities include computer vision, voice recognition, vital sign monitoring, indoor positioning capabilities and actionable analytics reports. Leveraging these integrated capabilities reduces clinicians’ documentation and coordination burden, increases their time for direct patient care, cuts administrative costs, and supports improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Congratulations to Artsight on the phenomenal achievement of raising $42M in your Series B Funding Round! 🎨💰 This remarkable milestone is a testament to the creative vision and innovation that Artsight brings to the forefront. Wishing you continued success as you further shape the future of the art and technology intersection. Here’s to the next chapter of artistic brilliance and technological advancements! 🚀👏 #Artsight #SeriesBSuccess #InnovationInArtTech

~ Dr Shishir said Gupta founder & CEO of StartupLanes 

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