Digital Marketing

Are you paying a bomb to the Digital Marketing companies? Yes, we understand! They charge you a fixed fee plus 10% – 15% on your cost of ads. This is not fair! right? Why should you pay in percentage of your cost? If your ad budget is INR 1 crores per month then you end up paying INR 15 lakhs per month. We have the solution, just pay a fixed fee and spend any money on ads. Starting INR 8k per month, you get 5 ads managed by experts, irrespective of your spend.

Digital marketing or online marketing, refers to all marketing efforts that occur on the internet. How will your potential customer find you? Simple, they will search online. Have you seen the ads in Gmail or Facebook or while you search anything on Google? Businesses are advertising online to reach out to new and existing customers.

Digital Marketing is vital for your business and brand awareness. It seems like every other brand has a website. And if they don’t, they at least have a social media presence or digital ad strategy. If you don’t get discovered by your potential customers, then your competitors will be discovered. Don’t miss out business.

What do I need for Digital Marketing?

You will need all or any of the following for Digital Marketing Campaigns:

  • Website: Your customer will be invited from high traffic sources like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora etc. They will reach to your website where you have to display your product and services information and pricing. Your customers will either leave their contact details in the landing page form or directly purchase the product/services if you have a fully automated e-commerce platform.
  • Social Media Pages: You should have business pages at the social the social media like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn where you can promote a content to the targeted set of users. They can either buy directly from the social media or submit the contact details in the lead form or may proceed to your website for purchasing the product/services.
  • Content: You should have nice attractive content at your website, and social media pages. If your content is bad, then the success rate of your ads will be poor. Our team can make graphics, videos, write text on your behalf for an additional payment.

How much do I have to spend on Digital Marketing?

There is never a fixed budget of marketing as it brings in sales that converts to money. Every business wants money. You set your own budget, our expert team will follow and give you a right digital marketing mix. Our fee is fixed on the basis of number of ads.

What are the Digital Marketing Packages at StartupLanes?

We have four packages for Digital Marketing:

  1. Business Starter: Get total 5 ads across any platform, either 5 ads at one platform like Google or 1 ad each in 5 platforms. Just pay INR 8000+GST per month.
  2. Business Basic: Get total 25 ads across any platform, either 25 ads at one platform like Google or 5 ad each in 5 platforms. Just pay INR 35000+GST per month.
  3. Advanced: Get total 100 ads across any platform, either 100 ads at one platform like Google or 20 ad each in 5 platforms. Just pay INR 75000+GST per month.

What is D2C Revolution?

You must have head a lot about D2C. Most of the VCs are willing to invest in D2C, everybody is trying to make the D2C model. D2C is an abbreviation of direct-to-consumer. A company produces a given product in its own facility, as well as distributes it within its own channels. These channels may be an e-commerce platform, social media and a retail store. In D2C you acquire the customer directly through Digital Marketing and sell the product directly through your own website, app or social media page. Then you accept the payment directly in your bank account or through payment gateway, and you directly deliver the products and services to the consumer.

This model save a lot of cost, to be honest really a lot of cost in comparison to the e-commerce and dealer-distributor-retailer model. You save up to 70% of cost in D2C, thereby passing the benefit to your consumers. This helps you keep the prices low and give a tough fight to your competitors. You cannot do D2C without Digital Marketing as you acquire customers only through it.

So I have to pay straight forward? How do I make sure that your services are good?

We understand that our competitors will say that you won’t get a good quality of service at this extremely low price. That’s the reason we have a 15 Days Free Trial for the first time users.

Evaluate the services for free and then decide. You can setup a maximum budget of INR 5000 for your digital marketing during the free trial period.

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